A Blessing

I have been meaning to post this for a few days. One of the things we need to remember is God honors His children who walk in righteousness.

When my husband was at Pets Mart he was injured on the job, which he was sent by them to a doctor who put him on restrictions. They allowed him to work on his restrictions for 2 weeks then sent him home and told him not to return till after he has been released from the doctor to return to work.

When he told me that he was sent home till he could get released from the doctor and that the company would not pay for the doctor visit, I was concerned about finances. How were we going to pay for a doctor that was a worker’s comp doctor? Dan tried to see the Worker’s comp doctor that Pets Mart made him see. They refused to see us due to the fact that we did not have insurance that they took. I was calling around with to see if any doctors locally took our insurance and then to see if I could get him in asap. One doctor I found took our insurance but did not have an opening till like 3 weeks later. All this time my husband would be without pay, which all the visits should have been under worker’s comp. I continued to search for a doctor that took our insurance and also could get my husband in to release him from restrictions so he could return to work.

I found a doctor. When my husband called and made the appointment they pre-charged us $25 for the co-pay over the phone. When he went he also had to sign a paper saying he would pay another $85. We paid the amount in full as soon as we got the money.

Now when my husband returned to work, they sent him home again just to release him from his job 3 days later. We could have filed to fight them over the way they handled the situation of firing him due to his injury and then being forced to be released from the doctor just so they could release him of his duties. I was not happy and wanted to fight the company over the medical bills and him losing his job wrongfully.

Soon after wanting to do this I felt that God told me to let it go. We discussed it and decided to leave it in God’s hands.

2 weeks went by and I received a check in the mail for the $25 that was the co-payment from the insurance. What an on time blessing…. I then went on about my life and didn’t think anything else of it.

Then I received a letter from the insurance stating what all they had paid for on that doctor visit. The receipt said that it was paid in full. They paid the full amount.

Well this Thursday we had 2 more deposits into our bank accounts that were unexpected for us. One being $25 for the co-payment from the doctor’s office and the other was the $85 from the doctor’s office.

Daddy had returned all that we paid and then some to us. What the devil stolen from us was returned with interest. You see our attitude through it all made a difference. We were blessed in the end for obeying and letting God handle the issues.

My husband now works a wonderful job with a godly man that is the over him that allows him to take off to do the work that we have been called to do along with having his job when we return.

Daddy is a Good Good Daddy.


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