365 Day Testimony Challenge! Day 1

I am going to start a challenge that I am going to be encouraging others to join me in building our faith in God. How do you do that? Well, glad you asked. Our faith is built and encouraged by our testimonies. How will others know what God has done if we don’t share our testimonies. He has laid it on my heart that we need to share with each other our testimonies. I am going to Challenge everyone to a 365 day challenge of speaking and sharing His goodness and grace along with favor and blessings. I am going to post those who will allow me too use these testimonies on my Blog. If you want to just share it on FB just let me know. But I challenge you and myself for the next 365 days to post the Testimonies that the Lord is doing in your life. No matter how small or big it may seem. It will train us to see and look for His goodness daily.
March 26, 2017, Day 1:
Today I have seen God move in mighty ways. Church this morning was just wow. I was moved like never before. In continuous awe of His goodness and mercy in my life and what is happening this year in my families life. He spoke clearly to me during the service not to leave this house. After church I told Julann that there was a heaviness on me, but this heaviness was not a bad heaviness but that the Holy Spirit had not lifted. I told her that He was not done with me yet. Today marked the last day of my life in 33 years. Tomorrow is another year older. At the beginning of our (my husband’s and mine) 33rd year of life we both declared that we would die to self and live for Him completely. Today is my day. I knew that something was being changed inside of me from the moment He began speaking to me before the service. Then the word from the Prophet was spoken.. I received every word of it. The limitations that have been holding us back are breaking off. The financial issues are no more. The relationships that are in my life are totally restored and anew. My mind has been renewed and for the first time ever in my life God began showing me visions of my future for Him. I see where He is taking us, and I know that there is so much more He has created us to be. We were created to be the vessels for the Holy Spirit so He can do the impossible through us. I am excited for my future.
I am thankful that my girls made it home tonight just minutes before the hail hit. God is so so Good! This is my testimony for Day 1, more to come.
So I challenge each and everyone of you reading my post to start also sharing your testimonies with each other. Please share on my page as well I need and want to hear what the Lord has done and is doing…
I challenge you all to a 365 Day Testimony of what the Lord is doing in your life. No matter the size, big or small.. it all counts.
God Bless.

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