Trusting Tuesday

It has been a long but very good day. I have been at home now for about 3 weeks. For some reason when I am at home I tend to get my nights and days backwards. I assume it is from all those years of being a single mother and a full time student. When the kids were in bed I would be up studying and doing school work.

Today has been a good day for I have been up most of the day, even though I did not go to sleep till around 3am. I took the kids to school and spoke blessings over their day. I told my oldest Stormy to take her time and pay attention to the Starr Test questions that she had to take today. I told them that I loved them and then went on my way.

I needed to go to the bank today to deposit some money for my event I am attending this weekend. I had to have money to pay for the room in the bank.

I started out with the idea of going home to go back to sleep, for 3 hrs is not much. I decided that since I had a free coffee from Starbucks to start my day with a coffee. I was not really tired by this time so I headed to Corsicana. I actually really enjoyed my ride for I was able to spend a little time praying and the rest with some much needed Worship. I got to Walmart early for the bank didn’t open until 9am. So I sat in my car for another 20 minutes listening to the worship music. 🙂

This is where my title of trusting Tuesday comes in. Yesterday I began to realize that our funds are running low already. For bills are due, and trying to fill the house with house hold items needed along with food is tight. I know that God will provide every need we have. He always has and always will. I will also tell you that the lies of the enemy come to get our minds off of that promise and how good our Daddy really is too. I was beginning to worry a little yesterday.

Today when I went to the store I was able to get everything no food wise we needed and then some food on top of that. I know that I have to learn to trust Him for He will make a way when there seems to be no way.

I finished my shopping then I went to eat with my best friend. One way Daddy provided the location we ate at I had a birthday dinner equal or less than another meal. So my friend got her meal and I got mine free. Don’t worry, God blessed me and I was able to bless our waitress in return.

I am excited for the day when I can make life changing blessings to those who serve others. To those that Daddy sees worthy enough to have His love poured out upon them. We are all valuable to Him, He loves us unconditionally. Just at times we forget our value and feel worthless, but not to Daddy.

Have a Blessed Rest of Your Day!


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