Bitter Sweet

It is my last day at my job I have worked at for 9 months now. I am excited and happy to see what the future holds but also sadden at the people I will be leaving behind at this time. I was surprised by some of the ladies in the front today they went out in the storms to purchase me a cookie cake that said Good Luck Elizabeth. 🙂 This was a very sweet gesture on their part showing me that they cared enough to think of me as I spend my last day at my job.

I know that I had not made friend with everyone at my job, but I feel that I have walked the righteous walk that my heavenly Father would be proud of while I was here. I did not meet my store managers in person that I have had contact with over the last 9 months but a few of them sent me emails that just touched my heart.

Here are a few of them: 20160308_160142_resized20160308_160518_resized20160308_160558_resized20160308_160631_resized20160308_160731_resized

They really made me feel special just knowing that I made a difference in their lives as I worked with them daily.

As this door closes and another one opens I am excited to see what is ahead. Knowing that God is in control and it is His plans that lie ahead of me. I will Leap with Faith while (FROG) Fully Relying on God!



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