365 Days of Testimony: Day 8

Today was Sunday! We got up dressed and left to head to my church at Refiner’s Fire in Ennis. It was just Chloe and me today. Stormy had to stay with my parents because she has rabbits to show tomorrow and they had to go set up after church today. Once I got to church it was time for donuts and good mornings. The praise team was practicing and getting ready for the service. I sat waiting on my friend to arrive. 😀 After checking in my daughter to her class the service started. During our powerful worship this morning the Holy Spirit spoke through several of our church members to the church. Afterwards we began to worship again. I watch my dearest friend kneel in prayer and worship. The minute she kneeled down the Holy Spirit began to down load a word for her in my spirit. I stood there waiting for her to finish and stand back up, all at the same time the Holy Spirit kept downloading things in my spirit to tell her. It was not just one area of her life but more than one that He wanted me to speak too. I have learned that when He gives me a word that I am to share that His presence is strong and heavy upon me more than the everyday presence. I delivered that word to her. Then I continued to praise Him.

Since last week the Lord has began to show me visions of things to come in my own life. This morning during one of the songs of worship I saw myself dancing with a long skirt before the Lord. I began to turn and jump in this worship before Him. I was not alone but there were many worshipers along side me. ( These worshipers were in Africa I believe) Julann has posted a video of the African people worshiping in the rain earlier this week, this worship is complete surrendered and open to the Father. No shame or holding back. I saw myself join in the worship of my Lord among these other worshipers and I got excited.

You see when I first met Julann and heard about her ministry to Africa I did not feel a connection to it at all. Which for me was odd because since I was 16 and returned from a mission trip that I was called to be a missionary I have always felt the tug to go every any missionary would speak. This time was different.. I did sow into her ministry and gave what I could at the time but I didn’t feel the tug to go. I have always felt that my calling was central to south America.

Over the years of working with Julann and her ministry and becoming more involved with it I find my heart breaking down my walls of limitations. I have come to realize that I can’t limit God. I can not tell God that I will go here but refuse to go there. If God is going to use me then I have to completely and whole heartedly sell out to His direction and leading and not interfere with His plans He has for me. As I have seen my own daughter grow an interest in going to Africa to serve those there, I have began to see that the Lord is preparing a training ground for me. I am not sure His complete plans but I know that more and more He is beginning to give me visions of the future and what is coming. I am excited and grateful that He is beginning to open doors to serve Him in more and more ways.

I have been given gifts of the Holy Spirit that I want to see manifest to the fullest along with the deepest desire of my heart. I want to be blessed so much that I can bless others without even giving it a second thought. Knowing that He provides everything.

God is Good and I am Excited to See What is Next to Come!!!


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