God of the Storm

Daddy speaks to me (Daniel) through dreams, even from an early age He has done this; and not just in dreams, but He speaks to me while I’m awake—He (literally) shows me things (as I would see them if I were having a dream) as well. It is interesting how He speaks to me in these images: often I find that He uses the elements (fire, water, wind, etc.) when showing me things.

A few days ago (6/14/16) I had a dream: once the dream had ended, Holy Spirit immediately woke me up and began telling me the interpretation of the dream.  I tried to go back to sleep afterwards but the alarm went off letting me know I had to go to work. While I sat in the parking lot waiting on the manager to open up the store, I wrote down the dream and then asked Holy Spirit to tell me the interpretation again, He did.

I went throughout my day with the dream in the back of my mind, something in my spirit kept telling me there was more than what He told me. So I asked Him. I asked what the significance was of a certain part of it, and He began to tell me more.

I love how my Daddy speaks to me and communicates with me, telling me things in secret, simply because I ask and listen.

Here is the dream and it’s interpretation.

The Dream
My wife and I were back at my parents house, but no one in my family was there other than us and one other woman, who I never met before. A storm was coming and I kept urging this woman to leave the enclosed back porch (only half of it enclosed, one whole wall was missing): she refused, even to the point of shoving me backwards (the second time I tried getting her to leave) so that I fell to the ground; she yelled at me, telling me to leave her alone. I went back into my old bedroom to where my wife was, we got into the small closet: she was sitting in the center; I sat next to her from behind and wrapped my arms around her. I told Elizabeth it was going to be okay, as the wind picked-up she said, “Here it comes”: about an inch of the bottom of the closet walls, and the door disappeared, allowing the winds to come in but it didn’t harm us.

The Interpretation
Not everyone is going to be receptive to Me, even though you come in love with intentions that they might be saved; they will think they can save themselves but when the storms come, they perish. However, because you and your wife trust Me, because you were in My secret place, you may only hear and feel a fraction of the storm, but I will not allow it to destroy you.

The significance of the back porch being closed in is self-effort, whereas the already built part represents the house whose builder is God (see Hebrews 11:10): it is that house only that will withstand the storms that come. And the fact it was your parents house represents familiarity; if you are familiar with doing things your way it will fail—yet if you’re familiar with God’s way, it will last and withstand. 


June 15, 2015

So we were talking about the gift of the Holy Spirit the other day. I believe that we are created with the gifts from the time we are formed in our mother’s womb.

In Jeremiah 1:5,  we see that Jeremiah was created and called to be a prophet even before he was born.

We were talking about how there are visions, dreams, and prophetic areas of ones life even before knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Even before the baptism of Holy Spirit with the Fire and Power that only comes from Jesus.

As we grow up in this world we at times notice things in the spiritual realm that we don’t understand where it comes from. We were given the gifts such as prophecy, visions, dreams, and discernment just to name a few.

They can be used for good or evil.

This is where we see that people who are gifted with these gifts can stray from the true purpose of why God gave them to each individual. If this individual is not aware of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. You might see them use the gifts for evil….

Using the gifts for evil or worldly gain would be fortune-telling, mediums, and witch craft. They would seem natural to the person using the gifts.

Or if the person is raised knowing of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit then they will understand the true meaning and use for the gifts. Discernment of good and evil, prophecy, and words of knowledge and wisdom. Which is the reason God gave these gifts to be used in the Kingdom of God.

As we were discussing this the Lord gave me an example of the gifts we have from the time we were formed in our mother’s womb and how being baptized in the Holy Spirit then gives the power that was not once there.

So here is the example of that Daddy gave me as to why we could have these gifts before we are baptized in the Holy Spirit with the fire and power.

Train up a child in the way that they should go…..

A parent gives their child a train set for a gift. This gift cost the child nothing. It is there to use without payment or earning it. This is a gift that the child receives without any thing attached.

If the child leaves the gift in the box then they will always have that gift but never really benefit from the true purpose of the gift.

If the child gets it out of the box and begins to put it together soon the track is ready to use. The pieces that were given to the child are usable. The track is all put together. Now we see the other pieces the train being placed on the track.

On our own accord the train can now be pushed around the track…. It goes where we take it. The set is all in working order. But something is truly missing…. Some might not even know that something is missing for it is all in working order and every gift works.

What is missing?  What and why is this gift now not to the full potential?

It is missing the Power!!! With Power it is able to do the things it was created to do.

We are given fire and power when we are baptized by Jesus Christ. This is not the water baptism but the Holy Spirit baptism. Which with it comes the fire and power.

When we put the batteries (POWER) into the toy train we then see how it can reach its full potential. It no longer is running on our own ability but it is powered by something much greater that is within the gift.

The importance of receiving the Holy Spirit was never meant to be left out of the plan of using the gifts you were created to have. We were always meant to receive the power. We have to choose to allow that Holy Spirit to come in and take over. It is greater than we are. It is our ever help.

Train Up! Power Up! Use the Full Gift to its Ultimate Power!   



Like a Child

The Lord revealed to me some things the other night as we were worshiping Him. Since I am a mother myself the Lord showed me an example of what He wanted me to understand by using my own situation as a parent with my kids.

I have always enjoyed giving my kids things that they would enjoy. Like taking them somewhere that was unexpected. To me the surprise that awaited them at the end of the car ride was always the best…. Keeping it a surprise was hard.

I would make plans for my children and not tell them of those plans. I will make reservations online and print out the tickets. I will set time and money aside to go eat some place special. I will get all the plans in order before even uttering a word.

After all the plans are set in order I will tell them when the time is right to get prepared for we were fixing to leave. If this trip required any special clothing such as shoes or long pants I would make sure those instructions were given. Other than that no other information would be given.

I would tell them to get in the car…. When my oldest was little she would ask me questions. Where are we going? What are we doing? When will we be there? All these questions were good questions but not for her to know. She would have to trust that I knew the plans and that she would soon find out, but it would be a process. These plans were not for her to be concerned about.

As she has grown to know the process over time. She has learned that if she will follow the directions at the beginning of the trip and then sit quietly that reward will soon be before her. She has learned to get in, sit down, and buckle up… without questioning the plans. Even though she doesn’t see the plans or end results. She has learned to trust the process in me as her parent. For the plans I have made for her were not to harm her but to show her what was to come…….

Yes this is like the verse Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. (NKJV)

Since my oldest daughter has learned how the process of trusting me when I say let’s go she has taught my youngest daughter that if she just follows the directions and sits quietly in the car then she would get the reward in the end without delay.

I say all of this because the Lord is taking my family through a time of follow the instructions, get in, buckle up, sit back, shut up, and enjoy the ride.

He wants us to trust in His plans that He has for us. Not to questions or try to fight the instructions of how it should happen. For He doesn’t always give us the plans for He wants to surprise us. For He is a Good Father and wants us to enjoy what is coming. The Lord knows the Plans He has for us. He wants us to just Trust in Him and not question the process but to enjoy the ride.

So even though I don’t know the plans that lie before me, my Daddy does. I am not to try to figure it all out. I am not to try to figure out where we are going, what we are doing, or how it is going to all fit together. I am to trust in my Daddy that He knows the Plans for me. One step at a time. He will give me instructions of what is needed for what lies ahead but the rest is not for me to know. He wants me to sit back and enjoy the ride while trusting Him.



How I Hear from Avi (My Father)

Growing up, I (Daniel) wish someone would have told me how I could have heard the voice of God, year after year passed me by and I never heard one word. Did this mean that He wasn’t speaking to me? No. Did this mean that He doesn’t speak to people anymore? No. Why? Because I heard time and again, all the reports of Christians revealing things which God had told them. The main question which hounded me, was, if there were others who could hear from the voice of their Creator, why couldn’t I?

I will give a small outline of some steps I use, granted, when I was exposed to them about two years ago, I tried following them exactly how they were given; I ended up having to tweak them a little. Daddy may work one way for someone else, and another way altogether for me, now that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the steps I am going to list and get to that place of hearing from Daddy—He isn’t a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34), if He does it for me He will do it for you too!

1. Set an Appointed Time
Avinu (Our Father) is a personal and intimate Daddy, He wants to have fellowship with His children. Abba (Daddy) isn’t about religion, He is about relationship: when he formed Adam—He walked with them in Ha’Gan Eden (The Garden of Eden) (Bereshit / Genesis 3:8); but He didn’t just come at any given time, Elohim came ‘in the cool of the day’, what does this mean? Abba had set an appointed time to meet with His son [Adam also was called the son of God, see Luke 3:38) and daughter (Chavah / Eve).

We live in a busy world where everything from technology, our jobs and life in general battles for our time; often not leaving any time for our Heavenly Father. I struggled with this big time, especially after I got married. I had set Daddy off to the side and spent all of my time with my wife, not only did I ignore God, but it drove my wife crazy; she told me that she needed her time with Daddy as I did my own. It took me awhile to finally grasp what she was saying, but she was right (men, listen to your wives Godly counsel often, God gave it to them for a reason)!

Once I began setting a time with Daddy, it got easier and easier to do. There is a House of Prayer that I love to go to, but often times work doesn’t permit me to make it there before I have to go in in the mornings, and it’s closed when I get off: that doesn’t stop me though. I usually have about 20 to 30 plus minutes to spare when I arrive at work, so I take the time to do my daily devotion, and read some Scripture (chapter or more). I don’t miss a day of doing this throughout my work week and it has made a world of difference in my days and attitude.

2. Worship Him
Once you have set an appointed time with your Heavenly Father you cannot just stop there, you need to set the atmosphere. Set the atmosphere? What do I mean by that? Say you were wanting to have a romantic dinner, or evening with your spouse: you wouldn’t just make a date (set a time) and then not prepare to set the mood for that date; you would go to great lengths to make sure it was perfect and that the atmosphere reflected that intimacy. The same applies when it comes to setting the atmosphere for your time with Daddy. This is where worship comes in at.

You shouldn’t want to spend time with Ha’Av (the Father) simply to get stuff from Him, you should want to spend time with Him because He is your Daddy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we shouldn’t seek answers for our needs and prayers, but there is a time for that; we should set aside time just for Him—to love on Him, to let Him love on us without any want. It doesn’t matter where the location is either: one place isn’t more holy than another. Yeshua (Jesus) was asked by a woman where were they to worship God: their fathers (of this woman’s people) said it was in one place, but the Jews said it was in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem): Yeshua told her that a time was coming—that the time had come, where the true worshipers would worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4:20-24); another words, there would be no one place for the people to worship God, the true worship He is seeking can be done from anywhere.

3. Keep A Journal 
When you begin conversing with Ha’Av (The Father) document what He says to you, how you can tell He is talking to you is when things enter your mind that you don’t think up yourself. The way I started is by writing what I wanted to say, what I prayed to Him, then waiting—listening for that still small voice to respond The more you do this the easier it gets, you have to train yourself, your whole body to be an ear that is in-tune with Abba (Daddy); the more you train it, the easier it will be hearing.

At first, this is how I started: writing questions and Him answering; now I ask Him with my voice and I write down only what I hear Him speaking to me. And now, it’s becoming more of Him speaking to me before I even ask!

‘My sheep hear My voice, I know them, and they follow Me.’ 

  • Yochanan / John 10:27


Your Worth is Not Lost

When did we as a society lose all hope in a relationship that would be forever? I know that I am not perfect and I have a past that is something that I am not proud of but not ashamed of it either. Sometimes we have to go through things in order to understand what others go through. I just know that when it comes to relationships our generation thinks nothing of a relationship as in being committed to that one special person.

God created each and every one of us with desires to have a husband or wife. I believe that it is good for a man to leave his family and cling to his wife as they become one. It is good that a man find a wife.

Lately I have noticed more and more young and older ladies have given up on respect for who they are created to be. We as women are not created to be used by men for pleasure until they are done with us and want to move on to another female that pleasures them better. We are not to give ourselves away to words of promise but never commitment.

I see so many women and men playing house. I am not here to judge them. I too at one time played house more than once. I just now see how sad it is that our generation no longer cherishes themselves enough to wait for a man who is willing to make a life commitment.

I know that my life has not been perfect and I have gone down a path more than once that I now would not return to. I have learned my worth in who I am as a Daughter of God. I am no longer an orphan minded female looking to fit in where I don’t belong. For I have found where I belong and it is better than anything I could have imagined before.

The hurt will not stop, the loneliness, hopelessness, helplessness, and just plan pretending to be whole won’t ever go away until we learn our worth.

Here in our society we see women of all ages starting very young and going to much older seeking wholeness, love, acceptance, joy, hope, and longing to belong some where. I know where that is…

When we know that God the Father loved us so much that He sent His One and Only Begotten Son to die on the cross for our hurts, sins, bondage, loneliness, and hopelessness. Once we understand and believe what a Good Good Father He is to us but sending Jesus Christ to die on the cross for all of us to once again have hope and now be accepted as sons and daughters into the Kingdom of God. Going from Orphans to Royalty and Joint Heirs with Jesus. For He conquired it all for us once and for all. He rose again on the 3rd day.

We can now have hope in an expected end of Good and know that He is never going to leave us nor forsake us. He will forever be by our side and love us.

Now it seems like I have strayed from the meaning of this blog originally. But I haven’t lost the meaning at all. You see your worth as a person is not lost. Even if you feel like there is no hope of a new beginning there is. Let God through Jesus Christ become your Father and Jesus your big brother.

I know that being lonely is not the easiest feeling when as women we long to be connected to a family. Be connected to the Family of God. I know that if we wait and stay faithful that the Lord will bring the right man into your life at the right time.

Your Worth is Not Lost! Cherish Who You Are!

A Master Piece! 


June 10, 2016

We as a family have been seeking Daddy for some answers in several different areas of our lives lately. One of those is where we would be moving too in the next 52 days. We were seeking His direction in the area of what to do. Such as, do we buy, rent, or did He have other plans for us.

Wednesday morning my husband was off work and my kids were still gone to their grandparents house so this gave us time to seek Daddy in the prayer room for answers. The first question we had for Him was what do we do when it comes to our house situation?

His answer to me was not what I expected.

He said, I will show you as you go out.

Trust in me.

Do you trust me?

Then walk forward I will show you. You have 3 homes to view today. View them…. I will give my answer after that.

After viewing the 3 homes the one we viewed 2nd was the one we liked the most. I informed the Realtor to start the negotiation process. For we have the first 600 needed to get the contract locked. But I told my daughter that if it was the house we were supposed to have that it would still be available when we got ready.

When we left we began to talk about this home and how it was what we wanted but deep down I was saddened. I don’t feel the desire to leave Ennis. I didn’t feel the release from my home town of the last 2 years yet. I know that without a doubt we have not been released from our home church.

As I began to think of the finances needed to purchase this home it would be more than what we have in our pockets. Which we were not fearing. I know that if it was where the Lord leads that He will make a way. Even if there seemed to be no way. I know that Daddy is teaching me to rely on His Kingdom system and not on the world system. Honestly that is one of the hardest things to do. To forget everything that I have ever been taught and to walk in Faith of a system that is Kingdom minded not earthly provided. For it is not in my own doing that these things are to be… I have for far to long relied on my own ability to provide and not my Daddy’s.

The scripture about counting the cost kept coming to my mind after we looked at this home. One it would cost us more than we had to get into it. Two the cost for a monthly payment would be 225 more a month than we wanted to pay. Then also if we were to purchase a home it would be something that we would be committing to 30 years of payments. We would in the end be paying 3 times what the purchase of the home would be in the first place.

For the last 6 months if not more the Lord keeps laying on my heart 4 to 5 years… That is all Daddy has been showing me. He has not told or shown me anything else but deep down I feel that we are grounded here for the next 4 to 5 years. This is why I don’t want to step our of His will for our lives and purchase a home that in the end is a cost that He doesn’t want us to have.

So Thursday Morning back to the prayer room we go, except this time it is the whole family in tow. Stormy soon after we started praying gave a word for us not to fear. I am sure she wanted to associate it with us buying the house. My husband prayed but soon left the prayer room. I for one could not get anything from Daddy during this time. So there I sat in the floor of the prayer room propped against the post just asking what to do….

Several things came to mind then. The same thought of counting the cost…. for this is a verse where it speaks of someone building a tower…. yes buying a home is a little different but still pertains to this scripture. To many people get into a home purchase that can not follow through the purchase due to the cost is too much. In return they lose their home. I for one do not want to step out and purchase a home unless Daddy tells me yes.

The second thing that came to mind is that again 4 to 5 years. I am not certain but again I feel this is telling me that we are temps in the area. Not to get settled for long-term. So why would we lock ourselves into a 30 year loan that we will become slaves too and not able to leave in 4 to 5 years. I know that if God tells us to buy a home then if He tells us to leave He will without a shadow of a doubt provide a way out. BUT if Daddy does not want us to but I for one do not want to have to ask Him to forgive us when it is time to leave in 4 to 5 years.

So this leaves rent option… We are to be out of our apartments in 51.5 days at this time. Where are we going to move to I have no idea…. but Daddy does. As I sit here writing this blog I am listening to the coffee shop owner teach the preteens about not being anxious for the thing of tomorrow. To trust that the Lord will provide the basic needs. Shelter, Food, Clothing for He does these things for the birds of the air and the flowers in the fields.

Then one of the girls was asked to give me a word of encouragement and then she prayed for us. She did an awesome job. I know that Daddy is working it out for us. He knows our need and where He wants us. He knows exactly what it will work best for our needs in every way. For we are a family of 4. We are faithful in our ways to God and He in return is faithful to us in every way. For He is a Good Good Father to us.

I am excited to see what He has in store for us. I am going to raise my expectations and trust in Him. I feel that the Lord is preparing our shelter for us. It might not be available yet but His timing is perfect.

I apologize

I am sorry for not doing a blog daily like I had been. I am going to try to start doing them again daily. The things we have been through in the last month and what we are still going through is a testament to the Lord.

He will see us through it all, we will say Hallelujah any how and keep on going.

What the enemy has for evil will be turned around for good. For it is by faith that our family choices to walk it out. We choose not to give up but to stay focused and seek Him in all we do. God will never leave us nor forsake us. He will see us to the next level.

For I know the plans I have for you Declares the Lord. He knows His plans for us and now we have to seek Him out in those plans. One day at a time.

The other day during my time with God he took me through the whole chapter 6 in Matthew. Here is where He showed me that He knows everything that I am in need of. He also shows me how to pray and what I should be focused on and what not to worry about because He already has it all taken care of. I am supposed to walk out my next season if not the rest of my entire life by this Chapter in the scriptures.



As I have been spending time, in the mornings, with Daddy (God), I (Daniel) have had Him speaking to me in ways that I haven’t felt in a very long time (years). The time I have spent with Him hasn’t been consistant every morning, with my hours at work changing between 8 and 9am, sometimes it doesn’t give me as long as I would like, with Him. But, what I am about to share began a week ago—last Wednesday. The day had been like any other, with the exception of me geeting to spend some time in the Word and in prayer. That evening my wife and I went to church, which was just like any other church night for me.

Once the service began, I stayed in front of my seat but stood for worship until my legs began hurting from the workday, so I ended up sitting down. As I sat in my seat I still worshipped Daddy, at one point He audibly spoke to me and told me to open my Bible and where the pages fell open, to begin reading: that ended up being Daniel 6:4.

‘Then the presidents and princes sought to find occasion against Daniel concerning the kingdom; but they could find none occassion nor fault;…’ – Daniel 6:4, KJV

Soon as my eyes read this passage, one of our pastors came over to me and a friend: he began to give us a word from the Lord. This word spoken said that we would receieve a greater  boldness, that we would also have “thus saith the Lord” moments; and we would be fireballs and the Word would be a fire shut up in our bones that we cannot keep shut up.

After my wife and I spoke to a friend of ours: telling him about what Daddy told me to do, and the word that was given; and trying to figure out how it related—he pointed it out to me that the connection was evident. He began showing me the relation to it that I missed and told me to read the entirity of chapter 6. I did that the next morning. Once I had completed chapter 6, Daddy instructed me to begin reading the entire book of Daniel. I am currently at chapter 11.

Everything that Daddy has been revealing to me through this book of prophecy has truly been life changing. Before any of this happened my wife had a prophetic dream given to her by Daddy, in which I went deeper into the Spirit. Since I have been delving deeper into the book of Daniel, and seeking out Daddy, the more of going deeper has been taking place.

The things He has been showing me has to do with the gifts He has given to me, there are some other gifts that it doesn’t touch on, but the ones it is have been amazing to learn about. Once I gather more truths from it, I will seek Him out and see if He will allow me to share the details of it. If I am permitted to do so, there will be a lot more covered that happened leading up to these events, that until now, I didn’t realize dealt with this. Nevertheless, I am very excited to see where this journey with my Daddy is headed.