365 Days of Testimony: Day 31

I am grateful and thankful that I am blessed with Good Health. 🙂 I am super tired right now so I will make this short and sweet.

I have been working super hard at work and nothing seems to be getting accomplished. I have do plenty and am always busy. I get caught up in looking at things through my eyes and not the eyes of my Lord. I will do one thing and have 10 more come on me. That is okay because I can handle it. I do need to realize that running myself down is not the way to go about my life. The same work will be there whether I complete it in one day, week, or month. I have a job to do and even if it is slow at first it will get done. I am grateful for my job that has worn me out the last few months. Many changes and lots of unknowns. But I assure you that there is One Known that will never change… That is that Abba is on the Throne! Jesus Conquered the Battle for me.

All he asked me to do was run the race and finish it. I want to run the race well. I want to complete it, not start it and then lose direction but to win the race and finish it well.

He will give us rest. He is our everything. God thank you for your rest, and your divine health that you give through Jesus Christ Blood on the Cross. I am truly grateful that your timing is perfect in all your ways. Not my way but your way..

Don’t forget to rest. Don’t grow weary, in doing well. Don’t give up hope. Stand firm on the Word that you may have life and life more abundantly.



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