The Fear of the LORD

At the last night of the power and love school held at CFNI, people were asked to come down to the front if they wanted the fear of the LORD and Holy Spirit fire. Quickly, the front filled with people until there was no more room—so many knelt right in the aisle, others knelt in front of their seats. When Todd White prayed, a fire came upon us (Liz and I), and ever since that night, the world has never been viewed in the same light.

What do I mean by everything is different? The whole atmosphere in general has changed, and not just that, but, people as well. Wherever we go, we see and feel everything in a new way. Several places in Scripture state that the fear of the LORD ‘is the beginning of wisdom’ (Ps. 111:10; Pr. 9:10; 15:33).

God doesn’t give this wisdom so we can abuse it (by judging others), but so we can have compassion towards them: seeing them as He sees them; and to show His love in their lives. My wife and I are no longer hurt by people, we hurt for them; in the way Daddy hurts for them: to not be any longer in bondage, but free in His Son, Jesus.

Now, when we go places, we listen for Holy Spirit to speak to us, to guide us in ways to express His love in the lives of all who need it.


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