Testimonies of Daddy’s Blessings


Blessing today. 🙂

Today we went to eat lunch at a restaurant. We were getting ready to pay for our meal and the waiter informed us that our ticket was taken care of. This is the first time that my whole family’s meal has been paid for.

We have had the pleasure of blessing others more and more over the last few months. We are excite to step out in faith to share the Love of Christ to others. Being messengers of who and what Jesus did for others.

God is faithful to provide for those who He has called to be sons and daughters.

I am thankful to whomever paid for our meal today. Thank you.

Job Blessing    03/04/16

When we went to our first Just1City meeting we were told all the details of the rest of the year’s events. Dan started to wonder how he would be able to do all that we feel called to do with his job.

Let me tell you a little story about this job he has. He was working at Pets Mart, and that was not working out very well for him because even after having been promised 40 hours a week before taking the job he still was barely making 25 a week. So Dan began to seek out other jobs. He had 2 options one that paid more and was a bigger company and then a smaller company that paid less than what he was getting even at Pets Mart. I told him to ask Daddy about which one he should take; I would support him either way.

Well when he told me that he thought the lower paying job was going to be the job Daddy wanted him to take, me being a woman almost rebelled with that choice. It paid less… I still backed my husband in his decision. We now know why he has the job that Daddy gave him.

This company is owned by a Christian man that supports out reaches and ministries. When we came home from the meeting this week we knew that the time off was a huge request being he just started this job a little over a month ago. He went to the Owner (BIG BOSS) and made his request. God gave Dan favor with his boss. The answer was:

Just bring me a calendar with all the days you need off.

Isn’t that amazing how Daddy put that together? Dan prayed about what job to take, even though to me (his wife) it didn’t look to be the best job for us as a family, it has in turned be that Best job for us. Daddy knew He was calling us out and in order to call us out He had to place Dan in a job that would support us and be there for us when he returned from the missions we have set before us this year. I could not have asked for a better job.

Daddy is good to us. I thank Him for His Blessing with a job that met our need before we even knew it was going to be a need.




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