Spiritual Battles

Are spiritual battles real? Are we as Christians supposed to battle? How can we be attacked so strongly even when we know who we are in Christ?

Yes spiritual battles are real and we can have them every day of our Christian lives. We have to learn how the Kingdom of God works to win these battles.

I am just going to be very real here and honest. I battle spiritually that can even cause my physical body to be affected in such a way that it is even scary.

We are not supposed to fear the enemy… I know this because I am a bought with a price. That price was Jesus’ blood.

I will admit that I had a great fear come over me last night when I was asleep. I had a dream that actually woke me up with fear and my physical body was affected. My heart was racing and I could not get the image I had just seen in my dream out of my head. It was a demonic attack.

I had a dream where it was late at night and my youngest daughter and I were heading home. We had passed this house that I saw some young kids still up. I knew these kids personally and knew that they should have been in bed long ago… They were playing in the house. This registered in me that something needed to be done, for these kids needed to be put to bed.

As my youngest daughter and I had reached the house we lived it. It was a white house with a front porch. As we entered the house I remember stopping and looking back outside out the screen door. I was going to head back and get the kids I knew and put them to bed.

As I turned around it appeared to be a child standing in the yard with their back to me. They had a hoodie that was solid red but a blue hood part. For some odd reason as I began to run toward the figure before me and holler at it. When it turned around is when I saw its demonic face. It was a demon that then turned towards me and started towards me.

This is when I woke up with my heart racing… I could not go back to sleep for a very long time after this. I rebuked the vision, thoughts, and feeling. I told this thing it had to leave. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world. I released Angels charge concerning me and everyone in my home. Nothing I did at this time made the thing or feeling go away. My heart was still racing and the fear of the attack was real. I got out of my bed and went to the bathroom. Hoping when I laid back down my husband would ask me if I was okay. Something he ask me every night I go to the bathroom. This morning he didn’t say a word.I have be battling a cough as well and I was coughing by now enough to make him once again ask if I was okay, But still nothing…. I then search for his hand. Finally being able to find it I held it with both of mine, I thought surly he would wake up and ask me if I was okay. I then turned over in the bed. I prayed for him just to get closer and wrap his arms around me.

I was wanting the security, wanting to feel safe. Knowing that I had been attacked and nothing I seemed to do was making it leave. I finally just laid there and thought what else do I do. I had done everything that I had been taught to do but nothing seemed to help.

My last resort was to pray in the spirit. I began to pray in the spirit, this woke my husband or at least stirred him enough to know something was wrong. He never said a word, but I know he did reach his hand out and place it on my shoulder and he began to start praying. It was not over what I was dealing with but I knew he was praying. After I finished praying in the spirit I was finally able to get over the heart racing fear that had so gripped my body and mind just an hour before.

I don’t make this post to put fear into anyone. I make this post in search of answers as to how we as Children of God are supposed to battle the spiritual realm in the Kingdom of God. Once again it is another question I seek out to find the answer too.



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