365 Days of Testimony: Day 30

I am so blessed to have some awesome kids. God blessed me with 2 of the most beautiful girls in the world both inside and out. They are caring, loving, helpful, confident, and love God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Today I was able to see just a glimpse of what God has allowed me to train up, results.

We had a very long day but a very good and blessed day.

Started out early this morning getting up and ready for Church. Out the door by 8 am. Got to church and Stormy sat beside me through the service. She took notes for one of our friends in her note book. After church we go eat with some really awesome friends from our old church catching up on all the things in between the last time I saw them.

Then we went and got shoes, I had a few other stops…. Stormy keep a good attitude the whole time and Chloe minded for the most part. No, she was good as well. When we got home Stormy jumped right in and started a load of laundry. Then she asked if I could turn our praise and worship music on Pandora. I did… Then they started working on cleaning their room. Soon after she cooked the cheesy bread that I had bought for dinner. She served it and then back to cleaning she went. Chloe helped with sweeping and cleaning the bathroom up. They both made me super proud tonight. Stormy then arranged all the shoes on a small book shelf to get them out of the floor. She finished the evening with taking the dog outside, along with trash. She then switched out another load of clothes and folded 1/2 a basket of clothes before bed.

She came home and did all this without being told to do it. She did an awesome job and I am super proud of her and Chloe for helping around the house. Even though it was the weekend and that is not the choice of activity for the weekend it was something we did together. We had small of spurts of laughter as we worked getting things done in our home.

It brought great joy to me knowing that they helped me without being asked and they were not fighting over it or crying that they were not able to do other things.

Abba, Father, thank you for trusting me with these two great and important vessels for your Kingdom. Help me to continue to train them in the way they should go.


365 Days of Testimony: Day 29

I was gone from Texas last week for 5 days. Then this week I had to work late and didn’t get home till late. My parents kept my kids another 3 days this week and I began to really miss them. So today I made it a point to spend some time with them.

I finally got over to my parents house and we decided to go watch a movie. The movie was good but I think the best thing is the part where Stormy and I make fun of each other because we both were trying not to cry. Looking over her direction to see her smile back because she knows just exactly what I was thinking.

On the way home I was driving the back roads and I knew a bump was coming in the road. As I began to go over the bump, I said, “Weeee!” To my surprise Stormy reacted by trying to hit me. Both Stormy and Chloe jumped…. We had a good laugh on the way home.

It is the little things like laughing together and knowing what the other one is thinking that is a blessing to me. I love my girls with all my heart and I am thankful God saw fit that I was good enough to raise them.

Enjoy the Small Stuff with the ones you love.

365 Days of Testimony: Day 28

As I was driving to work this morning I was thinking on a word for the Day…. As most use the word, “Wonderful” for Wednesday, I did not want to be the same as everyone else. I thought about it for a while and the word, “Warrior” came to my mind. I have thought about this on and off through out the day and have done a little search on it as well.

According to the Webster Dictionary the word Warrior means:

  1. a person engaged or experienced in warfare; broadly :  a person engaged in some struggle or conflict poverty warriors

365 Days of Testimony: Day 27

I am back in Texas! There is no place like home… I love my state.

As I transitioned from the long weekend off I had to the first day back to work I think how blessed I am to come back to a job.

I was able to take off work to enjoy 5 days off. All of which will be paid. I left and am able to come back and have my position that I had when I left. I was moved from the office that I worked in but everyone at my job has been moved. I had to wait most the day for my new office to become available for me to even be able to get into it. I will starting tomorrow began the process of cleaning out the old stuff and moving my stuff in.

I like to be able to start fresh and organized. I have to move out the old stuff, sweep the place clean and then move in the new.

We have to replace the old with the new or it can become worse than it was in the first place. If I were to clean it out but then move the old back in and then some it becomes crowed and more of a mess to deal with.

Replacing the old with the new is a good thing. Old things have passed away and He is making everything new. When a demon is cast out from it dwelling place we are to replace it with the Holy Spirit, but if we do not and it returns finding it empty then it will go and get 7 more demons to share the new with.

I want to make sure that my old is done with and that the new is here to stay.

It will not be an over night instant change but over time it will get organized, swept clean and put back in working order.

God is good and He wants us to have new. To have new bread daily, new grace every morning and evening, and to renew our minds even daily.

Use this work example of cleaning out and starting a new, of how our lives are supposed to be once God gets a hold of us.


365 Days of Testimony: Day 26

I have been blessed to have the weekend off to spend with my husband. The flight up here was smooth and that weather has held off where it was not an issues with my time with Daniel.

The time to be honest has flown by. Here it is Saturday afternoon and already I am just down to 1.5 days left to spend with my husband. I am grateful that He was able to get off work today. We spent time shopping and really enjoying just time together.

I am grateful for angels watch over us especially when my husband is driving in this state. They totally do not follow the law when it comes to red lights. It is right out scary. I found myself covering my eyes even when we came up on a light.

I am grateful for my home state and the safety laws. I am now truly grateful for God telling me not to leave my home church for now.

I am going to enjoy the next 1.5 days with my husband. Be Blessed.

365 Days of Testimony: Day 25

Yesterday I was early to my hair appointment. I had an hour and a half to wait on the hair place to open up. I was about to get out of my car and go to the coffee shop when my phone rang…

It was a dear friend of mine that I have not heard from in months. I had just saw her post on Face Book and she was having issues physically in her body. I just finished praying over her situation before she called me.

She informed me that she had been having issues with her back/neck and thought that she just needed an adjustment form the chiropractor. She made an appointment and then went but the next day her situation was worse. After 2 to 3 days of this the chiropractor decided that she needed an MRI. After the MRI she was told that her neck was in critical condition. He was going to refer her to a specialist.

So we were talking about it and how she is going to need to be seen soon. I told her that God has here and that she was going to be okay.

I again prayed for her and spoke over her situation.

About an hour and a half later she messaged me. She was able to get in to the specialist today at 1:30 pm. It normally takes a new patient 6 to 8 weeks to be scheduled with this specialist.

Then she called me later and told me that her husband has been trying to sell his motorcycle for months and has not been able to sell it. They even put it on someone’s lot to try to get it to sale. Still nothing. Well yesterday her husband was able to sell that motorcycle for $7000.00, a blessing in the time of need.

Today after her appointment the set her up to have an injection that should relieve the pain. If it is not better, they will then schedule her for surgery.

The testimony here in this situation is not that she is completely healed but that God the Father is at work in her life lining up her every need. God has her.

365 Days of Testimony: Day 24

I am going to just say that God blesses us with rain. I love the rain it does many things for someone. Rain washes away dirt and cleanses things. It also waters things when they are thirsty. It replenishes the ground full of vegetation and other life growing living things.

The rain brings new smells and life in the spring. It refreshes the air. God gave us rain to bring anew. The rain is to do away with the old, bad and creates new, good. It gives a new start on things.

Many people do not like rain but I say let it rain, let it pour out from Heaven. I tell people to just dance in the rain… I mean it dance and praise Him for a new season is upon us. After the rain has come and gone God gives us a promise to never destroy the Earth again with a beautiful sign in the sky. We love to see this sign and it is bright and beautiful. It is the rainbow. Usually you can see them in at least sets of 2 if you look close enough.

Remember to dance in the rain, shine as bright as the rainbow, but just remember that the treasure God seeks at the end of the rainbow is you.

365 Days of Testimony: Day 23


You know that thing you do when you are expecting something from some one, or expecting something to change. When you have something that you have been waiting on to happen and the closer it gets the more excited you become. You start to have a feeling deep inside that at times is hard to conceal the excitement for. Some times it makes you want to almost burst with excitement.

With God it is that way. He has things we could not even imagine for us that is beyond what we could ever think. When we come to understand this then we can get excited for what is to come. For God’s promises are to bless us and be more than we could expect. When we have a birthday party, we expect they guest to each bring a gift for the birthday boy/girl. When it is time to sit down and open these presents the expectancy is that everyone brought a gift. We already know that these gifts are for the birthday person and only them. So the birthday person then is excited to see what was brought to them as gifts. The birthday person is expecting good things. With out that expectancy it would not be as exciting to even attend a birthday party. Everyone wants to see what the birthday person received from everyone.

God’s word is full of gifts, blessings, promises, and favor.. so much more as well..  When we start to view His word as something like gifts at a birthday party then we can get excited. We will start to look for these things as each day comes. (Testimonies) As guest arrive at a birthday party one of the first things a child will do is see if they have a gift in their hands. Then they will look to see if it is big, small, medium, long, short, round… The birthday child will begin to wonder what is to come in the near future. They look to see when they will obtain these gifts.

We as children of God should look at our daily lives this way.. Each morning waking up and getting excited for what is to come though the day. What Blessing does Daddy have for me today? What gift is there before me? What an awesome favor of God I have on my life? Do you see how good my Daddy was to me?

These are the testimonies that this challenge is all about. I am doing this also to share what God is doing for me in my life as well. By our Testimonies our Faith grows. What are the gifts Daddy is giving to you? Are you expecting them? Are you excited?

365 Days of Testimony: Day 22

I have now made a new habit. This would be the 2nd new habit I have created in the last 60 days. I have been with out soda for over 40 days now. I have written my blog (challenge for 22 days in a row) so that is 2 new habits. I have only done one thing like for 21 days in a row in the past. I am grateful for God has given me the the desire to complete what I start. We are to finish the race that we start. We are to run it well.

I have other things I am working on as well but won’t share at this time. 🙂 God has blessed me with new dreams and desires that I have never had before. A few weeks ago we had a visiting Prophet come and speak at our church that we attend. After that service I went and spent time with my best friend Julann. I told her how the Holy Spirit was so strong on me and wouldn’t leave. That feeling lasted for hours. That day the Lord began to show me visions of the future ministry I would be involved in. I am excited to see where we are to go in the near future.

One of the things that was spoken was 2017, the limitations would be removed. I fully believe one of the limitations that we have in our family that has held us back has to do with my youngest daughter. We are trusting that the Lord will break the limitation on her by the end of the year. We are going to get full custody of Chloe. We believe this and we believe it will be complete by the end of the year.

This is where faith and trust comes in. I trust that the Lord is going to do what He said He would do. I now have a new excitement and enjoy doing things for ministry.

I also look at my job another way now. It is a place where those who work and live there alike need to be encouraged, appreciated, and uplifted in many ways. I choose to take the light that others see. I want to let God’s light and love for all of them shine bright. A simple smile and upbeat hello in the morning. Saying a simple I think you are doing an awesome job and that you appreciate what they do. Sending a simple email to encourage someone or prayer if asked.

I have seen differences and love doing what I do. God has me right where He wants me. Training grounds are awesome, it shows us how to do what He has called us to do. One step, day, week at a time.

365 Days of Testimony: Day 21

God gave us a beautiful day today after a week of rain and flooding. 

Don’t forget the reason we celebrate this weekend is because God loved us so much that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whosoever believes in He shall not perish but have Everlasting Life.

Spend time with family and friends and share why we celebrate Christ who arose on the 3rd day. He is coming back for those who believe in Him.

Happy Easter! He is Risen!