365 Days of Testimony : Day 4

This has been a long but blessed day for me. I got up this morning and went to work just like every other day. I began to not feel good to the point that I came home to get some rest and meds to try to kick this sickness that is trying to befall me. Along with telling the devil just where he could go with his sickness. I got up around 5 and started looking for chicken noodle soup… which I had none.

So I called my dad and asked him if there had any chicken noodle soup that I could have. He told me that they actually did for that is what my mom made for dinner tonight. So I told him, “Won’t you be a doll and bring me some?” Which my dad laughed but told me they would bring me some when they headed to church. I am truly grateful for my parents. They help me in ways that are not always noticed or appreciated enough. Tonight my girls are with them going to church and then the girls are to stay the night with them.

That will give me time to rest and try to get better with peace and quiet. I am grateful that God gave me some really awesome parents that care deeply for my girls and I. I am grateful that God was able to provide Chicken Noodle soup through my parents making some tonight for dinner. Who would of thought that the night I needed chicken noodle soup they would actually be having that meal for dinner.

This testimony might not seem like much but to me the blessing of God knows what we need even before we ask or need it is amazing. He loves us in even the smallest of details.

Have a Blessed Night. I am going to rest in the fact that my Abba cares for me and He knows my needs.


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