My name is Elizabeth Scenters and my husband is Daniel. Together we have 2 beautiful daughters Stormy 13 and Chloe 8. We live about 30 minutes South of DFW area. We are an average family of four that live every day to make a difference.

We feel like God has called us to be Messengers for His Kingdom. We are to Love God first and foremost then we are to Love Others. If we do this then our live will be filled with everything we could ever want or desire.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about worldly possessions but simply living a live with love, joy, peace, comfort, kindness, gentleness, and faithfulness, and self-control. That is right the fruits of the Spirit. We are to love others as Christ has loved us.

Our goal is to show everyone that God loves which is everyone Love. Unconditional Love.

More about us:

I am Elizabeth. I am 33 at the end of this month. My birthday falls on Easter Sunday. What better day to share a birthday then on the day my savior was risen, as we celebrate it on Easter. I have 2 girls that are my pride and joy. I met my wonderful husband in 2013 and we married in 2015. The first 6 of marriage are shaping and molding us to be an awesome couple/team/2 by 2 messengers for Jesus. I have degrees in computer science analyst and programing, general studies, and in general business. I have been through many training fields and Daddy is finally sending us out. I enjoy movies, shopping, church events, and just helping others.

My husband is Daniel. He just turned 33 Feb 23rd. I had the privilege of knowing my husband 2 years as a close friend before realizing he was interested in being more with me. He lived in Ohio, and I had to go get him. I am glad that I did. I could not ask for a better husband. He enjoys studying and learning Hebrew. He also enjoys teaching on the things that are a passion of his. He is in the process of writing a book. I will let him come tell more about who he is later.

Stormy is our 13 almost 14 year old daughter. She is a reflection of me. God told me that a year ago in March at an event of Heart Quest. This is huge for me. I know that God has a big purpose for her life. She is a giver and a servant. She loves to serve others. Elderly and the young. She is always quick to include someone that might be the outcast. She makes me so proud to call her my daughter. She enjoys shopping, spending time with her grandparents, and watching movies.

Chloe is our 8 year old daughter also. I know that God will also use Chloe for his kingdom but not sure what yet. She is caring and loving as well. Always looking for a new friend to play with. She enjoys skating and coloring.

We invite you to come on our Journey with US.



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