Journey thus Far

After a bout of uncertainty over the first part of the year, life has taken a turn for the better in many ways in the latter.

My wife and I enrolled into Integrity Bible Seminary: she is going for her masters in missions, and I’m working on my associates in theology. By the time we have completed our education we will not have our doctorates: this will help us in our ventures into the ministry field, which is something we desire to be able to do full time.

Four months ago we started our own business, Leap Generation LLC. It has been slow, we think we could have taken a better approach with it. We currently are in the process of revamping the business. We started it with the main purpose of it being a way for us to support being full time missionaries. We don’t believe where we started is wrong, but it would make it more difficult to do while overseas.

One of the things Daddy (God) has began taking us through a period of preparation of training, not in just one area of life but in all aspects of it.

He told us to sell our TVs that they were to much a distraction, to put away ‘childish things’. The training will cover everything from what we eat, drink, do, think, say and much more.

Another part of the process has been to start learning Spanish, which has been fun and interesting to say the least. We picked up two complete (OT & NT) Spanish Bibles: this being the case because of where we feel the Father leading us to go; which are Central and South American regions.

Downsizing: getting less materialistic items for the sake of just getting them, or even to fulfill desires isn’t important to us any longer. Now we weigh things in the scales of calling and Divine purpose. Does what we desire to attain furthering the Kingdom and the Gospel thereof? This is the wisdom that drives us in what we don’t and do acquire in life.

Another one of the things Daddy has really laid strongly on my heart to do is to really buckle down and write a book. This is something I had dabble with in the past but put off doing, then when I picked it back up, Yahveh stopped me from completing it.

I fully believe it wasn’t it wasn’t the right time, nor the right focus on what He wanted it to deal with. But now He has laid it heavily upon my heart to revisit and finish writing this book.

We are both very excited to see where the next three years open up, to where Daddy leads us for His Kingdom!


25 & 18

When I came up to Ohio in January, I will admit that I had no excitement in me whatsoever for this state; I was born and raised here and once I finally left this state I said that I would never come back again. Yet, here I sit. The reasons why I have been led back here I will not venture into, maybe at a later point when Yahveh releases me I will, but not at this time.

When I got here I was angry at the Almighty for taking me away from my wife and kids, and I had no end in sight for that anger I directed towards Him. But something happened. Something that relates to 25 and the 18. It wasn’t until 25 days after I came up here that I surrendered myself over to Yeshua ben-Elohim; you may be asking, “I thought you were already a Christian?” by saying I surrendered to Him I am not saying that I wasn’t a Christian: you can be a Christian and not live surrendered to Yeshua; I will tell you that is a miserable way to live life (, I can speak from experience!).

In the Ha’Davar Elohim we find that the number 7 is a representation of completion and perfection: 2+5=7: on the 25th day of me coming up here I found my completion and perfection by surrendering my entire being: body, soul and spirit to Ben-Ha’Elohim. There is so much that He has been showing me, teaching me and I’m still learning every second of every day; this is a process that has no ending.
I made the mistake in thinking that I had learned every lesson that He had to teach me and that I was to be home (in Texas) already; Yahveh caused me to be delayed in returning, and again I found myself getting irritated with Him. I couldn’t understand what was left that He had that I needed before I could go back. But then, one Sunday morning, I found myself presented with that very thing. It came over after church lunch with my uncle: that conversation put me into the possession of some books for the very things which I was lacking—things that Daddy (Yahveh) knew that I so desperately needed.

So you may be wondering where the 18 comes into play, and why. Yesterday was 18 days until I leave Ohio to come back to Texas, but what is so significant about 18? In Lashon Ha’Kodesh (The Holy Tongue, i.e. Ivrit / Hebrew) the number 18 is made up of two Hebrew consonants: Chet (ח) and Yud (י). Yud has the numerical value of 10, while Chet has the numerical value of 8; together they spell the Word Chai (חי) which is the Hebrew word for “life”; the plural is Chayim (חיים). When Jews give gifts of money they do so in increments of 18, that view it that they are giving “life” (חי) to someone. Yesterday, my 18th day until I leave, I came into possession of more books without prior knowledge that it was happening. These books deal with things that my wife and I have discussed, that I felt Daddy (Yahveh) laying on my heart to do; never once did these subjects come up last night.

I see this as Avi (My Father) giving me confirmation in both of these situations: on the 25th (7) I found my completion and perfection in His Son; and 18 days out from going home—He blesses me with life that will help nurture not only me but my family as well.

Baruch HaShem Adonai!!!!

How I Hear from Avi (My Father)

Growing up, I (Daniel) wish someone would have told me how I could have heard the voice of God, year after year passed me by and I never heard one word. Did this mean that He wasn’t speaking to me? No. Did this mean that He doesn’t speak to people anymore? No. Why? Because I heard time and again, all the reports of Christians revealing things which God had told them. The main question which hounded me, was, if there were others who could hear from the voice of their Creator, why couldn’t I?

I will give a small outline of some steps I use, granted, when I was exposed to them about two years ago, I tried following them exactly how they were given; I ended up having to tweak them a little. Daddy may work one way for someone else, and another way altogether for me, now that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the steps I am going to list and get to that place of hearing from Daddy—He isn’t a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34), if He does it for me He will do it for you too!

1. Set an Appointed Time
Avinu (Our Father) is a personal and intimate Daddy, He wants to have fellowship with His children. Abba (Daddy) isn’t about religion, He is about relationship: when he formed Adam—He walked with them in Ha’Gan Eden (The Garden of Eden) (Bereshit / Genesis 3:8); but He didn’t just come at any given time, Elohim came ‘in the cool of the day’, what does this mean? Abba had set an appointed time to meet with His son [Adam also was called the son of God, see Luke 3:38) and daughter (Chavah / Eve).

We live in a busy world where everything from technology, our jobs and life in general battles for our time; often not leaving any time for our Heavenly Father. I struggled with this big time, especially after I got married. I had set Daddy off to the side and spent all of my time with my wife, not only did I ignore God, but it drove my wife crazy; she told me that she needed her time with Daddy as I did my own. It took me awhile to finally grasp what she was saying, but she was right (men, listen to your wives Godly counsel often, God gave it to them for a reason)!

Once I began setting a time with Daddy, it got easier and easier to do. There is a House of Prayer that I love to go to, but often times work doesn’t permit me to make it there before I have to go in in the mornings, and it’s closed when I get off: that doesn’t stop me though. I usually have about 20 to 30 plus minutes to spare when I arrive at work, so I take the time to do my daily devotion, and read some Scripture (chapter or more). I don’t miss a day of doing this throughout my work week and it has made a world of difference in my days and attitude.

2. Worship Him
Once you have set an appointed time with your Heavenly Father you cannot just stop there, you need to set the atmosphere. Set the atmosphere? What do I mean by that? Say you were wanting to have a romantic dinner, or evening with your spouse: you wouldn’t just make a date (set a time) and then not prepare to set the mood for that date; you would go to great lengths to make sure it was perfect and that the atmosphere reflected that intimacy. The same applies when it comes to setting the atmosphere for your time with Daddy. This is where worship comes in at.

You shouldn’t want to spend time with Ha’Av (the Father) simply to get stuff from Him, you should want to spend time with Him because He is your Daddy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we shouldn’t seek answers for our needs and prayers, but there is a time for that; we should set aside time just for Him—to love on Him, to let Him love on us without any want. It doesn’t matter where the location is either: one place isn’t more holy than another. Yeshua (Jesus) was asked by a woman where were they to worship God: their fathers (of this woman’s people) said it was in one place, but the Jews said it was in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem): Yeshua told her that a time was coming—that the time had come, where the true worshipers would worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4:20-24); another words, there would be no one place for the people to worship God, the true worship He is seeking can be done from anywhere.

3. Keep A Journal 
When you begin conversing with Ha’Av (The Father) document what He says to you, how you can tell He is talking to you is when things enter your mind that you don’t think up yourself. The way I started is by writing what I wanted to say, what I prayed to Him, then waiting—listening for that still small voice to respond The more you do this the easier it gets, you have to train yourself, your whole body to be an ear that is in-tune with Abba (Daddy); the more you train it, the easier it will be hearing.

At first, this is how I started: writing questions and Him answering; now I ask Him with my voice and I write down only what I hear Him speaking to me. And now, it’s becoming more of Him speaking to me before I even ask!

‘My sheep hear My voice, I know them, and they follow Me.’ 

  • Yochanan / John 10:27



As I have been spending time, in the mornings, with Daddy (God), I (Daniel) have had Him speaking to me in ways that I haven’t felt in a very long time (years). The time I have spent with Him hasn’t been consistant every morning, with my hours at work changing between 8 and 9am, sometimes it doesn’t give me as long as I would like, with Him. But, what I am about to share began a week ago—last Wednesday. The day had been like any other, with the exception of me geeting to spend some time in the Word and in prayer. That evening my wife and I went to church, which was just like any other church night for me.

Once the service began, I stayed in front of my seat but stood for worship until my legs began hurting from the workday, so I ended up sitting down. As I sat in my seat I still worshipped Daddy, at one point He audibly spoke to me and told me to open my Bible and where the pages fell open, to begin reading: that ended up being Daniel 6:4.

‘Then the presidents and princes sought to find occasion against Daniel concerning the kingdom; but they could find none occassion nor fault;…’ – Daniel 6:4, KJV

Soon as my eyes read this passage, one of our pastors came over to me and a friend: he began to give us a word from the Lord. This word spoken said that we would receieve a greater  boldness, that we would also have “thus saith the Lord” moments; and we would be fireballs and the Word would be a fire shut up in our bones that we cannot keep shut up.

After my wife and I spoke to a friend of ours: telling him about what Daddy told me to do, and the word that was given; and trying to figure out how it related—he pointed it out to me that the connection was evident. He began showing me the relation to it that I missed and told me to read the entirity of chapter 6. I did that the next morning. Once I had completed chapter 6, Daddy instructed me to begin reading the entire book of Daniel. I am currently at chapter 11.

Everything that Daddy has been revealing to me through this book of prophecy has truly been life changing. Before any of this happened my wife had a prophetic dream given to her by Daddy, in which I went deeper into the Spirit. Since I have been delving deeper into the book of Daniel, and seeking out Daddy, the more of going deeper has been taking place.

The things He has been showing me has to do with the gifts He has given to me, there are some other gifts that it doesn’t touch on, but the ones it is have been amazing to learn about. Once I gather more truths from it, I will seek Him out and see if He will allow me to share the details of it. If I am permitted to do so, there will be a lot more covered that happened leading up to these events, that until now, I didn’t realize dealt with this. Nevertheless, I am very excited to see where this journey with my Daddy is headed.

Spiritual Leader

My wife and I are equals in life, but when it comes to how Good set up the family structure, here made the men the spiritual leader of his house. That doesn’t mean he is above his wife, but it does mean that I am responsible for the well-being of my family’s physical and emotional needs. But it doesn’t stop there; I am also held accountable for their spiritual well-being also.

If I say that I love my wife, and I protect her physically and emotionally, yet fail to do so spiritually, then I am showing I really don’t have her best interest in mind 100%. God have her to me, and I am too cherish her and care for her and protect her at all cost.

The same goes when it comes to our children, they were intrusted to us and we need to look out for them in the same manner as we do our wife.

Every night before I go to bed I plead the blood of Jesus over my wife, our children, where we live, over my wife’s vehicle: the path she takes to take our kids to school, the path she takes to come home; then I proceed to pray Scripture over them. The Bible says the angels harken at the Word of God (Psalm 103:20), and my family is protected because of His Word.

As husbands, this is what we ought to do for the family God has given us; the family we are responsible for. They should be cherished, loved and looked after above all else.

A Blessed Day

Today we went to my wife’s favorite restaurant to have dinner for her birthday, it was us, the kids and my wife’s parents; she gets an awesome birthday this year: it actually isn’t until tomorrow, on Easter Sunday. She will be the same age our Lord and Savior was when He was crucified and raised from the dead.

Tonight we will be heading to a carnival with a friend of ours, it will be a great family event this weekend. Not only that, but will be a great opportunity to listen to the guidance of Holy Spirit to show the love of Jesus to others.

He Is Willing

My original blog post idea had nothing to do with this whatsoever. Unaware of how the events of this day would unfold: I did my normal routine before leaving the house this morning to go to work, with the exception of listening to my Bible app read the Scriptures to me (from the book of Hebrews) on my way out the door until I got to work.

Once there, I still carried on my normal morning the way I always do: I turned off the reading part and ended up reading several more chapters, finishing with my devotional I have through the app.

After clocking in, I headed to the back of the building to my department. It was another busy day as far as I was concerned. A few of us prepped the truck trailers to get them ready for the day’s orders that would soon be filling their space. We picked up where we had left off the day before by loading the remaining showers that we had left sitting on the dock. A new co-worker and I had went into the trailer to lift a shower and stack it on top of three others (a normal procedure, that we do every day). In the process of lifting it up, my co-worker struggled with it a little—the edge of the shower on my side slipped off and it began to tilt the entire shower back his direction. I hurried and pushed down on it trying to keep it from falling on my co-worker, I thought it had been enough but it again tried going over on top of him—so I pushed even harder on it. Only, when I did it the second time, the shower ended up moving to much, the bottom swung up and hit me in my ribs. We got the shower up finally, but I was in a great amount of pain during and afterwards.

I stopped working and just stood there for awhile hoping the discomfort and the pain would pass, but it didn’t, it just kept getting worse. It got to the point that I was having a hard time breathing and moving. I got put on light duty for most of the morning before it got so bad that I had to be sent to the doctor.

Once at my appointment, I was talking to my wife via text messaging. She asked me which doctor’s office I was at, I gave her the address and she showed up shortly after. She sat with me the entire time that I was there (which was nice, I really loved having her company). I got called back to see the doctor (after waiting a long time past my appointment time), and she went with me. They x-rayed my ribs but found no damage, no broken bones, nothing. The doctor said that I had a chest wall contusion and that my ribs would be in pain for several weeks. He advised me to take some IB’s and work through it. Once he left the room, my wife got up and put her hands on my ribs and began praying. She did this about four or five times, each time her hands were hot (they were not when she first put them on me), and each time the pain decreased more and more. By the time I got back to work I had no pain whatsoever in my side!   Daddy used my wife as a vessel to heal me of my hurt!

Not only did this touch my heart deeply that my wife did this for me, but, it also reminded me of the Scripture in the Bible where the leper said to Jesus, “Master, if You are willing, You can make me clean. Yeshua stretched out His hand and touched him, saying, “I am willing. Be cleansed!”‘ (Luke 5:12, Tree of Life Bible). He is willing to heal us, to make us whole, to meet our need right where we are.

Impossibly Possible

But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. 
Matthew 19:26 KJV

All this week this verse has been appearing everywhere, from my social media, being said by pastors, my devotional and again just now when I opened up YouVersion Bible app on my phone, under verse of the day.

Usually when things keep showing up like this for long periods of time, Daddy is trying to get my attention: a month ago (if not longer), He kept asking my wife and I if we trusted Him. Now here we are now with impossible things being possible for Him. We know that nothing is to hard for Him (Jeremiah 32:27), and He will do exactly what He has said.

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
John 10:27 KJV

Often God will speak to us in the still small voice, but He is not just limited to that method. If we truly listen without bias that He will only speak one way and not in another, we can hear the voice of the Master in all things. We just have to heed that Voice of our loving Father and do what He instructs us, what He asks us to do.

I have had to learn to lean on Him, to trust His Word, and to not limit what He is doing by thinking and saying that He will do it one way or another, then I will have allowed doubt and unbelief to creep in and kill out what He wanted to bring to pass. So lately, I have been saying that I don’t know how He will do it, but I know for a fact that He will bring to pass the things which He has spoken into the life of my wife and I.