365 Days of Testimony: Day 37

I know that it has been a few days since I have put anything. Thankfully the 365 day challenge doesn’t mean necessarily in a row.

I was going to write about this testimony yesterday but I thankfully  I didn’t because now it means more to me anyway.

For the last month or two every time it rains I have been doing something different at work. I work at a Juvenile Facility and after we get through the gate house as I call it most of us have to walk a ways to get to our dorms we work on. This walk for me is 12 to 15 minutes one way. This walk is also not covered in any way like the other side of the facility is. I am also not able to carry my umbrella in due to the end of it having a metal tip. So if it is storming, pretty much you get soaked before reaching your dorm.

About a month ago or so I thought about it and decided that I would start speaking to the Storm and telling it, “Be the Power of Jesus Christ Name, you will not rain on me and I will not get wet.” To those co-workers around me they probably think that I am nuts… That is okay. I know that there is mighty power in the Name of Jesus. I also know that if Jesus spoke to the storm…..So can I.

Since I began to speak this to the storms that have come over my work place, not once has it actually rained on me when I am outside walking.

Today is a perfect example of this. The only chance of rain in the forecast today was at 5pm. This rain would come when I got off. Unless it hit earlier. Around 4:15pm I was doing some routine things on my dorm and that requires me to go on 4 different wings of the dorm. Our dorm is in an X shape so I have to go on all four wings. I started out on the 1st one, by the time I was on the second one I began to hear loud thunder. When I reached the hallway after the second wing, I saw my Supervisor and 2 of my case workers standing in the hall talking. I was singing, “When the Thunder Rolls” under my breath as I walk the the 3rd wing. One of the case managers asked me what I was saying and I told her that I was just singing an old country song by Garth Brooks. I told her that storm is coming. Then I went onto my 3rd wing. As I got to the end of my wing to head out to the 4th wing I noticed that my Supervisor was in a bit of a hurry to his office. I asked him if he was in a hurry. He just smiled. I went on to my 4th wing and when I looked up saw my Supervisor rushing out the door. When I completed wing 4 and got back in the hallway I noticed that the place was very dark, and quiet….. I looked around and both the Case Managers and the Supervisor’s office lights were out and the doors were shut.. They had all left in a big hurry. Deserted the safety of the dorm and had ran out to try to out run the storm. This was now 30 minutes before I could leave to go home. I could have left early but instead I had already spoke to the storm. When I was on the 3rd wing and heard the thunder… I was speaking to the storm…. “Thunder, Lighting, and Rain come on down…. but when I leave you must rain…. by the Power of Jesus Christ Name”

As I sat in my office finishing some last minute changes that came through 15 minutes until time to clock out, I kept thinking they all left early trying to beat the storm before it poured. I was shutting down my computer for the night and getting my stuff ready to go when I heard the calmness and the rain stop. I finished my last few minutes of handing the lady in the picket the updated info and told her have a good evening.

As I walked out the door, the rain had stopped completely. I instantly thanked God, then had a huge grin on my face… Why one might ask….. Because I have grown to understand the power of speaking to the storms at my work. I know that my co-workers left before the end of the day trying to get ahead of the storm, and they got wet.

When I got to my car the sun was shining very bright and the sky was blue. As I sat in my car I began to think of how we as Christians are. Most the time when we are entering a storm or know that a storm is coming… we pick up what we can and try to out run the storm. We can not out run the storms of life. We will get wet no matter how much we try to out run the storms. Perfect example was how my co-workers who got in a hurry before the time was right (time to leave) to go home, and ended up being caught by the storm anyway. When we get in a hurry and try to do things on our own timing we mess up. We get at times poured on…

If we would instead learn not to try to out run the storm, and time the storm with our own idea of when it will hit. If we are patient and wait for the proper timing and then move. If we would just learn instead of fearing and running away to get out of the storm…. If we would just learn to speak to our storms and to trust that what we speak will happen. I had things I needed to do. I had to wait for the proper time to leave my work. I had spoken to the storms many times before this and had not been rained on as well. I had to trust that God would do what He had down in the past and by giving me back my authority to speak to the storm through Jesus Christ, I was able to confidently walk out of my job without being rained on or getting wet.

Stop Running From The Storms of Your Life….

Speak To the Storm and See it Obey!!!




365 Days of Testimony: Day 36

As the weekend came to an end I needed to get things done around the house. The usual of washing clothes, dishes, and taking the trash out as always. My oldest daughter was cleaning up the living room. My desk was a mess and needed to be cleaned up. I had stuff just piled on it. I told her that I did not want to clean it up today that I would do it later. As I was in the kitchen cleaning the dishes up, she started putting stuff on the kitchen table… She was moving everything off the desk to the table… I for one did not want to start that project of cleaning up the desk and all that was in it.

I did sit down at the table and I began to go through the stuff. Soon I had it organized and straighten. Trash had been thrown away and the desk is now clean and easy to find what is needed. I also was blessed with finding $6 cash in my purse that had been sitting on the floor by my desk for at least 2 to 3 months.

As I sat there going through the stuff that was piled on the table I began to thing about our christian walk with God. We do the necessary chores to get by in life. We go to church, we pray, we even at times pray for others. We make like look like we are doing the right thing. I know that I am not perfect, but on the outside to others they don’t always see the messiness inside.

I had clean clothes, dishes, and the trash was taken out… At least the trash that was in the trash can. Never mind the trash piled on, in, and around my desk. Now just to be frank it was not horribly messy but it was not clean either.

You see we as Christians like to go through our lives just tiding up little here and a little there. But there are things that we need to not leave for another day. We need to address it in the now. We need to get things cleaned up and organized. Don’t leave it for another day that which can be addressed today.

My daughter did something that made me have to sit down and go through my mess I was letting pile up.

In life we get comfortable with leaving stuff alone to pile up. But after time it starts to affect others around us. They start to notice. Some will just add to your pile of mess and allow it to continue to be messy. Others will move things and make it uncomfortable to continue to live with the mess.

Don’t wait to clean your mess up. Don’t allow it to sit and build up. Don’t make excuses to do it later or next weekend… Just do it. Keep it clean and tidy.

Keep your mess out of your house. For there is no reason or room for it. Don’t allow the mess of this world to pile up in your house again. Keep it clean and in order.


365 Days of Testimony: Day 35

I am grateful for a beautiful day we had been blessed with today. I got up early this morning and took my youngest daughter to a bake sale the kids were having at the Bridge. My daughter worked hard all morning helping at the bake sale. Soon my older daughter join us and worked really hard at the bridge selling items. She helped in every way possible.

I am super proud of my girls and their servants hearts. I know that they have been blessed with such a gift. A servants heart is what we all should be having. I love how I get to see both my children in this gift.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for them in the near future.

365 Days of Testimony: Day 34

I got to enjoy some time with my youngest daughter Chloe tonight. Her school was hosting a mother’s day tea night. I got dressed and headed to get her from my parent’s house, as I pulled up the drive way she sat with her pretty little white dress on and bow in her hair. She had a new pink bag (purse) she had around her neck that fell to her side. She jumped up off the porch swing when she saw me coming.

She quickly ran to the car, excited for our night to begin. 🙂 Such excitement…. I waited for her to run her sister something real quick as she ran back outside she eagerly asked if she could sit in the front seat…

I told her yes. She got in the car and sat there all excited for the mother’s day tea. When we arrived she hurried inside to see who else had arrived as well. She was all excited and wanted to run and play with her friends.

One of which arrived on a go-cart… This little girl had her uncle bring her to the mother’s day tea. When they were inside I asked him where her mother was and he said she was home cooking dinner for everyone. When soon the girls began to joke by calling him mother (not sure his name). Then they ran off playing. I told him that it might seem embarrassing to him but that little girl would remember that always. That he cared enough to take time and bring her to the mother’s day tea.

As I type this now even I think of the excitement my little girl had waiting for me to get there to take her to this simple tea party. Not much about it but I went. When they lined up for a picture I personally didn’t want to take the photo. But I know that Memories are just for a moment and a photo last a while. I pray it turns out good. She on the other hand didn’t care how it turned out. She just wanted me to take a photo with her.

Children see there parents in ways that we can not imagine as an adult. They have not had the world corrupt their minds as in how to view those who care for them. They love their parents unconditionally. They know that their parents love them and care to provide what is best for them.

I am grateful for a child that sees me the way God intended me to be. As she gets older she might not look at me the same as she becomes more aware of the worldly mind sets and opinions on how life should be. I pray that she will seek after God and what His purpose for her is in life.

We as children of God need to be excited to spend time with Him more and more. We need to know that He cares for us and provides for us. I am thankful that God is not weak and self-centered like we are parents these days can be. I know that at times I need to spend more time with my children and with God. Less time with FB, my phone, my computer, and the TV.

When I quit filling my mind up with things of this world and instead fill it with the Word of God; then that excitement that my daughter had for spending a little bit of time with me will return to me as well.

Don’t lose sight of the mighty impact of spending time with each other has. I am not talking about watching a movie, a phone call, or even going out to eat… I am talking about seriously making an effort to pay attention to those things (children, parents, God, friends, co-workers, and other humans) that really matter. All other things will perish.


365 Days of Testimony: Day 33

I just want to say how I am grateful for the parents God has blessed me with. They have helped my with my girls over the years so much.

Tonight my daughter was stung or bitten by an unknown bug or spider. Why my dad didn’t ha
ve too come over to the house to check on my daughter and help figure out what to do, he did.

They get my kids when I am at work and care for them when I am gone.

There is so much more that I have to be grateful for but they are just 2 amazing parents and grandparents.

365 Days of Testimony: Day 32

As I walk daily in my life and begin to look around at others and their lives as well. I see how God has intertwined our paths along the way. I see people light up with smiles on their faces when I walk their way. I always tell people Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening! I leave a smile for everyone to behold as I walk past them. I speak positive when they have negative to say. I try to let God’s light shine through me where ever I go.

I have been able to do this with ease without any problems, except…. one person , just one has me really trying to see why it is so hard for me to look past the negative and try to find the positive in this situation. I really truly feel like I have not sinned but really have had issues with being the light to one person I work with.

I was just recently moved at my job to take over another person’s position due to them moving to another position as well. I am now responsible for running the clerk duties on my new home with ease and getting ready for audits in less than 7 weeks.

Once I got back from my 5 days I took to spend with my husband out of state and returned to work. I was greeted with smiles, hugs, and we missed you… glad you are back.

I went to my new assigned place and wanted to start getting to work. For I knew the task ahead would be great. I had a delay. After my training I attended, about professional communication, that morning I needed to be able to get in my office and start working right away.

This is where my problem started with this person… Before I left Texas on April 18, 2017 we had a clerk meeting and it was asked if she would have all of her stuff done by April 25th, for when I returned that office would no longer be her office but my office. I waited patiently for her to leave and she would not. She busied herself with things that did not matter. Things that was just to stall. I decided that I would go to lunch with hopes of an empty office when I returned. Nope…. She was gone but I was unable to get on the computer because you guessed it, she locked it with her being still on the computer. I waited 30 minutes…..45 minutes…..1 hour…. I told the supervisor that she was still gone. (She told him she had to pick up a warehouse order, that would have taken like no more than 20 minutes max) So he came and restarted the computer and I was finally able to get on my computer for the first time that day but it was already 3:00 pm. I was able to get just one email actually read…. She had returned…. She kept going on and on about inventory which is something that clerks do not do on the home that is JCO’s job. I listened patiently and tried to be nice…. all the while wanting her to leave so I could get something done. By the end of that day I had accomplished nothing and felt like I had been there but not really there.

The next day…. I was able to get some things done…. but she was back…. going through what we call master files and moving up to 20 out of the cabinets. I just continued to work to get some of the everyday things we use in order. Around 4pm I noticed that she never returned to make sure the 20 master files were put away or sent off the home. I told the JCO VI that she needed to come move the files to where they were suppose to be. Well that did not happen. 15 minutes till time to go home, I am putting master files back in the cabinets behind locked files. I just wanted to go home by 5. The next day I was able to get things done.

I find myself, having the hardest time showing the Love of Christ to this person and I don’t know why. I am not rude to her… I am not mean… but I feel like I talk about her when I should not…. yes I am not perfect and yes I have a hard time dealing with this issue. …. I find that she has not done any of her clerk work over the last 4 months…. Which as all now fallen on my shoulders and made my burden very heavy… I have been on my new dorm for 5 days now. I work long hours and busy all day long. I have not even taken lunch the last 2 days. At the end of the day I personally feel like I have accomplished nothing…. I know that I am making progress but still… I feel like I have done nothing.

I am not sharing all this to complain… I know with the details in this blog it shows that my complaints are great with this one person.. and to be honest… they have been. I am not sure what I need to do… I made the statement several times that I was going to stop talking about it and ragging on her not doing anything in the clerk position…

I personally feel ashamed that I have behaved the way I have. I know that I am human, I make mistakes as well. I know that I am not being the christian person I profess to be when I do this. This is not the first time I have felt like I have not been handling the situation with this lady correctly.

In the bible Jesus was speaking to Peter when he asked Jesus about forgiveness….

21 Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother who sins against me? Up to seven times?” 22 Jesus answered, “I tell you, not just seven timesbut seventy-seven times!                        Matt 18:22

I feel that I am holding the extra work that was created for me against this person.. I feel like I am sinning with frustration and anger over the fact that she has not done what she said she was going to do. I need to forgive her and pray she will forgive me for holding this against her.

She probably will not understand me going to her and letting her know that I need forgiveness for feeling this way, but I feel like in order for me to stop with the negative connection, I have too. I don’t want the Love of Christ and the Light of His Goodness be snuffed out by this one issue. I want to be humble enough to say I am sorry and I am wrong for being and acting that way towards her. And, that I am sorry for sharing my feelings about what she has done with everyone I talk too because I am so frustrated and stressed over the situation that lies before me.

Once I ask for her forgiveness on it I pray that the Light of God and His Goodness will Shine through me once again without any hindrances.

Some of you might wonder how this blog fits in with testimonies…

You see, in order to be forgiven you must forgive. I for one am grateful that I know when something does not seem right within my walk with Christ. I am learning of course more and more everyday. I know that once I do my part… (asking forgiveness of this one lady, and then shutting my mouth about it from now on) God will handle the rest. I honestly don’t want to be the nagging and complaining clerk.. which I have been for the last week…

When I found out that I was being moved I knew this was going to happen.. I made the mistake and did not choose to walk in the Joy of the Lord, through it all. I have to get my Joy back…. (Jesus On You) and walk through this with a rejoicing heart… (I have a good job and I like my job) It may be hard or stressful right now but it will work out for the better. What satan tries to harm me with, God will turn it around for good. I will restore my walk and know that it is only by His grace that I am able to know that I have treated her wrong. Know what I have done is not the way to act and handle things that frustrate and anger you. Take it to God, keep quiet, and remember your Joy.

This is the day that the Lord has made, I will (choose) to rejoice and be glad in it!

This is a choice! Choose wisely, whom shall you serve?

365 Days of Testimony: Day 31

I am grateful and thankful that I am blessed with Good Health. 🙂 I am super tired right now so I will make this short and sweet.

I have been working super hard at work and nothing seems to be getting accomplished. I have do plenty and am always busy. I get caught up in looking at things through my eyes and not the eyes of my Lord. I will do one thing and have 10 more come on me. That is okay because I can handle it. I do need to realize that running myself down is not the way to go about my life. The same work will be there whether I complete it in one day, week, or month. I have a job to do and even if it is slow at first it will get done. I am grateful for my job that has worn me out the last few months. Many changes and lots of unknowns. But I assure you that there is One Known that will never change… That is that Abba is on the Throne! Jesus Conquered the Battle for me.

All he asked me to do was run the race and finish it. I want to run the race well. I want to complete it, not start it and then lose direction but to win the race and finish it well.

He will give us rest. He is our everything. God thank you for your rest, and your divine health that you give through Jesus Christ Blood on the Cross. I am truly grateful that your timing is perfect in all your ways. Not my way but your way..

Don’t forget to rest. Don’t grow weary, in doing well. Don’t give up hope. Stand firm on the Word that you may have life and life more abundantly.