The forecast for today was storms and as the day went on more sever storms throughout the evening into tomorrow. I am grateful those storms held off while I was at work. I have to walk in the rain if it is raining due to no covering. I have learned to speak to the storms when they come our way when I am at work. People might say I am crazy.. I say let them talk… I have spoken over the storms for the last few weeks. Telling them they shall not come until I am either in a building or already off.

This has come true for the last several weeks, even when it has rained hard at work. When it was time for me to step out side the rain always seemed to be at a stand still.

We have to speak to our storms in our lives. We have the authority to speak blessings or curses over our situations. We can speak life or death by the power of our tongue.

I get to choose every day what I am going to do. I choose to stand and believe that what God says I can do is true.

I am going through a storm at my job right now. I can speak how it is going to cause so much drama, hurt, turmoil, and other negatives things.


I can speak that new opportunities are being brought before me. God is making a way. I can speak a peace and calmness into my situation at work. The waters can’t rage on forever and if I speak to the storm it must be still. I am going to encourage, appreciate, and uplift those when need it in my stormy weather ahead. We will all come through it better or bitter….. I choose better and blessed.