365 Days of Testimony: Day 23


You know that thing you do when you are expecting something from some one, or expecting something to change. When you have something that you have been waiting on to happen and the closer it gets the more excited you become. You start to have a feeling deep inside that at times is hard to conceal the excitement for. Some times it makes you want to almost burst with excitement.

With God it is that way. He has things we could not even imagine for us that is beyond what we could ever think. When we come to understand this then we can get excited for what is to come. For God’s promises are to bless us and be more than we could expect. When we have a birthday party, we expect they guest to each bring a gift for the birthday boy/girl. When it is time to sit down and open these presents the expectancy is that everyone brought a gift. We already know that these gifts are for the birthday person and only them. So the birthday person then is excited to see what was brought to them as gifts. The birthday person is expecting good things. With out that expectancy it would not be as exciting to even attend a birthday party. Everyone wants to see what the birthday person received from everyone.

God’s word is full of gifts, blessings, promises, and favor.. so much more as well..  When we start to view His word as something like gifts at a birthday party then we can get excited. We will start to look for these things as each day comes. (Testimonies) As guest arrive at a birthday party one of the first things a child will do is see if they have a gift in their hands. Then they will look to see if it is big, small, medium, long, short, round… The birthday child will begin to wonder what is to come in the near future. They look to see when they will obtain these gifts.

We as children of God should look at our daily lives this way.. Each morning waking up and getting excited for what is to come though the day. What Blessing does Daddy have for me today? What gift is there before me? What an awesome favor of God I have on my life? Do you see how good my Daddy was to me?

These are the testimonies that this challenge is all about. I am doing this also to share what God is doing for me in my life as well. By our Testimonies our Faith grows. What are the gifts Daddy is giving to you? Are you expecting them? Are you excited?


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