One Door Closes

I put my 2 weeks’ notice into my job on Feb 22 this year. Over the last 2 weeks God has showed me how He was closing that door with no re-entry to it.

I was hired at my job in June last year. I have faithfully worked it with no complaints and no issues, always there when I was supposed to be and always early ready to start the day every day. I had been hired on through a temp service and thought that after 90 day I would be hired on full time with the company.

Well 90 days passed and I spoke with my supervisor and was informed to wait until 120 days and we would revisit the situation. I waited and asked again just to be told I had to wait till October; he would then give me a defiant answer.

October came and gone. He didn’t revisit the idea of me being hired permanently again till mid-November. At this time he informed me that there was too much going on and it would be the end of the year to the end of the first quarter before he would make a decision.

At this time I have been at the temp service 5 months faithful in my work.

December, January pass. Then in Feb while I was at work I heard the Lord speak to me. He told me that I am only at my job because I would not leave the job, which I had over the last 7 months thought about leaving over and over again. I am more of a control person and cannot handle the idea of not knowing where my next pay check or bill being met is going to be coming from. This is something that I have a hard time totally surrendering over to God. For with my human mind I have a hard time giving up that control.

That night He spoke this to me was a Wednesday night. He confirmed what He told me and then added that all the doors were already open, and that everything would be provided that was needed. He told me that I would not leave my job because I did not trust Him to provide.

Well from that night on I knew that I was to move out of my job. I decided after speaking with my husband when the best time to quit my job would be. I had known for over a month before it would be. I decided to step out with a Leap of Faith and FROG. Fully Rely on God.

Feb 22nd I gave my notice, with option of them hiring me permanently. My boss didn’t talk to me for 2 whole days. After that on the 3 day he asked me to come into his office. He told me that they would not have a position for me. That they were just going to move people around to cover the work. The first week of notice was okay after that all my work was done and just like normal.

My second week of notice was another story. I began to see that they were holding my work from me, leaving me with nothing to do at my job but to really do my best to come up with work. I had to even go to my boss and ask him what I needed to do at the beginning of the week. It did not last long. I am not bragging but I am very good at what I do. I get it done. By the end of the week I felt like I was wasting my time here. I went to my boss at the end of the week and asked him if I would have work to fill Today and Tomorrow, which is my last day. He assured me that there would be enough work. He has given me busy work.

When I came into work today, I noticed that there was a young lady following my boss around. Yes it is true that position that he did not have for me was all of a sudden needed with a new worker. I am not sure why I was told that there were no available jobs.

EXCEPT that fact that God was closing the Door so I could not make a plan B for myself and go back into the door He is trying to get me out of. He has opened all the doors that I am to go into. This job is one that He is waiting on me to move out of.

So total surrender to God and His plans for my life. For His Thoughts are Higher than Mine and His Ways Higher than My Ways.

Oh the Plans He has for me and my husband and girls. I am excited to see Him work in our lives to do His will in our lives.


2 thoughts on “One Door Closes

  1. Joy

    U r gonna do great, God knows the plan and the struggle and WILL provide, I truly admire u and will praying for u as well. God Bless y’all and FROG! 😀


  2. Frances Pool

    When Good closed one door He always opens another love you, you will do well I know it. Prayers for you and your family 👪.


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