May 12, 2016

This morning was a true blessing. Last night I became aware that my town had a house of prayer that was open. A house of prayer is a place where one can go and seek God in prayer during the hours the house is open.

After I dropped off the girls this morning at their schools I headed to the Local Coffee shop that gives to international mission. I have a heart for missions so it gives me joy to purchase a cup of coffee and be able to sit at the coffee shop and study my word.

My heart has been longing for a place to seek His Word and Starbucks was not the best choice. As I sat in this coffee shop this morning I could feel the spirit of the Lord there. I was watching the video that was playing I asked the lady that was in charge about it. She informed me that the video was of some missionaries who were in India and they were going around placing lights in different areas of the community.

I began to talk with this lady and shared my heart for what I felt God had called me too. As I had shared some of our struggles the woman sat down at the table with me and asked if she could pray for me. I said sure. As tears ran down my face this woman lovingly took time to pray for my needs and life. She didn’t know me and didn’t have to do that but it touched me that she reached out.

Right after she prayed for me I looked at my phone and saw that my husband had left a message that he had gotten once again sent home from his job due to physically not being able to do it.

I finished my coffee and then went into the prayer room for the first time. The woman turned the worship music on and then left me to be alone with God. Wow, that place was just what I needed at that exact time in my life. I entered into the presence of my Lord and just cried before Him. I told Him what I needed and then thanked Him and praised Him.

I was there at least another hour.

When I finally began to wrap up my time with Daddy I thanked the lady and walked out with the words I would be back. 🙂

My spirit was lifted but I knew I would still have to go home and face my husband that was sent home from a job that we needed him to be at to earn money for us.

As I got to my car I felt the Lord lay on my heart to go into the Flower shop next to the prayer room and get my husband something to show that I loved him and to encourage him. I was not to go home and hound or speak negative of him coming home. That is hard for me because I really want him to understand the importance it is for him to work to provide for us especially since I don’t have a job right now. Instead I was to get a gift for my husband to encourage him.

So I went into the flower shop…. there was not much in there but 2 women and a counter where one lady was putting a flower arrangement together. I boldly told the woman when she asked me how she could help me that I felt the Lord tell me that I needed to go in the flower shop and get my husband something. She said that she had some crosses. So I went to look at them, but that is not what I felt like I needed to get him. So I asked her what color roses did she have. She name 4 different colors. But one stood out Coral. 🙂 He was sent home from his job (Koral) but God had me get him a Coral rose. Then I got him a balloon too with a big smilie face on it as well. I wrote on the note the I loved him and that the Joy of the Lord is our Strength.

When I paid the lady without saying a word she instantly said, “Let me pray for you!” I honestly  can say my Lord encouraged me today through 2 strangers just with a simple prayer. I was able to give my husband the encouragement he needed as well and I have tried very hard to not tear him down today but to build him up.

We were together able to get some clothes done and dishes. Cleaned the house up and now we should be able to spend time as a family this weekend enjoying what God has Blessed us with as our personal mission field right now.





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