25 & 18

When I came up to Ohio in January, I will admit that I had no excitement in me whatsoever for this state; I was born and raised here and once I finally left this state I said that I would never come back again. Yet, here I sit. The reasons why I have been led back here I will not venture into, maybe at a later point when Yahveh releases me I will, but not at this time.

When I got here I was angry at the Almighty for taking me away from my wife and kids, and I had no end in sight for that anger I directed towards Him. But something happened. Something that relates to 25 and the 18. It wasn’t until 25 days after I came up here that I surrendered myself over to Yeshua ben-Elohim; you may be asking, “I thought you were already a Christian?” by saying I surrendered to Him I am not saying that I wasn’t a Christian: you can be a Christian and not live surrendered to Yeshua; I will tell you that is a miserable way to live life (, I can speak from experience!).

In the Ha’Davar Elohim we find that the number 7 is a representation of completion and perfection: 2+5=7: on the 25th day of me coming up here I found my completion and perfection by surrendering my entire being: body, soul and spirit to Ben-Ha’Elohim. There is so much that He has been showing me, teaching me and I’m still learning every second of every day; this is a process that has no ending.
I made the mistake in thinking that I had learned every lesson that He had to teach me and that I was to be home (in Texas) already; Yahveh caused me to be delayed in returning, and again I found myself getting irritated with Him. I couldn’t understand what was left that He had that I needed before I could go back. But then, one Sunday morning, I found myself presented with that very thing. It came over after church lunch with my uncle: that conversation put me into the possession of some books for the very things which I was lacking—things that Daddy (Yahveh) knew that I so desperately needed.

So you may be wondering where the 18 comes into play, and why. Yesterday was 18 days until I leave Ohio to come back to Texas, but what is so significant about 18? In Lashon Ha’Kodesh (The Holy Tongue, i.e. Ivrit / Hebrew) the number 18 is made up of two Hebrew consonants: Chet (ח) and Yud (י). Yud has the numerical value of 10, while Chet has the numerical value of 8; together they spell the Word Chai (חי) which is the Hebrew word for “life”; the plural is Chayim (חיים). When Jews give gifts of money they do so in increments of 18, that view it that they are giving “life” (חי) to someone. Yesterday, my 18th day until I leave, I came into possession of more books without prior knowledge that it was happening. These books deal with things that my wife and I have discussed, that I felt Daddy (Yahveh) laying on my heart to do; never once did these subjects come up last night.

I see this as Avi (My Father) giving me confirmation in both of these situations: on the 25th (7) I found my completion and perfection in His Son; and 18 days out from going home—He blesses me with life that will help nurture not only me but my family as well.

Baruch HaShem Adonai!!!!


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