As I have been spending time, in the mornings, with Daddy (God), I (Daniel) have had Him speaking to me in ways that I haven’t felt in a very long time (years). The time I have spent with Him hasn’t been consistant every morning, with my hours at work changing between 8 and 9am, sometimes it doesn’t give me as long as I would like, with Him. But, what I am about to share began a week ago—last Wednesday. The day had been like any other, with the exception of me geeting to spend some time in the Word and in prayer. That evening my wife and I went to church, which was just like any other church night for me.

Once the service began, I stayed in front of my seat but stood for worship until my legs began hurting from the workday, so I ended up sitting down. As I sat in my seat I still worshipped Daddy, at one point He audibly spoke to me and told me to open my Bible and where the pages fell open, to begin reading: that ended up being Daniel 6:4.

‘Then the presidents and princes sought to find occasion against Daniel concerning the kingdom; but they could find none occassion nor fault;…’ – Daniel 6:4, KJV

Soon as my eyes read this passage, one of our pastors came over to me and a friend: he began to give us a word from the Lord. This word spoken said that we would receieve a greater  boldness, that we would also have “thus saith the Lord” moments; and we would be fireballs and the Word would be a fire shut up in our bones that we cannot keep shut up.

After my wife and I spoke to a friend of ours: telling him about what Daddy told me to do, and the word that was given; and trying to figure out how it related—he pointed it out to me that the connection was evident. He began showing me the relation to it that I missed and told me to read the entirity of chapter 6. I did that the next morning. Once I had completed chapter 6, Daddy instructed me to begin reading the entire book of Daniel. I am currently at chapter 11.

Everything that Daddy has been revealing to me through this book of prophecy has truly been life changing. Before any of this happened my wife had a prophetic dream given to her by Daddy, in which I went deeper into the Spirit. Since I have been delving deeper into the book of Daniel, and seeking out Daddy, the more of going deeper has been taking place.

The things He has been showing me has to do with the gifts He has given to me, there are some other gifts that it doesn’t touch on, but the ones it is have been amazing to learn about. Once I gather more truths from it, I will seek Him out and see if He will allow me to share the details of it. If I am permitted to do so, there will be a lot more covered that happened leading up to these events, that until now, I didn’t realize dealt with this. Nevertheless, I am very excited to see where this journey with my Daddy is headed.


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