What the Devil Steals From Me he has to pay back 7x

So over the years I have tried to give more and more to others. As my family learns to give to others we seem to have more taken from us. Such as job losses due to being open with out beliefs. Or giving money to someone with the promise of it being returned to us but never is.

My family is in one of those struggles right now where we have given someone $1000, with the promise of giving it back to us if we decided not to follow through with a home. After a week of when we gave that money we felt the Lord tell us that was not what we needed to be doing at this time. (Buying a Home) So I requested to get the money back. She still after a month has not returned our money.

I know that my battle is not against flesh and blood but to be quite honest I am sick of people not doing what they say they will do. I need to figure out how to stop the devil from stealing from my family.

I know that the Lord is our provider and blesses us. I know that no matter what He will provide but over the last 10 years satan has stolen a whole lot from me.

I am ready to march in to the enemy’s camp and take back with the devil has stolen from me. He has to pay up and that is not just what he took but 7x what he has stolen from me. I am tired of him taking what doesn’t belong to him.

Devil you have been given notice, Pay up what you owe. No more taking from us in Jesus name. Amen.

I declare what was stolen from us will be repaid and it will be repaid in the amount of 7 times what was taken and that is a lot from what I have counted. I will no longer be a victim of you taking from me. For what I have belongs to my Daddy and what you take from me is taking from Him. I will be restored everything that was taken in Jesus Name.


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