Well I have now been up since 6:30am. I took my oldest child to school as normal and then headed to Chloe’s school for Muffins with Mom! She loves it when one of us can join her at her school. Not ashamed of whom we are but openly shows she loves us as we walk in the school with her.

Why can we not as children of God walk openly unashamed of who He is to us? We are His children. We should openly want others to meet Him, take selfies with Him, eat with Him, Talk to all the other kids about who our Daddy is. Sharing what He does for us. How Daddy loves us unconditionally and that we are pleased to bring Him with us. It is a privilege that He is not too busy to come with us where ever we go.

As a mother it is a great joy to see my 8 year old light up when I walk behind her in the school, for her mommy is with her. She gets to introduce me to others and have me smile and tell them hello.

Why can’t we as Children of the Greatest Daddy do that? We need to stop and realize who He is to us.

Are you proud to take Daddy where ever you go in life? Don’t be ashamed to show others and introduce your Good Good Daddy to them. We are Children who need to Take His hand and proudly introduce Him to others.