Just Keep Going

There are days that we all struggle in life.  We struggle even when we are doing everything right. As a mother and wife who is just 2 weeks into being at home again it is just as much a struggle.  I enjoy not having a schedule but at times feel the motivation to do anything is not there.

We struggle with personal issues that we don’t share outside our family.

Yesterday was one of those days for me.  I didnt share it with anyone but God at first with the fear of it disappointing my husband once again. With our day being busy it was easier to hide the fact that I was dealing with something.  He did ask me several times if everything was alright and I just told him yes. When we got ready to go to bed last night he read our devotional.  It spoke about how we are to go to God with our issues but also how we are to get wise counsel with others. It then went on to explain that wise council is with our spouse after God. This began to stir up the issue more inside of me.

Today I slept most of it. After lunch I told my husband that I was not okay.  That I had been dealing with something and needed him to comfort me even if it was with words. 

He did and encouraged me in ways he will never know. I am truely blessed with the Man of God that God has given me.

Just know there are times that we will struggle. We don’t have to go at it alone. God is there then our spouses. If we confide in both then we realize we are not alone.

We have to remember that God is in control and will always be there to pull us up when we are down. I thank God he gave me Dan to encourage me and share my burdens with as well.

Have a Blessed Wednesday.


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