God of the Storm

Daddy speaks to me (Daniel) through dreams, even from an early age He has done this; and not just in dreams, but He speaks to me while I’m awake—He (literally) shows me things (as I would see them if I were having a dream) as well. It is interesting how He speaks to me in these images: often I find that He uses the elements (fire, water, wind, etc.) when showing me things.

A few days ago (6/14/16) I had a dream: once the dream had ended, Holy Spirit immediately woke me up and began telling me the interpretation of the dream.  I tried to go back to sleep afterwards but the alarm went off letting me know I had to go to work. While I sat in the parking lot waiting on the manager to open up the store, I wrote down the dream and then asked Holy Spirit to tell me the interpretation again, He did.

I went throughout my day with the dream in the back of my mind, something in my spirit kept telling me there was more than what He told me. So I asked Him. I asked what the significance was of a certain part of it, and He began to tell me more.

I love how my Daddy speaks to me and communicates with me, telling me things in secret, simply because I ask and listen.

Here is the dream and it’s interpretation.

The Dream
My wife and I were back at my parents house, but no one in my family was there other than us and one other woman, who I never met before. A storm was coming and I kept urging this woman to leave the enclosed back porch (only half of it enclosed, one whole wall was missing): she refused, even to the point of shoving me backwards (the second time I tried getting her to leave) so that I fell to the ground; she yelled at me, telling me to leave her alone. I went back into my old bedroom to where my wife was, we got into the small closet: she was sitting in the center; I sat next to her from behind and wrapped my arms around her. I told Elizabeth it was going to be okay, as the wind picked-up she said, “Here it comes”: about an inch of the bottom of the closet walls, and the door disappeared, allowing the winds to come in but it didn’t harm us.

The Interpretation
Not everyone is going to be receptive to Me, even though you come in love with intentions that they might be saved; they will think they can save themselves but when the storms come, they perish. However, because you and your wife trust Me, because you were in My secret place, you may only hear and feel a fraction of the storm, but I will not allow it to destroy you.

The significance of the back porch being closed in is self-effort, whereas the already built part represents the house whose builder is God (see Hebrews 11:10): it is that house only that will withstand the storms that come. And the fact it was your parents house represents familiarity; if you are familiar with doing things your way it will fail—yet if you’re familiar with God’s way, it will last and withstand. 


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