God of the Storm

Daddy speaks to me (Daniel) through dreams, even from an early age He has done this; and not just in dreams, but He speaks to me while I’m awake—He (literally) shows me things (as I would see them if I were having a dream) as well. It is interesting how He speaks to me in these images: often I find that He uses the elements (fire, water, wind, etc.) when showing me things.

A few days ago (6/14/16) I had a dream: once the dream had ended, Holy Spirit immediately woke me up and began telling me the interpretation of the dream.  I tried to go back to sleep afterwards but the alarm went off letting me know I had to go to work. While I sat in the parking lot waiting on the manager to open up the store, I wrote down the dream and then asked Holy Spirit to tell me the interpretation again, He did.

I went throughout my day with the dream in the back of my mind, something in my spirit kept telling me there was more than what He told me. So I asked Him. I asked what the significance was of a certain part of it, and He began to tell me more.

I love how my Daddy speaks to me and communicates with me, telling me things in secret, simply because I ask and listen.

Here is the dream and it’s interpretation.

The Dream
My wife and I were back at my parents house, but no one in my family was there other than us and one other woman, who I never met before. A storm was coming and I kept urging this woman to leave the enclosed back porch (only half of it enclosed, one whole wall was missing): she refused, even to the point of shoving me backwards (the second time I tried getting her to leave) so that I fell to the ground; she yelled at me, telling me to leave her alone. I went back into my old bedroom to where my wife was, we got into the small closet: she was sitting in the center; I sat next to her from behind and wrapped my arms around her. I told Elizabeth it was going to be okay, as the wind picked-up she said, “Here it comes”: about an inch of the bottom of the closet walls, and the door disappeared, allowing the winds to come in but it didn’t harm us.

The Interpretation
Not everyone is going to be receptive to Me, even though you come in love with intentions that they might be saved; they will think they can save themselves but when the storms come, they perish. However, because you and your wife trust Me, because you were in My secret place, you may only hear and feel a fraction of the storm, but I will not allow it to destroy you.

The significance of the back porch being closed in is self-effort, whereas the already built part represents the house whose builder is God (see Hebrews 11:10): it is that house only that will withstand the storms that come. And the fact it was your parents house represents familiarity; if you are familiar with doing things your way it will fail—yet if you’re familiar with God’s way, it will last and withstand. 


How I Hear from Avi (My Father)

Growing up, I (Daniel) wish someone would have told me how I could have heard the voice of God, year after year passed me by and I never heard one word. Did this mean that He wasn’t speaking to me? No. Did this mean that He doesn’t speak to people anymore? No. Why? Because I heard time and again, all the reports of Christians revealing things which God had told them. The main question which hounded me, was, if there were others who could hear from the voice of their Creator, why couldn’t I?

I will give a small outline of some steps I use, granted, when I was exposed to them about two years ago, I tried following them exactly how they were given; I ended up having to tweak them a little. Daddy may work one way for someone else, and another way altogether for me, now that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the steps I am going to list and get to that place of hearing from Daddy—He isn’t a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34), if He does it for me He will do it for you too!

1. Set an Appointed Time
Avinu (Our Father) is a personal and intimate Daddy, He wants to have fellowship with His children. Abba (Daddy) isn’t about religion, He is about relationship: when he formed Adam—He walked with them in Ha’Gan Eden (The Garden of Eden) (Bereshit / Genesis 3:8); but He didn’t just come at any given time, Elohim came ‘in the cool of the day’, what does this mean? Abba had set an appointed time to meet with His son [Adam also was called the son of God, see Luke 3:38) and daughter (Chavah / Eve).

We live in a busy world where everything from technology, our jobs and life in general battles for our time; often not leaving any time for our Heavenly Father. I struggled with this big time, especially after I got married. I had set Daddy off to the side and spent all of my time with my wife, not only did I ignore God, but it drove my wife crazy; she told me that she needed her time with Daddy as I did my own. It took me awhile to finally grasp what she was saying, but she was right (men, listen to your wives Godly counsel often, God gave it to them for a reason)!

Once I began setting a time with Daddy, it got easier and easier to do. There is a House of Prayer that I love to go to, but often times work doesn’t permit me to make it there before I have to go in in the mornings, and it’s closed when I get off: that doesn’t stop me though. I usually have about 20 to 30 plus minutes to spare when I arrive at work, so I take the time to do my daily devotion, and read some Scripture (chapter or more). I don’t miss a day of doing this throughout my work week and it has made a world of difference in my days and attitude.

2. Worship Him
Once you have set an appointed time with your Heavenly Father you cannot just stop there, you need to set the atmosphere. Set the atmosphere? What do I mean by that? Say you were wanting to have a romantic dinner, or evening with your spouse: you wouldn’t just make a date (set a time) and then not prepare to set the mood for that date; you would go to great lengths to make sure it was perfect and that the atmosphere reflected that intimacy. The same applies when it comes to setting the atmosphere for your time with Daddy. This is where worship comes in at.

You shouldn’t want to spend time with Ha’Av (the Father) simply to get stuff from Him, you should want to spend time with Him because He is your Daddy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we shouldn’t seek answers for our needs and prayers, but there is a time for that; we should set aside time just for Him—to love on Him, to let Him love on us without any want. It doesn’t matter where the location is either: one place isn’t more holy than another. Yeshua (Jesus) was asked by a woman where were they to worship God: their fathers (of this woman’s people) said it was in one place, but the Jews said it was in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem): Yeshua told her that a time was coming—that the time had come, where the true worshipers would worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4:20-24); another words, there would be no one place for the people to worship God, the true worship He is seeking can be done from anywhere.

3. Keep A Journal 
When you begin conversing with Ha’Av (The Father) document what He says to you, how you can tell He is talking to you is when things enter your mind that you don’t think up yourself. The way I started is by writing what I wanted to say, what I prayed to Him, then waiting—listening for that still small voice to respond The more you do this the easier it gets, you have to train yourself, your whole body to be an ear that is in-tune with Abba (Daddy); the more you train it, the easier it will be hearing.

At first, this is how I started: writing questions and Him answering; now I ask Him with my voice and I write down only what I hear Him speaking to me. And now, it’s becoming more of Him speaking to me before I even ask!

‘My sheep hear My voice, I know them, and they follow Me.’ 

  • Yochanan / John 10:27