Holy Spirit Lead

Here is the rest of what happened at the Power and Love school for my husband and I. The first day we had 2 different groups ride with us. On the second trip out a mother with her 16 year old and 6 year old rode with us. We had no idea where we were going. I honestly just started to drive. We ended up going in a huge circle.

But, driving longer allowed us to pray for they mother that came with us. She was very upset because her mother had gotten really sick with cancer just recently and her mother was supposed to be watching her youngest daughter.

We prayed for her mother while we drove around. Once we finished driving we decided to go eat. While in the restaurant, Dan felt that he needed to speak to the cashier but knew before he even spoke that this woman would reject him. He tried but she did reject him. He just told her Jesus Loved her and to have a Blessed Day.

Once we sat down I shared with the mother that was with us how we need to include our children in reaching out to others. They don’t have a Junior Holy Ghost. They are more in tuned to the Spiritual and can lead us to where we need to go. So after we ate, I asked the little girl where she thought we should go. We went to a CC’s Discount store. There were only about 5 people in there at the time. We prayed for several people. On the way out I noticed the cashier behind the other counter had a very upset look on her face. As the others went outside I turned and walked over to her and asked what was wrong. She said nothing. I asked again and she broke down. I then prayed for her and blessed her. God had this lady in mind when that little girl picked the store.

The last day Dan and I decided that we wanted to go with some other people that wanted to touch others. So we found a couple and another man that had an awesome testimony the day before.

On our first break it was lunch time and we went to the Bishop Arts District. We decided to eat BBQ. When I went to sit down I noticed this older couple sitting a few tables away. I heard the Holy Spirit tell me that she needs to know that God thinks she is Beautiful. I sat there and just thought what if she doesn’t get it or receive it. Soon as we sat down others began to step out a little at a time to go and do their assignments.

I finished eating and as I gathered my food noticed that the lady was sitting by herself. So I was like okay I am going in to tell her. I said excuse me but we are out sharing the Love of Christ and I feel that God wants you to know that He thinks you are Beautiful to Him.

Her responds was, “What did you say?”

I repeated myself and got half way through and she said okay, okay I heard you. I told her that Jesus Loved her and thought she was Amazing. Then I quickly went and sat down. I began to think okay this was not received like I thought it would be.

As we got up to leave the restaurant I noticed she smiled big at me when we left. It made a difference once it sank in what I said. We passed them again on the street and she actually said something and smiled. 🙂

Our next assignment was in a store that was a store that donated its earnings to the needy. When we walked in there was a lady at the door with a kind character. She allowed us to take drinks in as we looked around. Immediately we noticed that they were playing Oceans. We then began to speak and pray for the younger lady. After we prayed for her the other lady came back into the store, she was the mother of the younger lady. We asked her if there was anything that we could pray for and she said yes.

She had been in a car wreck over 20 years ago and that the pain was constant and never left. She said it was a sciatic nerve in her back. All four of us were standing in front of her, but when she said her back I moved to the back of her. I asked if I could place my hands on her back and she said yes.

When he was done praying for her, she bent over and back up. We asked her how she felt. She said that I had placed my hands on the exact area of where the pain was and that my hands radiated heat right on the area. She said that there was still a little pain. So we asked on a scale of 1 to 10 what was the pain level, she said around a 3. So we prayed again.

When we asked her again she said that the pain was gone but there was a lot of tightness. She began to bend over to touch her toes and we asked if we could pray for her while she was like that. Laying hands on her once more, this time I was asked to pray. I began to pray and as I was praying the work Loosed came to me and I said it 3 times and then finished the prayer. Once she stood up the tightness was completely gone, the pain was completely gone and she said she was ready to go walking, something that she was not able to do prior. GOD Healed this woman that was in pain for 20 years in just a matter of minutes.

At the end of the Power and Love School, we were asked if we wanted the fire of the Holy Spirit and the Fear of God to get on our knees. As the aisles filled up I went down on my knees.

Soon after Todd began to release an anointing like I have never felt or received before. My whole body began to heat up from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. All I can say is the Fire of the Holy Spirit was strong in that place.

As I sat there I began to see the bottom of the cross surrounded by fire. This vision was there for at least a minute. After this we began to pray for those around us.

Ever since then we have seen this world in a different light.

I will pour out my Spirit on all people.


It is Enough

Spending our first full day at the Texas Power and Love school.  This is different from other conferences I have attended in the past. We are taught our identity in Who we are as sons and daughters of God.

Then they release us to go out to the streets and see where God leads us. Well so far we have gone out 3 times.

The first was a trip to the vet clinic and we prayed for a young lady that was 4 months pregnant and just told her that Jesus Loved her and wanted her to know that she was amazing.

Then we were headed to Starbucks, which He took us in a circle to get us back on the right track to the Starbucks. When we got there it seemed like there were 20 people from the school of Power and Love. So we kind of just hung out for a minute. I ordered coffee and then told Dan I had to go to the bathroom. When I got into the restroom there were only two stalls. There was one woman ahead of me. As a women came out of the stall I watched her. She was walking very slowly. I watched for a minute. As she turned to dry her hands I noticed that she liked to be in pain. I asked her if she was okay. She said no. I asked her if she had back pain. She said no that she was just weak. I then asked if she was dizzy as well. My husband got dizzy as soon as we arrived at the store. She said no just weak. I then felt lead to ask if she had diabetes. She said yes. I then asked if she had eaten. She said no. My next question was can I pray for you. She said yes. After I prayed for her I told her that Jesus loved her. She walked out of that restroom better that she did out of the stall. She thanked me. I again told her Jesus loved her and to have a blessed day.

When I walked back over to where our group was I told that we were asked to leave that we could not pray with the customers.

That is okay God had my assignment in the restroom.

The next day my husband and I went by ourselves for Love in Action. When we went out we had decided to just do what we needed to do as a normal everyday day. My Durango needed a windshield wiper so we went to Walmart. While we were in the back looking at the windshield wipers I began to get this feeling in my stomach. I began to look around and I felt that the Holy Spirit highlighted the cashier to me. She looked like she could have been going through cancer, due to the hat she was wearing. My husband and I waited for the other people to finish checking out. I then used the windshield wiper to open a conversation.

I told her that I felt that the Lord had showed me that she was fighting some kind of disease and that she was taking some medicine that would be causing her to get upset stomachs. She went on to inform us that she had just been diagnosed with Lupus.

Then we asked if we could pray for her and she allowed us too. We told her that Jesus Loves Her and that she is Amazing and to Have a Blessed Day.

After this we went to a gas station and prayed over a man that had been in a car wreck and his left knee had much pain in it. He allowed us to pray for him but was not very receptive.

After this I was feeling really discouraged. I had noticed that I needed to go purchase something at a store and then we went to eat.

I felt the Lord tell me something but out of fear of man, I did not share it. We went back to the school. The next break we had to drive all the way home. Once we were home, I went upstairs. I was lying on my bed thinking what Lord is our assignment. Why haven’t we gotten anything more today? I personally felt like I had failed all day.

As I laid there I heard the Lord say Rudy…. Then I heard, back pain and headaches.

I said okay Lord if he is our assignment tell Dan too. Less than 2 minutes later Dan came up the stairs. I told him our assignment is down stairs. He instantly said Rudy without any prompting. So Dan went down and knocked on his door. He was not home. We had to head back to CFNI, for the evening service.

On the way back I felt like we failed at what we were sent out to do. During the worship service I realized that it didn’t matter if we saw anyone healed, or changed. It was the fact that we had stepped out in Faith. God honors our steps of Faith.

It is enough just to step out in faith. Not to lose that faith sometimes it might not look like much or that you can’t feel the Holy Spirit but that is okay. Just obedience to the Holy Spirit is enough.

More of what God did the next day in tomorrow’s blog… He has a way of reassuring us that He is there to help us learn to walk.




Power and Love

Forgive me for the next few days. My husband and I are attending the Texas School of Power and Love.  We are up at 5:30am and not in bed before midnight.  We have today and tomorrow left. Please pray for us renewal of energy and strength. Little sleep can cause issues. We will have many testimonies of what the Holy Spirit is doing.

God Bless.

Leap of Faith, Muffins with Mom!

Well I have now been up since 6:30am. I took my oldest child to school as normal and then headed to Chloe’s school for Muffins with Mom! She loves it when one of us can join her at her school. Not ashamed of whom we are but openly shows she loves us as we walk in the school with her.

Why can we not as children of God walk openly unashamed of who He is to us? We are His children. We should openly want others to meet Him, take selfies with Him, eat with Him, Talk to all the other kids about who our Daddy is. Sharing what He does for us. How Daddy loves us unconditionally and that we are pleased to bring Him with us. It is a privilege that He is not too busy to come with us where ever we go.

As a mother it is a great joy to see my 8 year old light up when I walk behind her in the school, for her mommy is with her. She gets to introduce me to others and have me smile and tell them hello.

Why can’t we as Children of the Greatest Daddy do that? We need to stop and realize who He is to us.

Are you proud to take Daddy where ever you go in life? Don’t be ashamed to show others and introduce your Good Good Daddy to them. We are Children who need to Take His hand and proudly introduce Him to others.


Bitter Sweet

It is my last day at my job I have worked at for 9 months now. I am excited and happy to see what the future holds but also sadden at the people I will be leaving behind at this time. I was surprised by some of the ladies in the front today they went out in the storms to purchase me a cookie cake that said Good Luck Elizabeth. 🙂 This was a very sweet gesture on their part showing me that they cared enough to think of me as I spend my last day at my job.

I know that I had not made friend with everyone at my job, but I feel that I have walked the righteous walk that my heavenly Father would be proud of while I was here. I did not meet my store managers in person that I have had contact with over the last 9 months but a few of them sent me emails that just touched my heart.

Here are a few of them: 20160308_160142_resized20160308_160518_resized20160308_160558_resized20160308_160631_resized20160308_160731_resized

They really made me feel special just knowing that I made a difference in their lives as I worked with them daily.

As this door closes and another one opens I am excited to see what is ahead. Knowing that God is in control and it is His plans that lie ahead of me. I will Leap with Faith while (FROG) Fully Relying on God!


One Door Closes

I put my 2 weeks’ notice into my job on Feb 22 this year. Over the last 2 weeks God has showed me how He was closing that door with no re-entry to it.

I was hired at my job in June last year. I have faithfully worked it with no complaints and no issues, always there when I was supposed to be and always early ready to start the day every day. I had been hired on through a temp service and thought that after 90 day I would be hired on full time with the company.

Well 90 days passed and I spoke with my supervisor and was informed to wait until 120 days and we would revisit the situation. I waited and asked again just to be told I had to wait till October; he would then give me a defiant answer.

October came and gone. He didn’t revisit the idea of me being hired permanently again till mid-November. At this time he informed me that there was too much going on and it would be the end of the year to the end of the first quarter before he would make a decision.

At this time I have been at the temp service 5 months faithful in my work.

December, January pass. Then in Feb while I was at work I heard the Lord speak to me. He told me that I am only at my job because I would not leave the job, which I had over the last 7 months thought about leaving over and over again. I am more of a control person and cannot handle the idea of not knowing where my next pay check or bill being met is going to be coming from. This is something that I have a hard time totally surrendering over to God. For with my human mind I have a hard time giving up that control.

That night He spoke this to me was a Wednesday night. He confirmed what He told me and then added that all the doors were already open, and that everything would be provided that was needed. He told me that I would not leave my job because I did not trust Him to provide.

Well from that night on I knew that I was to move out of my job. I decided after speaking with my husband when the best time to quit my job would be. I had known for over a month before it would be. I decided to step out with a Leap of Faith and FROG. Fully Rely on God.

Feb 22nd I gave my notice, with option of them hiring me permanently. My boss didn’t talk to me for 2 whole days. After that on the 3 day he asked me to come into his office. He told me that they would not have a position for me. That they were just going to move people around to cover the work. The first week of notice was okay after that all my work was done and just like normal.

My second week of notice was another story. I began to see that they were holding my work from me, leaving me with nothing to do at my job but to really do my best to come up with work. I had to even go to my boss and ask him what I needed to do at the beginning of the week. It did not last long. I am not bragging but I am very good at what I do. I get it done. By the end of the week I felt like I was wasting my time here. I went to my boss at the end of the week and asked him if I would have work to fill Today and Tomorrow, which is my last day. He assured me that there would be enough work. He has given me busy work.

When I came into work today, I noticed that there was a young lady following my boss around. Yes it is true that position that he did not have for me was all of a sudden needed with a new worker. I am not sure why I was told that there were no available jobs.

EXCEPT that fact that God was closing the Door so I could not make a plan B for myself and go back into the door He is trying to get me out of. He has opened all the doors that I am to go into. This job is one that He is waiting on me to move out of.

So total surrender to God and His plans for my life. For His Thoughts are Higher than Mine and His Ways Higher than My Ways.

Oh the Plans He has for me and my husband and girls. I am excited to see Him work in our lives to do His will in our lives.

A Blessing

I have been meaning to post this for a few days. One of the things we need to remember is God honors His children who walk in righteousness.

When my husband was at Pets Mart he was injured on the job, which he was sent by them to a doctor who put him on restrictions. They allowed him to work on his restrictions for 2 weeks then sent him home and told him not to return till after he has been released from the doctor to return to work.

When he told me that he was sent home till he could get released from the doctor and that the company would not pay for the doctor visit, I was concerned about finances. How were we going to pay for a doctor that was a worker’s comp doctor? Dan tried to see the Worker’s comp doctor that Pets Mart made him see. They refused to see us due to the fact that we did not have insurance that they took. I was calling around with to see if any doctors locally took our insurance and then to see if I could get him in asap. One doctor I found took our insurance but did not have an opening till like 3 weeks later. All this time my husband would be without pay, which all the visits should have been under worker’s comp. I continued to search for a doctor that took our insurance and also could get my husband in to release him from restrictions so he could return to work.

I found a doctor. When my husband called and made the appointment they pre-charged us $25 for the co-pay over the phone. When he went he also had to sign a paper saying he would pay another $85. We paid the amount in full as soon as we got the money.

Now when my husband returned to work, they sent him home again just to release him from his job 3 days later. We could have filed to fight them over the way they handled the situation of firing him due to his injury and then being forced to be released from the doctor just so they could release him of his duties. I was not happy and wanted to fight the company over the medical bills and him losing his job wrongfully.

Soon after wanting to do this I felt that God told me to let it go. We discussed it and decided to leave it in God’s hands.

2 weeks went by and I received a check in the mail for the $25 that was the co-payment from the insurance. What an on time blessing…. I then went on about my life and didn’t think anything else of it.

Then I received a letter from the insurance stating what all they had paid for on that doctor visit. The receipt said that it was paid in full. They paid the full amount.

Well this Thursday we had 2 more deposits into our bank accounts that were unexpected for us. One being $25 for the co-payment from the doctor’s office and the other was the $85 from the doctor’s office.

Daddy had returned all that we paid and then some to us. What the devil stolen from us was returned with interest. You see our attitude through it all made a difference. We were blessed in the end for obeying and letting God handle the issues.

My husband now works a wonderful job with a godly man that is the over him that allows him to take off to do the work that we have been called to do along with having his job when we return.

Daddy is a Good Good Daddy.

Impossibly Possible

But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. 
Matthew 19:26 KJV 

All this week this verse has been appearing everywhere, from my social media, being said by pastors, my devotional and again just now when I opened up YouVersion Bible app on my phone, under verse of the day.

Usually when things keep showing up like this for long periods of time, Daddy is trying to get my attention: a month ago (if not longer), He kept asking my wife and I if we trusted Him. Now here we are now with impossible things being possible for Him. We know that nothing is to hard for Him (Jeremiah 32:27), and He will do exactly what He has said.

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
John 10:27 KJV

Often God will speak to us in the still small voice, but He is not just limited to that method. If we truly listen without bias that He will only speak one way and not in another, we can hear the voice of the Master in all things. We just have to heed that Voice of our loving Father and do what He instructs us, what He asks us to do.

I have had to learn to lean on Him, to trust His Word, and to not limit what He is doing by thinking and saying that He will do it one way or another, then I will have allowed doubt and unbelief to creep in and kill out what He wanted to bring to pass. So lately, I have been saying that I don’t know how He will do it, but I know for a fact that He will bring to pass the things which He has spoken into the life of my wife and I.

Finally The Weekend Begins

Yes, it is Friday Night. How many people beside us struggle to get to the weekend just to be super busy and miss that time of relaxing and spending time with family? I know that I have been busy every night it seems, not enough hours in a day. We have to remember that time is the only thing we can’t get back. We can’t replace it. Once it is gone it is gone forever. What we do with our time is what matters most. Are you spending time with God, your family, friends….. What are you spending your precious time doing.

God wants us to spend time with Him. He wants us to have a relationship with Him.

At our Just1City meeting Tuesday Night we were listing to the song:

As we were worshiping to this song I was looking at the ceiling fan that was in the room. It looked kinda like this:


As the song continued to play God began to speak to me about us. The fan was on and the blades were running fast. at the top of the blades were the reflection of the 4 lights below. They were flickering and seemed to be moving at a fast rate. While looking at the reflections of the lights they looked like they were trapped in the bowl above the blades. It looked like they were trying to get out and away. 

God said to me: 

When we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life of the world we become as slaves. We struggle to let our light shine. 

When we slow down and realize who we are in Christ, (Sons and Daughters of the Most High God), we start to put God first and focus on what His Word says we will no longer be fighting the busyness of life. 

We need to slow down, walk and not run. 

We then become steady and stand still knowing that God is in control. We become like the lights that are under the blades bright and steady, shining for all to see. God’s light is shining through us. 

When we come two or more flames together the Fire will become so Bright and Steady others will begin to see their way to Freedom, In Christ Jesus. 


Daniel and Elizabeth Scenters

Just wanted to put a face to our New Blog as well! Hi Everyone. God Bless