I am going to just say that God blesses us with rain. I love the rain it does many things for someone. Rain washes away dirt and cleanses things. It also waters things when they are thirsty. It replenishes the ground full of vegetation and other life growing living things.

The rain brings new smells and life in the spring. It refreshes the air. God gave us rain to bring anew. The rain is to do away with the old, bad and creates new, good. It gives a new start on things.

Many people do not like rain but I say let it rain, let it pour out from Heaven. I tell people to just dance in the rain… I mean it dance and praise Him for a new season is upon us. After the rain has come and gone God gives us a promise to never destroy the Earth again with a beautiful sign in the sky. We love to see this sign and it is bright and beautiful. It is the rainbow. Usually you can see them in at least sets of 2 if you look close enough.

Remember to dance in the rain, shine as bright as the rainbow, but just remember that the treasure God seeks at the end of the rainbow is you.