February 8, 2018


A symbol of a comment of love.


365 Days of Testimony : Day 3

So today was a beautiful day. Cloudy with a little sun, and of course we can’t forget the wind…

I want to lunch today and when I got back I was thinking… Lord let me get a close parking spot. As I drove in the parking lot there was not one open. I drove through the 4th row finally finding a spot. As I got out and started walking back towards the building. I just smiled… you see my God knows I have a goal to meet. I was further away from the door which made me walk more. I went into the building and was talking telling them I had to go to the warehouse. Now I not only am walking more but had a cart to push or pull to the warehouse as well. Daddy is making sure I am getting more exercise in. 🙂

I also went to work and was super busy today. In and out of my office… When I finally sit down at my desk I noticed my wedding rings were missing. Both of them. I never take my rings off. So I began to think what did I do with my rings??? I took them off only once and that was to color my daughter’s hair. I did put them back on in front of Stormy.

I remember when I was asleep my hand was by my face, but I thought that was a dream. I decided to call my dad and ask him if he could go to my house and see if I had placed them on my night stand. If he finds the rings to call me back and let me know.

I go out of my office to see if someone remembers or not me having my rings on this morning.  When I got back in my office I had a voice mail from my dad. He did find my rings but they were actually in the bed covers.

So I was totally thankful and relieved that they were found. Guess I removed them from my finger while I was asleep.
Thankful they were easily found and didn’t have to be replaced.

God is good even in the smallest of things. Some days might not seem so grand of a testimony but other will.

I know it was a blessing to find my rings and my coworker said she could tell them minute I walked in that they had been found….for my face had lit up

God rejoices when one of the lost are found. He become joyful and lights up when what was lost is found again.

What Was Lost, Has Been Found!!!