He keeps taking me Back

Over the last few weeks the Holy Spirit keeps taking me back to different parts of Psalm 42. A week or two ago we had one of our Pastors preach on a part of it in church.

How when we get close to a water fall that every other sound around starts to be drowned out, where we only become able to hear the water fall. God is like that He wants us to be so close to Him that when He speaks everything else is drowned out and we hear nothing else. This is seen in psalms 42:7

The deep calls unto the deep at the noise of Your waterfalls.

God has one purpose for us. He wants us to tone everything else around us out and hear only His voice. We have to get into the deep with Him. The Deep Calls unto the deep.

This is the first time He took me to Psalm 42; the second was the other night when we were at church. As I worshiped Him part of the scripture Psalm 42:1 came to my mind.

As a deer pants for water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God.

My soul longs for Him, even when I don’t think that it is, it really is. I truly desire to get to such an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit that I can’t live without it.

The deer longs for the waters to satisfy their thirst. We also long for water that spiritually satisfies our thirst for something more than just ordinary life. We were created to have more than just something to satisfy our hunger and thirst a short while. We never seem to get satisfied with what the world has to offer. We have to turn to the one that calls us to the deep with Him. He wants to give us that water that we so desperately desire.

We have to start with the Living Word and then allow the Holy Spirit to teach us all things.

He wants us to Come Away with Him to the Deeps of the Deep. We are to Long for Him as the deer pants, (for life giving water). We are too long to be satisfied with the living water that He can only give us.

As the next week comes up I am going to continue to study this chapter of Psalms. I want to long and desire such an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit that nothing else will distract me away from Him.


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