365 Days of Testimony: Day 14

I had a dream last night that I want to share some of it with you.

I was traveling with a friend and we were going down this road. When all of the sudden the road ended in a huge lake or river of water. I thought that we were going to drown. We survived but ended up on the other side where we had to learn to survive.

Fast forward through the dream to the end… we were going to be rescued off this island so to speak. But over the years of living on this island we had collected things. Books and other stuff. If any one knows me I love books, I love to buy and collect them. One day I will have a huge library of them.

As this bus came to pick us up to take us to the boat we were to leave in I am trying to collect all my things to be moved.

The people that were in the house were leaving 2 at a time. Till my friend and I were the last two to leave. I still was frantically trying to pack my stuff. My books, everything that i could. The bus arrived to pick us up and the driver got out. I grabbed the first load of things and headed to the bus. I placed a small fold up table and box in the back, while my friend placed a few things as well. I noticed shortly afterward my friend had already boarded the bus. I was still trying to get my stuff packed quicker now. The bus drive came in the house grabbed a few more things and said lets go. I was telling her that I wasn’t ready that I had to get the rest of my stuff. She said no time…. I tried to argue with her…. She loaded in the bus as well. Leaned over and yelled lets go there is no time. As I stood there looking at my stuff and back to the bus… I slowly began to walk towards the bus….

I heard these words,” it is just stuff”

I then woke up. This clearly stayed in my mind as I now laid awake in my bed this morning. God calls us to do something. He wants us to hurry up and obey the directions He has given us. He doesn’t want us to get so attached to just stuff that we struggle to let it go.

In my dream I was struggling very much with the fact that I was going to leave behind my collected things, especially my books.

I realize now that these things are just things and that we can’t take them with us in the end. It is us that God is coming back for not our stuff. He will provide our every need and not let us go without. It is the collection of worldly things that we should not get so attached to that we struggle to move quickly when we are told to.

Lord please help me to be able to put down any worldly thing that you are telling me to leave behind. Please help me not to want to hold onto the things of this world but to seek your Plan and to Trust You will provide the things that I need if I just move when you say move.

God is Good All the Time! He will direct our steps and Jesus will come back for us. We just have to be ready.


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