365 Days of Testimony: Day 20

God revealed something as I sat waiting for my daughter to have her hair done.

Today is Fruitful Friday….

People will truly know us by the fruits we produce. Whether those fruits are good or bad.

What is fruit good for?? Most people will eat fruit… they consume what is produced from the tree.

As a Christian I have a new purpose in life. That is to produce good fruit for others to consume. (Eat) By my fruits they will know me…

The fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance (patience), kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Can others see this fruit in me?

There is good reason that the scriptures say, ” Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

We are able too get a taste of How Good God is by tasting the fruits or consuming the fruits produced by those who follow Him.

This is why it is so important to make sure those fruits are good.

What taste are we leaving in the mouths of others who watch our every move, our daily lives…

Do we leave a sweet taste that they can’t get enough of and come back for more?

Do we leave a salty taste that leaves them thirsty for more?

Do we leave them with a sour taste, where they don’t want to taste it except rarely. When they want that punch to kick start their mouths for a new taste.

Do we leave a weird taste where they have to get used to the difference before truly enjoying it.  Some come to like it others decide after a while they don’t want to keep tasting the weird taste in fear of never coming to truly enjoy it.

Do we leave a rotten taste where they walk away and never want to taste or try it again…

I personally want to be the fruit that is sweet and salty… where those around me long for more, thirsting for the water that never runs dry.

I want every fruit produced of the Holy Spirit evident in my life. The closer I get to God the more my bad fruit is pruned and good fruit is produced from the Tree of Life…. come taste and see for He is Good.


365 Days of Testimony: Day 19

I want to share how God has blessed my husband during his time he has been at his job. My husband got the job he is at in less than 24 hours of looking for a job. That in itself is a God thing. He worked there a little 2 months and became full time with the company. He is now being used to help train others to do what he is good at. I am very proud of my husband and how he has allowed God to bless him and guide him through every step of the way. His job does daily bonuses cash if they do good throughout the day. This week God has seen to it that everything he has touch was blessed and prosperous. God has put favor on my husband and has allowed him to do good at a job he really enjoys.

Watching God give my husband a job that he enjoys is a blessing to me. I am grateful God is showing us how to be His light and love to others we work with. My husband and I both have noticed over the last 2 to 3 months and increase in co-workers coming to us for prayer, and uplifting words. They have seen a difference in our walk where ever we carry His love. I pray that God will continue to shine through us and help us learn to walk with Him daily as we seek out those who are lost, hurting, lonely, and hungry, both physically and spiritually.

God is doing a new thing in us as a family and our ministry has just begun. I am ready to Shine bright to make a difference that I know only God can do.

365 Days of Testimony: Day 18

Today was a long day. While I was at work this morning I received a phone call from the nurse at school. My youngest child Chloe had fallen off a chair and hit her head. She now has a huge bump and bruise on her head. The blessing is she is okay. God watches over us in everything. When the nurse first called me I thought that she was hurt worse. The nurse just wanted to inform me that she had gotten hurt and that they were watching her. I am thankful they informed me.

I am thankful for my good health… I am thankful for my running vehicle….. I am thankful for my home to live in…..I am thankful for my job… I am grateful for my loving husband and beautiful girls….

Every minute that God blesses us with another second to live it is a blessing. We should be thankful for the small things He gives us.

365 Days of Testimony: Day 17

What a day this has been. Starting early this morning was storms throughout the night. The thunder keep me up most of the night. The blessing that came of that is, I was able to talk to my best friend who is across the world right now in Malawi, Africa serving God. I told her that God spoke and wanted me to be up so I could talk to her. 🙂 His voice is like the thunder.

When I got up and out the door, it was raining, not hard but steady. I dropped the girls off and headed to work. HWY 31 was good. When I turned on the road that leads to my work, it was more of a country road but not gravel. It was still paved. I began to notice that the ditches along this road were full. It was still raining at this time. The lighting was everywhere as well. The further down the road I went the more flooded it became. I thankfully was being good and did not have my phone at this time in my hand. I was watching the sides of the road closely. The water was dirty looking and easy to see. Suddenly I hit water. My Durango jerked to the left all the way in the other lane. I was able to get control of it and get out of the water that was across the road that I did not see. I thanked God instantly and then continued on with my hands at 10 and 2. I don’t think I have ever been so concerned about ending up in a ditch before. As I rounded the corner to work, the road is a curved road and it too was flooded big time. The water was rushing over the road. I paused at first before entering it. I could see this flooding on the road and it concerned me. I was at work basically but didn’t want to get into trouble by crossing the running water. To my knowledge that was the only way into work. I prayed then proceeded slowly to cross the river of running water at this time. God saw me through it.

By the time I has parked and was ready to get out of my vehicle that rain had stopped for the moment I needed to walk outside. 🙂

Once I was on my home I went about my day as usual. I like to tell everyone, “Good Morning” and greet them with a warm smile as much as possible.  This morning I was speaking to one of my JCO’s and telling her about my drive to work… Out of the blue she looked at me and asked me if I prayed… Since I was speaking about my drive to work, I said of course I did… I had misunderstood her. She was asking me if I am a praying person… So she asked me again… Will you pray for me? (In total shock to hear a co-worker come out and ask for prayer from me at this time.) I of course jumped right in and said sure, what do you need prayer for. She said direction.. So we bowed our heads and prayed for direction… It was not an elaborate prayer but I know that the Spirit was moving in that office, I could feel it.  I was thankful that God used me to be a light for this JCO.

Later today I was talking to some of the youth in the hallway. I won’t mention names due to privacy and I don’t want to violate my work policies. We have a lot of changes going on in our work and many workers and youth are being moved around to different homes. I was told yesterday that more than likely that I would be moved off my home. It saddened me but did not steal my joy or discouraged me. I just didn’t know who I would be under as in my supervisor due to my supervisor is to stay on the home we are on now. Anyway the some of the youth that are waiting to move as well were the ones in the hallway. I was talking to them about how we were unsure of when this move was going to take place but that it would been soon. I then was talking how I was going to be moved as well. Then they asked what about (my supervisor) was he going to be moving? I told them not that he was going to stay, unless a miracle of God happened. Then I said there is no miracle to big for God. So that ended our conversation on that.

I went into my office an proceed throughout my work day. I was getting ready to go to lunch when my supervisor came into my office to get some papers off the printer. He said that he had good news. I was like Uh Oh! What now! He said that he thought about it and had decided that he was going to move with me. I asked him if he was for real. He said yes.. then instantly my thoughts go to what I had told the youth in the hallway. Only a miracle would be able to move him. I went to find the youth I had spoke that too. When I found them I asked them what would it take for my supervisor to move to the home I was going to? He said a miracle.. I told him he was right and that God gave me that miracle. I was so happy inside… For I know God has me in this situation at work. Everything will work out according to His purpose. God is Good.


365 Days of Testimony : Day 16

The forecast for today was storms and as the day went on more sever storms throughout the evening into tomorrow. I am grateful those storms held off while I was at work. I have to walk in the rain if it is raining due to no covering. I have learned to speak to the storms when they come our way when I am at work. People might say I am crazy.. I say let them talk… I have spoken over the storms for the last few weeks. Telling them they shall not come until I am either in a building or already off.

This has come true for the last several weeks, even when it has rained hard at work. When it was time for me to step out side the rain always seemed to be at a stand still.

We have to speak to our storms in our lives. We have the authority to speak blessings or curses over our situations. We can speak life or death by the power of our tongue.

I get to choose every day what I am going to do. I choose to stand and believe that what God says I can do is true.

I am going through a storm at my job right now. I can speak how it is going to cause so much drama, hurt, turmoil, and other negatives things.


I can speak that new opportunities are being brought before me. God is making a way. I can speak a peace and calmness into my situation at work. The waters can’t rage on forever and if I speak to the storm it must be still. I am going to encourage, appreciate, and uplift those when need it in my stormy weather ahead. We will all come through it better or bitter….. I choose better and blessed.

365 Days of Testimony: Day 15

I want to share with you a blessing God gave me 15 years ago that just keeps giving more.  You see this blessing was my 15 year old daughter. God gave me her to change my life for the better. Stormy has a servant’s heart, always willing to help others. She has been  my pride and joy. She has grown into a beautiful young lady that soon will be leaving us before we realize. It has been a joy to watch her grow over the years. I remember when she was little I would tell her that I love her all the time. I told her that I loved her so much that I figured it would be her first words. Over the years that love for her has grown. I am very proud of her she has good grades and is very caring. She longs to help others in need. I love you Stormy.

I thank God for my daughter He entrusted me to raise. Everyday I am learning something new. I pray that I train her up right in the way she should go.

I think that God that His love for us grows as well. He is pleased with us as we grow in Him.

365 Days of Testimony: Day 14

I had a dream last night that I want to share some of it with you.

I was traveling with a friend and we were going down this road. When all of the sudden the road ended in a huge lake or river of water. I thought that we were going to drown. We survived but ended up on the other side where we had to learn to survive.

Fast forward through the dream to the end… we were going to be rescued off this island so to speak. But over the years of living on this island we had collected things. Books and other stuff. If any one knows me I love books, I love to buy and collect them. One day I will have a huge library of them.

As this bus came to pick us up to take us to the boat we were to leave in I am trying to collect all my things to be moved.

The people that were in the house were leaving 2 at a time. Till my friend and I were the last two to leave. I still was frantically trying to pack my stuff. My books, everything that i could. The bus arrived to pick us up and the driver got out. I grabbed the first load of things and headed to the bus. I placed a small fold up table and box in the back, while my friend placed a few things as well. I noticed shortly afterward my friend had already boarded the bus. I was still trying to get my stuff packed quicker now. The bus drive came in the house grabbed a few more things and said lets go. I was telling her that I wasn’t ready that I had to get the rest of my stuff. She said no time…. I tried to argue with her…. She loaded in the bus as well. Leaned over and yelled lets go there is no time. As I stood there looking at my stuff and back to the bus… I slowly began to walk towards the bus….

I heard these words,” it is just stuff”

I then woke up. This clearly stayed in my mind as I now laid awake in my bed this morning. God calls us to do something. He wants us to hurry up and obey the directions He has given us. He doesn’t want us to get so attached to just stuff that we struggle to let it go.

In my dream I was struggling very much with the fact that I was going to leave behind my collected things, especially my books.

I realize now that these things are just things and that we can’t take them with us in the end. It is us that God is coming back for not our stuff. He will provide our every need and not let us go without. It is the collection of worldly things that we should not get so attached to that we struggle to move quickly when we are told to.

Lord please help me to be able to put down any worldly thing that you are telling me to leave behind. Please help me not to want to hold onto the things of this world but to seek your Plan and to Trust You will provide the things that I need if I just move when you say move.

God is Good All the Time! He will direct our steps and Jesus will come back for us. We just have to be ready.

365 Days of Testimony : Day 13

This will be a short testimony but all just as important to let people understand just how Good my Daddy is to me…

I get to work a little early and I am sitting there thinking that it is Frito Pie day for $1. I know that I really do not want to spend a lot on food since I do that to much. Most of the time I do not carry any cash. I was thinking to myself that I probably did not have enough change to get a frito pie.

As I take my wallet and turn it over 3 quarters fall out with a dime. That was 85 cents, I shake my coin wallet and hear that their is more change. I have to remove my credit cards in order to get the change to come out. When I shook it one more time another dime and nickel fell out.

Exactly $1, the amount that I would need to buy the frito pie. God is good because for me to have exactly $1 in my coin wallet is a God thing. I am blessed because He see to meeting my needs not matter how small or how big.

Daddy provides even when we don’t think it is something He will consider even doing.

365 Days of Testimony: Day 12

Good Evening,

Today has been a blessed day for sure. I was able to shine some light in some really needed places today.

Last night our visiting Pastor spoke on being a true disciple of Christ. I want to be that person. I want to live 100 % for Christ, not part time but full time. I have a mission and that mission is to love others as Christ loves them.

Today I had several opportunities to see how this kind of love can effect those around us. I work as a clerk at my job. We hold the team together even if we think that we are not seen most of the time. Clerks and Asst Admins are very important in my job.

As I start my day everyday I always say Good Morning with a smile on my face. You never know what kind of day someone is having and bringing a little cheer to those around you never hurt anyone. 🙂 Smiles are contagious and they brighten people’s day.

I always say please and thank you, even for the smallest request. Another thing I do is use my manners of Yes Sir, No Sir, Yes Ma’am, No Ma’am…. Am I required to do this? NO It is just a common curiosity that I do in order to show respect for those I work with.

About 2 weeks ago all the clerks and asst admins had our monthly meeting. One of the main focuses was how we need to build each other up and not tear each other down. How we needed to work as a team and pull together and tear apart. I personally have decided that I want to make it my mission to do just that.

After that meeting I had a very important email to send to one of the clerks that was dealing with some very hard personal issues. I sent an email thanking her for her hard work and made sure that she knew that I appreciated everything that she does and has done for me and others. I also informed her that she was in my prayers and I spoke a prayer over her situation and told her that I would be there if she needed anything.

This morning, as I get to my home that I work with I had a certain clerk that was heavy on my heart. I just spoke to this clerk shortly before arriving on my home. She was just very stressed and concerned about things and not feeling 100% physically. Out of respect for those around me and not wanting to offend any one I chose to sit and write her an email when I reached my home.

In this email, I started it out with an apology, for I had pointed out that something seemed wrong with her and that I was concerned and wanted to make sure she was okay. When others noticed she felt like she might have looked really bad today. So I explained my reasoning for questioning if she was okay. I then wrote my prayer for her in the email, yes I said that I wrote my prayer for her in the email… You see prayer that are read can be just as powerful then those prayer that are done right at that moment. I held my tongue earlier for a reason that was not to push others away. I also informed her that no matter what happens that God has her, and He knows the plans He has for her as well. Then I decided to tell her how awesome she was and that she did an amazing job at keeping her department together. I knew that she would be busy all day with interviews but I sent the email anyway. Just to encourage her and hopefully make her day brighter.

As the day goes on I start to head to lunch… as I am walking I see one of our JCO Vs coming my way. I love this woman and she is really the sweetest lady. Last week she went through a really hard time with her family and my heart goes out to her. I decided as we were walking towards each other that I was just going to tell her: that she was Amazing at what she does for our home and that she runs the home well and keeps it going! That she too was Awesome and that I appreciated all that she does for our home. She then gave me a huge hug and thanked me and said that she was grateful for all that I do as well. Then she said that she loves it when I am at work. I did not expect this response and was not doing what this to get any response except to up lift and encourage her.

I then head to the front where I have to drop the mail from my home off at the mail room before I headed to lunch. Now let me tell you, there is the sweetest clerk that works in the mail room. She will brighten anyone’s day and everyone loves her. As I stood at the door knocking lightly to wait for her to open it.. I started to fill with excitement. This was her turn… As she let me in I closed the door behind me. I sat in the empty chair and told her that I had something I needed to tell her. I just sat there with a Big smile on my face. She said okay what is it? Oh so patiently not knowing what to expect due to being out sound board when we all need a listening ear. I grinned really big and just started with I wanted to tell you that I appreciate you so much… I just want to know that your smile brightens my day and that when you are here you start my mornings off right. When I need help or don’t know where something is or a number all I have to do is ask you and you know it instantly. You are a blessing to me… She then started to tell me how much she appreciated us (clerks) and I told her that we just loved her and really care for her. I noticed she then picked up a napkin and then told me okay stop your going to make me cry… She then asked if she could have a hug… I said of course, I am all about hugs….. As I hugged her I told her that we loved her.. I then left for lunch.

When I got back from lunch I made my mind up that this is what it is all about. Not just for the clerks but for all those that I work with. I am to encourage those I work with, to lift them up, and to love them for who they were created to be. Not what others see but what God sees in them.

I will continue to find people to encourage and uplift in my work place daily for my purpose even if it is just one person I touch in some way, is to make a difference in the lives around me.

These testimony is about what God is beginning to do through me as I become that willing vessel to be used in a lost, hurt, and dying world.

On a side note: My husband and daughter (the 9 year old) are on the phone tonight and they are wrapping up their conversation..

Chloe: I love you

Dan: I love you too

Chloe: I love you the most

Dan: I love you more

Chloe: I love you more than anything in the whole world, except for God

Dan: good, that’s the way it should be and nothing else. 🙂

We must be doing something right! It is a huge blessing to know that your child knows you can love others but nothing will come before God. She amazes me at times and I am very proud of my husband and 2 beautiful daughters. I am grateful that God saw fit to bless me with them as my own to raise and have for this short time here on Earth.

Be Blessed tonight and know that you can make a difference….

                      Always Smile, Dance in the Rain,                             Shine as bright as a Rainbow, but know You                                     are the Treasure that He Seeks!

365 Days of Testimony: Day 11

Some times we as Christians live our lives out hoping that God’s light is shining through us just enough to make a difference even in just one life. Again there is a lot of things going on in my job that have people stressing out and being very negative of their job situations.

What some of our co-workers don’t realize is everyone out there has their own personal battles that they are dealing with. From Cancer, to deaths in their families, to divorce, depression, and stressed beyond healthy. With job stress on top it can become a very negative environment….

I try to make it a point to be the light of God they see. I had the opportunity to this week to speak with multiple co-workers. As I listen but then offer encouragement, hope, and a positive out look on the situation of our jobs, I had one of these co-workers inform me that I didn’t know how much I was doing for them…

I also noticed that those I work with tell me information about personal life issues every day that gives me the opportunity to pray for them or a family member along with other request they may bring before. I know that I have a purpose for the job I have been placed in.

My church has a motto: I reach up to God, so that He will reach down to me, so that I may reach out to others.

My mission field is my family, friends, and co-workers. Even if my mission is to just love others as Christ loved them, unconditionally…

I am grateful that God is still working on me and through me to reach those who cross my path. We are to just Stand and know that He is God! No matter what happens He is my provider and He knows that plans that He has for me. I am grateful and will serve Him all the days of my life.

On a side note… awesome blessing/testimony, My husband had cut his gums open a few weeks ago and the cut had gotten infected. He was able to go to the doctor and get seen and some medicine to help heal that infection. The dentist called him today and informed him that the dental work he needs done has been approved and that he needed to call and schedule an appointment to get the first part of the dental work started. This dental work will be at no cost to us. This is a huge blessing. This dental work is long over due and will make a huge difference in my husband. I am beyond excited and grateful that the Lord has given Dan favor with the right people in order for this work to be done and completed.

God is So Good All the Time!! He is a Good Good Father!! His Promises Are More Than I Can Even Imagine! I have to Believe and Receive His Word and Truth and Nothing Less!

This is what it is all about. The Testimonies of My Good Good Father’s works in our lives. Building our Faith in His Truth and Promises Daily…………

God Bless and Good Night