365 Days of Testimony: Day 34

I got to enjoy some time with my youngest daughter Chloe tonight. Her school was hosting a mother’s day tea night. I got dressed and headed to get her from my parent’s house, as I pulled up the drive way she sat with her pretty little white dress on and bow in her hair. She had a new pink bag (purse) she had around her neck that fell to her side. She jumped up off the porch swing when she saw me coming.

She quickly ran to the car, excited for our night to begin. 🙂 Such excitement…. I waited for her to run her sister something real quick as she ran back outside she eagerly asked if she could sit in the front seat…

I told her yes. She got in the car and sat there all excited for the mother’s day tea. When we arrived she hurried inside to see who else had arrived as well. She was all excited and wanted to run and play with her friends.

One of which arrived on a go-cart… This little girl had her uncle bring her to the mother’s day tea. When they were inside I asked him where her mother was and he said she was home cooking dinner for everyone. When soon the girls began to joke by calling him mother (not sure his name). Then they ran off playing. I told him that it might seem embarrassing to him but that little girl would remember that always. That he cared enough to take time and bring her to the mother’s day tea.

As I type this now even I think of the excitement my little girl had waiting for me to get there to take her to this simple tea party. Not much about it but I went. When they lined up for a picture I personally didn’t want to take the photo. But I know that Memories are just for a moment and a photo last a while. I pray it turns out good. She on the other hand didn’t care how it turned out. She just wanted me to take a photo with her.

Children see there parents in ways that we can not imagine as an adult. They have not had the world corrupt their minds as in how to view those who care for them. They love their parents unconditionally. They know that their parents love them and care to provide what is best for them.

I am grateful for a child that sees me the way God intended me to be. As she gets older she might not look at me the same as she becomes more aware of the worldly mind sets and opinions on how life should be. I pray that she will seek after God and what His purpose for her is in life.

We as children of God need to be excited to spend time with Him more and more. We need to know that He cares for us and provides for us. I am thankful that God is not weak and self-centered like we are parents these days can be. I know that at times I need to spend more time with my children and with God. Less time with FB, my phone, my computer, and the TV.

When I quit filling my mind up with things of this world and instead fill it with the Word of God; then that excitement that my daughter had for spending a little bit of time with me will return to me as well.

Don’t lose sight of the mighty impact of spending time with each other has. I am not talking about watching a movie, a phone call, or even going out to eat… I am talking about seriously making an effort to pay attention to those things (children, parents, God, friends, co-workers, and other humans) that really matter. All other things will perish.



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