February 10, 2018 All About Love


My Family I Love Dearly!


365 Days of Testimony: Day 9

It has been a very long but good Monday. Work was good and seemed to go by quickly. After leaving work I had a doctor’s appt that went well too.

My daughter had to show rabbits for the first time today. They didn’t place but she learned alot. I am proud of her.

My oldest daughter will be turning 15 on Sunday and it seems like yesterday she was just born. God gave me this child in the middle of a life style that could have been a bad one. If it wasn’t for my oldest child who God gave to me to raise I am not sure what or where I would today.  Stormy was my turning point and she changed me for the better. I am so blessed to be her mom. I have enjoyed watching her grow up but I don’t want the last few years of school to go to quickly.

I know that God is going to use her in a mighty way for His Kingdom. She has always had a servant’s heart and the
courage of a mighty warrior. She will be on the front lines on the battle field. She will do might things for God.

I am Blessed to be trusted with such a treasure of Abba’s.

Excited to see His plan unfold for her.

365 Days of Testimony: Day 5

Today was a long day at work but a blessing in disguise. I had to take off yesterday in order to rest due to not feeling well. I am able to make that time up working early and later. I am grateful I have a job and an awesome boss that understands that.

I am also grateful God has placed so many great friends in my life. When I need prayer they come in agreement with the need to be met.

Tonight is short but it is late. I am grateful God gave me 2 of the best parents in the world. They help me with my daughters and I enjoy still having family dinners where we all sit down and talk about our day… even if we fight over who gets to speak next.  It is the little things that make my day.

Proud Momma

I just have to tell of a phone call I received today. Chloe’s school called me around 3:25pm. Since she usually stays at the school for the boys and girls club, I immediately answered the call.

The lady on the other end of the phone informed me that she was Chloe’s teacher. I at this time was concerned about what has she done for her teacher to call me?

She then goes on to tell me what a pleasure it is to have Chloe in her class. That she is a very hard worker and that she is a leader to others.

I was shocked and proud at that moment her teacher took the time to call me and brag on my daughter. 

She said that the week before Spring break most kids have a hard time but that Chloe worked super hard and was a pleasure to have as a student.

Very thankful that my child is a good kid and has been a help and pleasure to her teacher.