Busy Busy Busy

We been busy for sure in the life of us. From doctor appointments to getting our Business ready to launch. Even getting homeschooling together for not only one child but 2, in two totally different class grades.

God has been working in our lives for sure. I know that I have been in very stressful mode lately but to be totally honest I have had a supernatural peace about things like none other.

Monday we had something that normally would just stress me out to the max but this time it is super different. I have not had any concern for it at all. Monday after my husband got off work he came outside to get in his van to come home. Before he got into the van he noticed antifreeze all over the ground. The van had something wrong with it. Thankfully he called me and I called my dad. At this time we are down to 1 vehicle but oddly enough I am at perfect peace over the situation. I know if needed in an emergency situation I can use my parent’s car.

Dan on the other hand has been fretting over the van. I told him it will be okay. I know that God will provide what we need when we need it most. I like this peace and want to have it at all times. I want to get to know my God(Abba) more and more so that I don’t fret over the things of this world. I want to know God inside and out, like He knows me.

More to come but just wanted to share about the peace God has given me over the last 2 to 3 week. Be Blessed


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