365 Days of Testimony: Day 27

I am back in Texas! There is no place like home… I love my state.

As I transitioned from the long weekend off I had to the first day back to work I think how blessed I am to come back to a job.

I was able to take off work to enjoy 5 days off. All of which will be paid. I left and am able to come back and have my position that I had when I left. I was moved from the office that I worked in but everyone at my job has been moved. I had to wait most the day for my new office to become available for me to even be able to get into it. I will starting tomorrow began the process of cleaning out the old stuff and moving my stuff in.

I like to be able to start fresh and organized. I have to move out the old stuff, sweep the place clean and then move in the new.

We have to replace the old with the new or it can become worse than it was in the first place. If I were to clean it out but then move the old back in and then some it becomes crowed and more of a mess to deal with.

Replacing the old with the new is a good thing. Old things have passed away and He is making everything new. When a demon is cast out from it dwelling place we are to replace it with the Holy Spirit, but if we do not and it returns finding it empty then it will go and get 7 more demons to share the new with.

I want to make sure that my old is done with and that the new is here to stay.

It will not be an over night instant change but over time it will get organized, swept clean and put back in working order.

God is good and He wants us to have new. To have new bread daily, new grace every morning and evening, and to renew our minds even daily.

Use this work example of cleaning out and starting a new, of how our lives are supposed to be once God gets a hold of us.



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