Stormy’s Call

March 4th 2017,
Thank you Melinda Gonzalez for sowing into Stormy’s life of $20.00. She will be so thankful for your blessi g into her trip Malawi Africa 2018.

March 4, 2017
Here we will post what Daddy is doing in Stormy’s life.

She will be turning 15 next month and she is excited for her calling on her life to Africa.

Last weekend at church she was informed that someone sowed a seed into her life for her to go to Malawi Africa in 2018!

Stormy came to me with such excitement and just awe that someone would sow into her dream and calling to go to Africa. She has a servant’s heart and we are excited to see how Daddy is going to bless her in that area.

Please prayerfully consider sowing into her life as she prepares over the next year to go to Malawi Africa with Godbey Ministries… 

Updates will be posted here about her progress and what Daddy is doing in her life over the next year.

Blessings to you all.