Very Disappointed

We took our girls out this evening to see a children’s movie. We thought that it would be appropriate since it was a cartoon. As we sat watching the movie soon into it my family along with many other families of all ages was exposed to a scene that was very disappointing to me as a mother.

The scene started out where they entered an building where this Yak was meditating either with Hinduism or Buddhism. This character was the owner of a naturist club Mystic Springs Oasis. Where for the next 3 minutes every character is supposedly naked and in very suggestive poses.

This would not mean much to a small child but those older children/teens would totally get the meaning behind it.

When did we as parents start to allow this filth into our children’s minds? We can’t even enjoy a nice outing to the movies without some corrupt scene playing before our children’s eyes.

I am really saddened how Disney has been more and more putting Eastern religions and other things that are not appropriate into the movies they make. I will not be spending 30+ dollars for my children to watch any more of their movies like this again.

The last 3 children’s movies we have watched have been very disappointing for reasons such as this.

Please view, any movie before showing them or allowing your children to see them, first. We as parents are responsible for what is being put into our children. The sad thing is Dan and I were talking about the inappropriate scene on the way out the door and my 8 year old said what they scene where they were all naked.

Broke my heart, my baby 8 years old,  even caught it.



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