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God is Still in Control!

We have been through a lot the last 2 weeks. Just want to share a few testimonies that God has done for us the last few days.

Last Monday when my husband got off work he went to leave and the van had antifreeze all under the van. He called me thankfully before he drove it. Well I called my dad and he informed me that we should not drive it at all. So I called my husband and told him that I would have to come get him.

This made us go from 2 vehicles down to 1. My husband was a wreck over the whole situations. For some odd reason in this situation I was at complete peace about it. Not once did I question the situation. My parents were leaving town for the week and we were able to get their other vehicle for the week to use.

When my parents got back into town my dad went to get the van. By the end of the day Thursday my Dad texted me and said that it was fixed and ready to be picked up. I asked him what was wrong with it and he said it had broken… I then fully expected for him to tell me how much it was going to cost since he fixed it. I asked him how much it cost and he then informed me that it was still under warranty.

God had given me a complete peace about the whole situation. I knew when it happened that there was nothing we could do about it. For we have put all our finances into our business and have nothing left to fix it. Now we were blessed with this issues being completely taken care of by the Grace of God. It was still under warranty.

God will see us through the trials and what seems like nothing. We will walk this out with our Leap of Faith! He said Leap, that the Time was Now! Now I will Walk in Faith Knowing He is In Control!

God Bless,

Just Have Faith! Leap! Fully Relying On God! 


He Is Willing

My original blog post idea had nothing to do with this whatsoever. Unaware of how the events of this day would unfold: I did my normal routine before leaving the house this morning to go to work, with the exception of listening to my Bible app read the Scriptures to me (from the book of Hebrews) on my way out the door until I got to work.

Once there, I still carried on my normal morning the way I always do: I turned off the reading part and ended up reading several more chapters, finishing with my devotional I have through the app.

After clocking in, I headed to the back of the building to my department. It was another busy day as far as I was concerned. A few of us prepped the truck trailers to get them ready for the day’s orders that would soon be filling their space. We picked up where we had left off the day before by loading the remaining showers that we had left sitting on the dock. A new co-worker and I had went into the trailer to lift a shower and stack it on top of three others (a normal procedure, that we do every day). In the process of lifting it up, my co-worker struggled with it a little—the edge of the shower on my side slipped off and it began to tilt the entire shower back his direction. I hurried and pushed down on it trying to keep it from falling on my co-worker, I thought it had been enough but it again tried going over on top of him—so I pushed even harder on it. Only, when I did it the second time, the shower ended up moving to much, the bottom swung up and hit me in my ribs. We got the shower up finally, but I was in a great amount of pain during and afterwards.

I stopped working and just stood there for awhile hoping the discomfort and the pain would pass, but it didn’t, it just kept getting worse. It got to the point that I was having a hard time breathing and moving. I got put on light duty for most of the morning before it got so bad that I had to be sent to the doctor.

Once at my appointment, I was talking to my wife via text messaging. She asked me which doctor’s office I was at, I gave her the address and she showed up shortly after. She sat with me the entire time that I was there (which was nice, I really loved having her company). I got called back to see the doctor (after waiting a long time past my appointment time), and she went with me. They x-rayed my ribs but found no damage, no broken bones, nothing. The doctor said that I had a chest wall contusion and that my ribs would be in pain for several weeks. He advised me to take some IB’s and work through it. Once he left the room, my wife got up and put her hands on my ribs and began praying. She did this about four or five times, each time her hands were hot (they were not when she first put them on me), and each time the pain decreased more and more. By the time I got back to work I had no pain whatsoever in my side!   Daddy used my wife as a vessel to heal me of my hurt!

Not only did this touch my heart deeply that my wife did this for me, but, it also reminded me of the Scripture in the Bible where the leper said to Jesus, “Master, if You are willing, You can make me clean. Yeshua stretched out His hand and touched him, saying, “I am willing. Be cleansed!”‘ (Luke 5:12, Tree of Life Bible). He is willing to heal us, to make us whole, to meet our need right where we are.

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