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My girls…


To Believe or Not to Believe

I have to go back a few month to start this blog. My oldest daughter has been having some physical issues with her stomach. In the last week and a half it had started to get worse.

Last Thursday after I got off work I called her just to see what she was doing. It was another typical school day and I was just checking on how her and Chloe’s day went. Within 5 minutes my daughter told me that she has been in severe pain and that it felt like her insides were being ripped out of her side. This was at 5:05pm. So I instantly got off the phone and called the doctor and asked to speak with someone about it. I left our information for the On Call doctor that was there till 6:30pm. By 6:00pm I was on the phone with the nurse hotline with CHIP. The nurse assessed Stormy and advised us to get to an ER to be seen within the next hour due to her pain level being an 8.

So off to the ER we went. Waiting in the ER I posted for prayers. (Thank you all for those prayers by the way). Two hours go by and we are still waiting in the waiting room with Stormy having bought of pain come and go. She is crying now. I am frustrated because of the over flow of flu patients in the ER it is taking hours to be seen.

I tell my husband to go ask them how much long it is going to take. Finally we get called to the back, just in time to wait another hour. They come in and do blood test and then order an ultra sound.

Finally we can get some answers… Or so I thought.

They come to roll her back to the Ultrasound room. She asked me to go with her. I sit in the chair watching for over an hour them look at all her organs. The first ultra sound tech was in training, put a ? mark by a picture she took of Stormy’s gallbladder. Then after she went and got the training ultra sound tech that also stayed on the gallbladder the whole time.

After an hour in the ultrasound room we were taken back to the room. Within 10 minutes the doctor came in and said that everything looked good but her gallbladder was tender. That we would need to follow up with her personal doctor and get a GI referral. They prescribed some pain meds and sent us on our way. So 5 hours later we get to leave the ER.

The next morning I get my daughter into the doctor. The ER sent all but the Gallbladder photos of the ultrasound. The doctor had told my daughter that it looked like they would have to wait till Monday and get CT scan done.

All weekend I watch my daughter in pain suffer with upset stomach and pain.

Attending church I asked for prayer for Stormy. I began to asked for a New Gallbladder and for the Pain to leave.

Come Monday Stormy went to the doctor and got a CT scan. By the end of the day we were informed that her gallbladder was good. That she was going to give her some meds to help heal her stomach from all the acid it had that was possibly causing the pain and upsetting of her bowels.

I still felt like a mother they haven’t found what is wrong with her. She has been in pain. I have watched my baby cry real tears and ball over in the floor with pain. I felt like they weren’t doing enough.

When I got home I found out that my daughter had been in the bathroom all afternoon with upset stomach. When we got home around 8pm she told me that there was also blood in her bowel and when she threw up. I instantly called the doctor’s office to once again give my information and told to expect a call back. After 45 minutes and no call  back I call my dad. He called my aunt and got some info on what to do next.

I called her doctor back today and asked several questions to get absolutely no where with no answers to any of my questions. I was told to just take her to the ER. This is coming from my daughter’s PCP. The doctor that is supposed to be who I go to. After much frustration the Lord began to speak to me when I hung up the phone. (And I was very frustrated for the last words I told the nurse was that we would be looking for a new doctor)

Today the Lord really convicted me of my beliefs. He told me that I can’t have it both ways. I either have to believe or not believe.

You see I had professed over my daughter for her to have a New Gallbladder.  But you see when He did exactly what I had spoken over my child and asked the Holy Spirit do a work in her body. He did.

I was not being thankful for the work that He had began in my daughter with her healing. Instead I was busy blaming the doctors for not giving me a reason why she was still in pain.

He basically told me that I needed to either completely believe or not to. I am so thankful for Grace that He gives even when we doubt. I have to learn to believe whole heartedly in His Word and Truth… I can’t believe then doubt in the next thought.

I made up my mind and decided that I am ready to trust, believe, and stand on the Truth and nothing but the Truth so Help me GOD! 🙂

Stormy has not had any pain meds since early this morning. She has barely had any stomach issues. I believe for her full complete restoration and healing in her body. I don’t believe she will have to be on a special diet or medications. I believe she will possess the complete divine health in her body.

So Remember it is Easy to do, but you have to make the decision to Believe or Not to Believe.


Leap Generation

365 Days of Testimony: Day 30

I am so blessed to have some awesome kids. God blessed me with 2 of the most beautiful girls in the world both inside and out. They are caring, loving, helpful, confident, and love God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Today I was able to see just a glimpse of what God has allowed me to train up, results.

We had a very long day but a very good and blessed day.

Started out early this morning getting up and ready for Church. Out the door by 8 am. Got to church and Stormy sat beside me through the service. She took notes for one of our friends in her note book. After church we go eat with some really awesome friends from our old church catching up on all the things in between the last time I saw them.

Then we went and got shoes, I had a few other stops…. Stormy keep a good attitude the whole time and Chloe minded for the most part. No, she was good as well. When we got home Stormy jumped right in and started a load of laundry. Then she asked if I could turn our praise and worship music on Pandora. I did… Then they started working on cleaning their room. Soon after she cooked the cheesy bread that I had bought for dinner. She served it and then back to cleaning she went. Chloe helped with sweeping and cleaning the bathroom up. They both made me super proud tonight. Stormy then arranged all the shoes on a small book shelf to get them out of the floor. She finished the evening with taking the dog outside, along with trash. She then switched out another load of clothes and folded 1/2 a basket of clothes before bed.

She came home and did all this without being told to do it. She did an awesome job and I am super proud of her and Chloe for helping around the house. Even though it was the weekend and that is not the choice of activity for the weekend it was something we did together. We had small of spurts of laughter as we worked getting things done in our home.

It brought great joy to me knowing that they helped me without being asked and they were not fighting over it or crying that they were not able to do other things.

Abba, Father, thank you for trusting me with these two great and important vessels for your Kingdom. Help me to continue to train them in the way they should go.

365 Days of Testimony: Day 23


You know that thing you do when you are expecting something from some one, or expecting something to change. When you have something that you have been waiting on to happen and the closer it gets the more excited you become. You start to have a feeling deep inside that at times is hard to conceal the excitement for. Some times it makes you want to almost burst with excitement.

With God it is that way. He has things we could not even imagine for us that is beyond what we could ever think. When we come to understand this then we can get excited for what is to come. For God’s promises are to bless us and be more than we could expect. When we have a birthday party, we expect they guest to each bring a gift for the birthday boy/girl. When it is time to sit down and open these presents the expectancy is that everyone brought a gift. We already know that these gifts are for the birthday person and only them. So the birthday person then is excited to see what was brought to them as gifts. The birthday person is expecting good things. With out that expectancy it would not be as exciting to even attend a birthday party. Everyone wants to see what the birthday person received from everyone.

God’s word is full of gifts, blessings, promises, and favor.. so much more as well..  When we start to view His word as something like gifts at a birthday party then we can get excited. We will start to look for these things as each day comes. (Testimonies) As guest arrive at a birthday party one of the first things a child will do is see if they have a gift in their hands. Then they will look to see if it is big, small, medium, long, short, round… The birthday child will begin to wonder what is to come in the near future. They look to see when they will obtain these gifts.

We as children of God should look at our daily lives this way.. Each morning waking up and getting excited for what is to come though the day. What Blessing does Daddy have for me today? What gift is there before me? What an awesome favor of God I have on my life? Do you see how good my Daddy was to me?

These are the testimonies that this challenge is all about. I am doing this also to share what God is doing for me in my life as well. By our Testimonies our Faith grows. What are the gifts Daddy is giving to you? Are you expecting them? Are you excited?

365 Days of Testimony: Day 19

I want to share how God has blessed my husband during his time he has been at his job. My husband got the job he is at in less than 24 hours of looking for a job. That in itself is a God thing. He worked there a little 2 months and became full time with the company. He is now being used to help train others to do what he is good at. I am very proud of my husband and how he has allowed God to bless him and guide him through every step of the way. His job does daily bonuses cash if they do good throughout the day. This week God has seen to it that everything he has touch was blessed and prosperous. God has put favor on my husband and has allowed him to do good at a job he really enjoys.

Watching God give my husband a job that he enjoys is a blessing to me. I am grateful God is showing us how to be His light and love to others we work with. My husband and I both have noticed over the last 2 to 3 months and increase in co-workers coming to us for prayer, and uplifting words. They have seen a difference in our walk where ever we carry His love. I pray that God will continue to shine through us and help us learn to walk with Him daily as we seek out those who are lost, hurting, lonely, and hungry, both physically and spiritually.

God is doing a new thing in us as a family and our ministry has just begun. I am ready to Shine bright to make a difference that I know only God can do.

365 Days of Testimony: Day 11

Some times we as Christians live our lives out hoping that God’s light is shining through us just enough to make a difference even in just one life. Again there is a lot of things going on in my job that have people stressing out and being very negative of their job situations.

What some of our co-workers don’t realize is everyone out there has their own personal battles that they are dealing with. From Cancer, to deaths in their families, to divorce, depression, and stressed beyond healthy. With job stress on top it can become a very negative environment….

I try to make it a point to be the light of God they see. I had the opportunity to this week to speak with multiple co-workers. As I listen but then offer encouragement, hope, and a positive out look on the situation of our jobs, I had one of these co-workers inform me that I didn’t know how much I was doing for them…

I also noticed that those I work with tell me information about personal life issues every day that gives me the opportunity to pray for them or a family member along with other request they may bring before. I know that I have a purpose for the job I have been placed in.

My church has a motto: I reach up to God, so that He will reach down to me, so that I may reach out to others.

My mission field is my family, friends, and co-workers. Even if my mission is to just love others as Christ loved them, unconditionally…

I am grateful that God is still working on me and through me to reach those who cross my path. We are to just Stand and know that He is God! No matter what happens He is my provider and He knows that plans that He has for me. I am grateful and will serve Him all the days of my life.

On a side note… awesome blessing/testimony, My husband had cut his gums open a few weeks ago and the cut had gotten infected. He was able to go to the doctor and get seen and some medicine to help heal that infection. The dentist called him today and informed him that the dental work he needs done has been approved and that he needed to call and schedule an appointment to get the first part of the dental work started. This dental work will be at no cost to us. This is a huge blessing. This dental work is long over due and will make a huge difference in my husband. I am beyond excited and grateful that the Lord has given Dan favor with the right people in order for this work to be done and completed.

God is So Good All the Time!! He is a Good Good Father!! His Promises Are More Than I Can Even Imagine! I have to Believe and Receive His Word and Truth and Nothing Less!

This is what it is all about. The Testimonies of My Good Good Father’s works in our lives. Building our Faith in His Truth and Promises Daily…………

God Bless and Good Night


365 Days of Testimony: Day 10

To be at my job right now and hear all the rumors going around is hard. They are changing a lot of staff and youth around due to budget saving ideas. We are really at a point that they are threatening to close our facility also if we can not cut back on the cost to it. No one is safe and everyone is concerned on what the next day will bring when it comes to jobs.

I personally don’t want to get sucked into the negative thoughts of I don’t want to go hear or do this… I only want to stay here and do this…..

I do have personal wants to stay under my supervisors that I am under because I work well with them and they are really good supervisors. I know that I can get prideful and also start to say that I refuse to do this and that but why???

I am grateful for my job and I thank God for putting in a job that has great benefits and pays good.

I keep telling people that they can either be like Hew and Haw or they cay move along like Mice!!! I personally get along well with others so I stand and believe no matter the out come I will adapt.

This to me is where our trust come into play. I am either going to start to worry of what ifs or I can put my trust in the one who orders my steps. For He knows the plans He has for me. Plans to be in good health and prosper.

I am grateful that no matter the situation good or bad in man’s eyes… it is never impossible in God’s. He has it all worked out if I stand and know that He is God. I have to wait upon the Lord, seeking Him first in all that I do.

He will provide and take care of me and my family. I just have to trust Him….

365 Days of Testimony: Day 8

Today was Sunday! We got up dressed and left to head to my church at Refiner’s Fire in Ennis. It was just Chloe and me today. Stormy had to stay with my parents because she has rabbits to show tomorrow and they had to go set up after church today. Once I got to church it was time for donuts and good mornings. The praise team was practicing and getting ready for the service. I sat waiting on my friend to arrive. 😀 After checking in my daughter to her class the service started. During our powerful worship this morning the Holy Spirit spoke through several of our church members to the church. Afterwards we began to worship again. I watch my dearest friend kneel in prayer and worship. The minute she kneeled down the Holy Spirit began to down load a word for her in my spirit. I stood there waiting for her to finish and stand back up, all at the same time the Holy Spirit kept downloading things in my spirit to tell her. It was not just one area of her life but more than one that He wanted me to speak too. I have learned that when He gives me a word that I am to share that His presence is strong and heavy upon me more than the everyday presence. I delivered that word to her. Then I continued to praise Him.

Since last week the Lord has began to show me visions of things to come in my own life. This morning during one of the songs of worship I saw myself dancing with a long skirt before the Lord. I began to turn and jump in this worship before Him. I was not alone but there were many worshipers along side me. ( These worshipers were in Africa I believe) Julann has posted a video of the African people worshiping in the rain earlier this week, this worship is complete surrendered and open to the Father. No shame or holding back. I saw myself join in the worship of my Lord among these other worshipers and I got excited.

You see when I first met Julann and heard about her ministry to Africa I did not feel a connection to it at all. Which for me was odd because since I was 16 and returned from a mission trip that I was called to be a missionary I have always felt the tug to go every any missionary would speak. This time was different.. I did sow into her ministry and gave what I could at the time but I didn’t feel the tug to go. I have always felt that my calling was central to south America.

Over the years of working with Julann and her ministry and becoming more involved with it I find my heart breaking down my walls of limitations. I have come to realize that I can’t limit God. I can not tell God that I will go here but refuse to go there. If God is going to use me then I have to completely and whole heartedly sell out to His direction and leading and not interfere with His plans He has for me. As I have seen my own daughter grow an interest in going to Africa to serve those there, I have began to see that the Lord is preparing a training ground for me. I am not sure His complete plans but I know that more and more He is beginning to give me visions of the future and what is coming. I am excited and grateful that He is beginning to open doors to serve Him in more and more ways.

I have been given gifts of the Holy Spirit that I want to see manifest to the fullest along with the deepest desire of my heart. I want to be blessed so much that I can bless others without even giving it a second thought. Knowing that He provides everything.

God is Good and I am Excited to See What is Next to Come!!!