365 Days of Testimony : Day 13

This will be a short testimony but all just as important to let people understand just how Good my Daddy is to me…

I get to work a little early and I am sitting there thinking that it is Frito Pie day for $1. I know that I really do not want to spend a lot on food since I do that to much. Most of the time I do not carry any cash. I was thinking to myself that I probably did not have enough change to get a frito pie.

As I take my wallet and turn it over 3 quarters fall out with a dime. That was 85 cents, I shake my coin wallet and hear that their is more change. I have to remove my credit cards in order to get the change to come out. When I shook it one more time another dime and nickel fell out.

Exactly $1, the amount that I would need to buy the frito pie. God is good because for me to have exactly $1 in my coin wallet is a God thing. I am blessed because He see to meeting my needs not matter how small or how big.

Daddy provides even when we don’t think it is something He will consider even doing.


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