January 31, 2018 Black & White Photo


But the Greatest of These is LOVE!!!26829567_10211197807049693_1306465853_o


January 28, 2018 Black & White Photo

It’s All About Chickens! Don’t Let Go!

FFA, County Show!


January 24, 2018 Black & White Photo

Nice Hearty Soup After a Very Cold Winter Day! 


January 22, 2018 Black & White Photo

The other day when we had freezing temps and icy roads I was driving and it was dark. Well I changed lanes to get in a lane that had been traveled more by others and I hit the ice that sent me across 4 lanes and into the opposite side of the road ditch. Just feet from the fence. Jesus was in control! Thank you Heavenly Father for this Miracle that could have been a very bad situation. Photo was as we waited patiently for our help to come. 26971776_10211197806889689_1240970974_o