So we have been doing homeschooling for a few weeks and man it is hard to start. But I know in the end it will all be worth it. Getting on the right balance of things is a very hard thing as well.  I know the man reason we decided to do homeschooling for our kids is that the world seems to think it has the right to teach my children things that I disapprove of. Being able to home school opens doors for me to teach my children what I feel is important for them to know. I don’t have to allow them to be taught inappropriate information that will cause them to question truths. We have to really rely on God in this new transition of every area of our life.

We are also having to rely on God for finances in every area of our lives at this time. We have our bills paid but any left over for day-to-day life is well…. our FROG (fully relying on God.)

When things get this way. I get in a very (I want to Control) mommy mode. I hate not knowing when or where the money to pay for things is coming from. God knows.

Going through this season of LEAP is not for the faint of Heart. We are to Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Once we learn to put His will in our lives 1st then we will see everything else we need just fall into place.

This journey of Life is not for the Faint. If I stand firm and trust His word and promises then I will see the goodness of the Lord prevail in my life.