365 Days of Testimony: Day 17

What a day this has been. Starting early this morning was storms throughout the night. The thunder keep me up most of the night. The blessing that came of that is, I was able to talk to my best friend who is across the world right now in Malawi, Africa serving God. I told her that God spoke and wanted me to be up so I could talk to her. 🙂 His voice is like the thunder.

When I got up and out the door, it was raining, not hard but steady. I dropped the girls off and headed to work. HWY 31 was good. When I turned on the road that leads to my work, it was more of a country road but not gravel. It was still paved. I began to notice that the ditches along this road were full. It was still raining at this time. The lighting was everywhere as well. The further down the road I went the more flooded it became. I thankfully was being good and did not have my phone at this time in my hand. I was watching the sides of the road closely. The water was dirty looking and easy to see. Suddenly I hit water. My Durango jerked to the left all the way in the other lane. I was able to get control of it and get out of the water that was across the road that I did not see. I thanked God instantly and then continued on with my hands at 10 and 2. I don’t think I have ever been so concerned about ending up in a ditch before. As I rounded the corner to work, the road is a curved road and it too was flooded big time. The water was rushing over the road. I paused at first before entering it. I could see this flooding on the road and it concerned me. I was at work basically but didn’t want to get into trouble by crossing the running water. To my knowledge that was the only way into work. I prayed then proceeded slowly to cross the river of running water at this time. God saw me through it.

By the time I has parked and was ready to get out of my vehicle that rain had stopped for the moment I needed to walk outside. 🙂

Once I was on my home I went about my day as usual. I like to tell everyone, “Good Morning” and greet them with a warm smile as much as possible.  This morning I was speaking to one of my JCO’s and telling her about my drive to work… Out of the blue she looked at me and asked me if I prayed… Since I was speaking about my drive to work, I said of course I did… I had misunderstood her. She was asking me if I am a praying person… So she asked me again… Will you pray for me? (In total shock to hear a co-worker come out and ask for prayer from me at this time.) I of course jumped right in and said sure, what do you need prayer for. She said direction.. So we bowed our heads and prayed for direction… It was not an elaborate prayer but I know that the Spirit was moving in that office, I could feel it.  I was thankful that God used me to be a light for this JCO.

Later today I was talking to some of the youth in the hallway. I won’t mention names due to privacy and I don’t want to violate my work policies. We have a lot of changes going on in our work and many workers and youth are being moved around to different homes. I was told yesterday that more than likely that I would be moved off my home. It saddened me but did not steal my joy or discouraged me. I just didn’t know who I would be under as in my supervisor due to my supervisor is to stay on the home we are on now. Anyway the some of the youth that are waiting to move as well were the ones in the hallway. I was talking to them about how we were unsure of when this move was going to take place but that it would been soon. I then was talking how I was going to be moved as well. Then they asked what about (my supervisor) was he going to be moving? I told them not that he was going to stay, unless a miracle of God happened. Then I said there is no miracle to big for God. So that ended our conversation on that.

I went into my office an proceed throughout my work day. I was getting ready to go to lunch when my supervisor came into my office to get some papers off the printer. He said that he had good news. I was like Uh Oh! What now! He said that he thought about it and had decided that he was going to move with me. I asked him if he was for real. He said yes.. then instantly my thoughts go to what I had told the youth in the hallway. Only a miracle would be able to move him. I went to find the youth I had spoke that too. When I found them I asked them what would it take for my supervisor to move to the home I was going to? He said a miracle.. I told him he was right and that God gave me that miracle. I was so happy inside… For I know God has me in this situation at work. Everything will work out according to His purpose. God is Good.



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