365 Days of Testimony: Day 11

Some times we as Christians live our lives out hoping that God’s light is shining through us just enough to make a difference even in just one life. Again there is a lot of things going on in my job that have people stressing out and being very negative of their job situations.

What some of our co-workers don’t realize is everyone out there has their own personal battles that they are dealing with. From Cancer, to deaths in their families, to divorce, depression, and stressed beyond healthy. With job stress on top it can become a very negative environment….

I try to make it a point to be the light of God they see. I had the opportunity to this week to speak with multiple co-workers. As I listen but then offer encouragement, hope, and a positive out look on the situation of our jobs, I had one of these co-workers inform me that I didn’t know how much I was doing for them…

I also noticed that those I work with tell me information about personal life issues every day that gives me the opportunity to pray for them or a family member along with other request they may bring before. I know that I have a purpose for the job I have been placed in.

My church has a motto: I reach up to God, so that He will reach down to me, so that I may reach out to others.

My mission field is my family, friends, and co-workers. Even if my mission is to just love others as Christ loved them, unconditionally…

I am grateful that God is still working on me and through me to reach those who cross my path. We are to just Stand and know that He is God! No matter what happens He is my provider and He knows that plans that He has for me. I am grateful and will serve Him all the days of my life.

On a side note… awesome blessing/testimony, My husband had cut his gums open a few weeks ago and the cut had gotten infected. He was able to go to the doctor and get seen and some medicine to help heal that infection. The dentist called him today and informed him that the dental work he needs done has been approved and that he needed to call and schedule an appointment to get the first part of the dental work started. This dental work will be at no cost to us. This is a huge blessing. This dental work is long over due and will make a huge difference in my husband. I am beyond excited and grateful that the Lord has given Dan favor with the right people in order for this work to be done and completed.

God is So Good All the Time!! He is a Good Good Father!! His Promises Are More Than I Can Even Imagine! I have to Believe and Receive His Word and Truth and Nothing Less!

This is what it is all about. The Testimonies of My Good Good Father’s works in our lives. Building our Faith in His Truth and Promises Daily…………

God Bless and Good Night



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