365 Days of Testimony: Day 6

It has been a very long day but a Blessed Day. I went in to work very early in order to finish my 40 hours. I left early Wednesday due to not feeling well. I am blessed that I am able to make up my time.

I had a blessing that one of my co-workers took me to lunch today. I am grateful that Daddy lets me have not only favor with Him, (I am Daddy’s Favorite 😀 ) but also having favor with the people I work with. I had done a things for my co-workers this week to help them get stuff filed and in order. I try to do what I can to help my team succeed in running the home we work on. I was in return rewarded for my hard work and help by being taken to lunch today.

I know that no matter what lies ahead God will be in-control. Earlier this week I was walking back to my dorm. I had walked all over campus that day and I was tired. I began to think about cutting across the grass to make my trip shorter. A short cut so to say. When I began to think that God doesn’t want us taking short cuts to get what He has already promised us. He wants us to trust Him and His timing. It is when we get off course and try to take another route that we end up harming ourselves in the long run.

Yes, I was tired… yes I had made this walk several times already that day…. just a few more steps and I would be able to sit down for who knows how long…. BUT …. if I were to take the short cut then it would be cutting me short of extra steps. Which these extra physical steps would help me with my physical body and goals I am trying to personally reach. If I took the short cut then it would not have benefited me in a physical way.

Sometimes we want to take the short cuts in life because we grow weary and we just want to sit down. But if we stand and know that He is God and faint not but continue the path. Then the Plans He has for us will manifest in His and the perfect timing for our lives. It will bless us more than we could imagine. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good! This is so true. I am excited to see where God is going to take me over the next 358 more days and how this will draw me closer to Him.

It is not always easy to see the blessings, favor, mercy, and grace our Abba extends us. But in searching for these things we began to see How Abba loves us not matter what. If we look deep enough and hard enough there is always something that we can be excited about that Abba has done for us. I share these testimonies with you in order to build our faith and trust in God more and more every day.

God Bless!


365 Days of Testimony: Day 5

Today was a long day at work but a blessing in disguise. I had to take off yesterday in order to rest due to not feeling well. I am able to make that time up working early and later. I am grateful I have a job and an awesome boss that understands that.

I am also grateful God has placed so many great friends in my life. When I need prayer they come in agreement with the need to be met.

Tonight is short but it is late. I am grateful God gave me 2 of the best parents in the world. They help me with my daughters and I enjoy still having family dinners where we all sit down and talk about our day… even if we fight over who gets to speak next.  It is the little things that make my day.

365 Days of Testimony : Day 4

This has been a long but blessed day for me. I got up this morning and went to work just like every other day. I began to not feel good to the point that I came home to get some rest and meds to try to kick this sickness that is trying to befall me. Along with telling the devil just where he could go with his sickness. I got up around 5 and started looking for chicken noodle soup… which I had none.

So I called my dad and asked him if there had any chicken noodle soup that I could have. He told me that they actually did for that is what my mom made for dinner tonight. So I told him, “Won’t you be a doll and bring me some?” Which my dad laughed but told me they would bring me some when they headed to church. I am truly grateful for my parents. They help me in ways that are not always noticed or appreciated enough. Tonight my girls are with them going to church and then the girls are to stay the night with them.

That will give me time to rest and try to get better with peace and quiet. I am grateful that God gave me some really awesome parents that care deeply for my girls and I. I am grateful that God was able to provide Chicken Noodle soup through my parents making some tonight for dinner. Who would of thought that the night I needed chicken noodle soup they would actually be having that meal for dinner.

This testimony might not seem like much but to me the blessing of God knows what we need even before we ask or need it is amazing. He loves us in even the smallest of details.

Have a Blessed Night. I am going to rest in the fact that my Abba cares for me and He knows my needs.

365 Days of Testimony : Day 3

So today was a beautiful day. Cloudy with a little sun, and of course we can’t forget the wind…

I want to lunch today and when I got back I was thinking… Lord let me get a close parking spot. As I drove in the parking lot there was not one open. I drove through the 4th row finally finding a spot. As I got out and started walking back towards the building. I just smiled… you see my God knows I have a goal to meet. I was further away from the door which made me walk more. I went into the building and was talking telling them I had to go to the warehouse. Now I not only am walking more but had a cart to push or pull to the warehouse as well. Daddy is making sure I am getting more exercise in. 🙂

I also went to work and was super busy today. In and out of my office… When I finally sit down at my desk I noticed my wedding rings were missing. Both of them. I never take my rings off. So I began to think what did I do with my rings??? I took them off only once and that was to color my daughter’s hair. I did put them back on in front of Stormy.

I remember when I was asleep my hand was by my face, but I thought that was a dream. I decided to call my dad and ask him if he could go to my house and see if I had placed them on my night stand. If he finds the rings to call me back and let me know.

I go out of my office to see if someone remembers or not me having my rings on this morning.  When I got back in my office I had a voice mail from my dad. He did find my rings but they were actually in the bed covers.

So I was totally thankful and relieved that they were found. Guess I removed them from my finger while I was asleep.
Thankful they were easily found and didn’t have to be replaced.

God is good even in the smallest of things. Some days might not seem so grand of a testimony but other will.

I know it was a blessing to find my rings and my coworker said she could tell them minute I walked in that they had been found….for my face had lit up

God rejoices when one of the lost are found. He become joyful and lights up when what was lost is found again.

What Was Lost, Has Been Found!!!

365 Day of Testimony Challenge: Day 2

Today was my birthday and God has blessed me with good health and a very loving family. I received multitudes of Birthday Blessing. I have friends that are awesome and today has been a good day. I have 2 of the most wonderful daughters who made my birthday to remember. Even got a quick foot massage from my youngest daughter Chloe.  Stormy wrote me a note with a picture that was placed in a frame that made me tear up even with a little laugh also. I am truly blessed beyond measure. My bestie took me to Lunch yesterday and shared a very good afternoon that was full of excitement.

feeling thankful.


365 Day Testimony Challenge! Day 1

I am going to start a challenge that I am going to be encouraging others to join me in building our faith in God. How do you do that? Well, glad you asked. Our faith is built and encouraged by our testimonies. How will others know what God has done if we don’t share our testimonies. He has laid it on my heart that we need to share with each other our testimonies. I am going to Challenge everyone to a 365 day challenge of speaking and sharing His goodness and grace along with favor and blessings. I am going to post those who will allow me too use these testimonies on my Blog. If you want to just share it on FB just let me know. But I challenge you and myself for the next 365 days to post the Testimonies that the Lord is doing in your life. No matter how small or big it may seem. It will train us to see and look for His goodness daily.
March 26, 2017, Day 1:
Today I have seen God move in mighty ways. Church this morning was just wow. I was moved like never before. In continuous awe of His goodness and mercy in my life and what is happening this year in my families life. He spoke clearly to me during the service not to leave this house. After church I told Julann that there was a heaviness on me, but this heaviness was not a bad heaviness but that the Holy Spirit had not lifted. I told her that He was not done with me yet. Today marked the last day of my life in 33 years. Tomorrow is another year older. At the beginning of our (my husband’s and mine) 33rd year of life we both declared that we would die to self and live for Him completely. Today is my day. I knew that something was being changed inside of me from the moment He began speaking to me before the service. Then the word from the Prophet was spoken.. I received every word of it. The limitations that have been holding us back are breaking off. The financial issues are no more. The relationships that are in my life are totally restored and anew. My mind has been renewed and for the first time ever in my life God began showing me visions of my future for Him. I see where He is taking us, and I know that there is so much more He has created us to be. We were created to be the vessels for the Holy Spirit so He can do the impossible through us. I am excited for my future.
I am thankful that my girls made it home tonight just minutes before the hail hit. God is so so Good! This is my testimony for Day 1, more to come.
So I challenge each and everyone of you reading my post to start also sharing your testimonies with each other. Please share on my page as well I need and want to hear what the Lord has done and is doing…
I challenge you all to a 365 Day Testimony of what the Lord is doing in your life. No matter the size, big or small.. it all counts.
God Bless.


Look what God is doing in Dan’s Co-worker’s life…

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