It is Enough

Spending our first full day at the Texas Power and Love school.  This is different from other conferences I have attended in the past. We are taught our identity in Who we are as sons and daughters of God.

Then they release us to go out to the streets and see where God leads us. Well so far we have gone out 3 times.

The first was a trip to the vet clinic and we prayed for a young lady that was 4 months pregnant and just told her that Jesus Loved her and wanted her to know that she was amazing.

Then we were headed to Starbucks, which He took us in a circle to get us back on the right track to the Starbucks. When we got there it seemed like there were 20 people from the school of Power and Love. So we kind of just hung out for a minute. I ordered coffee and then told Dan I had to go to the bathroom. When I got into the restroom there were only two stalls. There was one woman ahead of me. As a women came out of the stall I watched her. She was walking very slowly. I watched for a minute. As she turned to dry her hands I noticed that she liked to be in pain. I asked her if she was okay. She said no. I asked her if she had back pain. She said no that she was just weak. I then asked if she was dizzy as well. My husband got dizzy as soon as we arrived at the store. She said no just weak. I then felt lead to ask if she had diabetes. She said yes. I then asked if she had eaten. She said no. My next question was can I pray for you. She said yes. After I prayed for her I told her that Jesus loved her. She walked out of that restroom better that she did out of the stall. She thanked me. I again told her Jesus loved her and to have a blessed day.

When I walked back over to where our group was I told that we were asked to leave that we could not pray with the customers.

That is okay God had my assignment in the restroom.

The next day my husband and I went by ourselves for Love in Action. When we went out we had decided to just do what we needed to do as a normal everyday day. My Durango needed a windshield wiper so we went to Walmart. While we were in the back looking at the windshield wipers I began to get this feeling in my stomach. I began to look around and I felt that the Holy Spirit highlighted the cashier to me. She looked like she could have been going through cancer, due to the hat she was wearing. My husband and I waited for the other people to finish checking out. I then used the windshield wiper to open a conversation.

I told her that I felt that the Lord had showed me that she was fighting some kind of disease and that she was taking some medicine that would be causing her to get upset stomachs. She went on to inform us that she had just been diagnosed with Lupus.

Then we asked if we could pray for her and she allowed us too. We told her that Jesus Loves Her and that she is Amazing and to Have a Blessed Day.

After this we went to a gas station and prayed over a man that had been in a car wreck and his left knee had much pain in it. He allowed us to pray for him but was not very receptive.

After this I was feeling really discouraged. I had noticed that I needed to go purchase something at a store and then we went to eat.

I felt the Lord tell me something but out of fear of man, I did not share it. We went back to the school. The next break we had to drive all the way home. Once we were home, I went upstairs. I was lying on my bed thinking what Lord is our assignment. Why haven’t we gotten anything more today? I personally felt like I had failed all day.

As I laid there I heard the Lord say Rudy…. Then I heard, back pain and headaches.

I said okay Lord if he is our assignment tell Dan too. Less than 2 minutes later Dan came up the stairs. I told him our assignment is down stairs. He instantly said Rudy without any prompting. So Dan went down and knocked on his door. He was not home. We had to head back to CFNI, for the evening service.

On the way back I felt like we failed at what we were sent out to do. During the worship service I realized that it didn’t matter if we saw anyone healed, or changed. It was the fact that we had stepped out in Faith. God honors our steps of Faith.

It is enough just to step out in faith. Not to lose that faith sometimes it might not look like much or that you can’t feel the Holy Spirit but that is okay. Just obedience to the Holy Spirit is enough.

More of what God did the next day in tomorrow’s blog… He has a way of reassuring us that He is there to help us learn to walk.





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