Trusting Tuesday

It has been a long but very good day. I have been at home now for about 3 weeks. For some reason when I am at home I tend to get my nights and days backwards. I assume it is from all those years of being a single mother and a full time student. When the kids were in bed I would be up studying and doing school work.

Today has been a good day for I have been up most of the day, even though I did not go to sleep till around 3am. I took the kids to school and spoke blessings over their day. I told my oldest Stormy to take her time and pay attention to the Starr Test questions that she had to take today. I told them that I loved them and then went on my way.

I needed to go to the bank today to deposit some money for my event I am attending this weekend. I had to have money to pay for the room in the bank.

I started out with the idea of going home to go back to sleep, for 3 hrs is not much. I decided that since I had a free coffee from Starbucks to start my day with a coffee. I was not really tired by this time so I headed to Corsicana. I actually really enjoyed my ride for I was able to spend a little time praying and the rest with some much needed Worship. I got to Walmart early for the bank didn’t open until 9am. So I sat in my car for another 20 minutes listening to the worship music. 🙂

This is where my title of trusting Tuesday comes in. Yesterday I began to realize that our funds are running low already. For bills are due, and trying to fill the house with house hold items needed along with food is tight. I know that God will provide every need we have. He always has and always will. I will also tell you that the lies of the enemy come to get our minds off of that promise and how good our Daddy really is too. I was beginning to worry a little yesterday.

Today when I went to the store I was able to get everything no food wise we needed and then some food on top of that. I know that I have to learn to trust Him for He will make a way when there seems to be no way.

I finished my shopping then I went to eat with my best friend. One way Daddy provided the location we ate at I had a birthday dinner equal or less than another meal. So my friend got her meal and I got mine free. Don’t worry, God blessed me and I was able to bless our waitress in return.

I am excited for the day when I can make life changing blessings to those who serve others. To those that Daddy sees worthy enough to have His love poured out upon them. We are all valuable to Him, He loves us unconditionally. Just at times we forget our value and feel worthless, but not to Daddy.

Have a Blessed Rest of Your Day!


Spiritual Leader

My wife and I are equals in life, but when it comes to how Good set up the family structure, here made the men the spiritual leader of his house. That doesn’t mean he is above his wife, but it does mean that I am responsible for the well-being of my family’s physical and emotional needs. But it doesn’t stop there; I am also held accountable for their spiritual well-being also.

If I say that I love my wife, and I protect her physically and emotionally, yet fail to do so spiritually, then I am showing I really don’t have her best interest in mind 100%. God have her to me, and I am too cherish her and care for her and protect her at all cost.

The same goes when it comes to our children, they were intrusted to us and we need to look out for them in the same manner as we do our wife.

Every night before I go to bed I plead the blood of Jesus over my wife, our children, where we live, over my wife’s vehicle: the path she takes to take our kids to school, the path she takes to come home; then I proceed to pray Scripture over them. The Bible says the angels harken at the Word of God (Psalm 103:20), and my family is protected because of His Word.

As husbands, this is what we ought to do for the family God has given us; the family we are responsible for. They should be cherished, loved and looked after above all else.

Special Day


Today is Easter. Today is also my 33rd birthday. I am now the same age Jesus was when He went to the cross and laid His life down so that I could have life in Him. He arose on the third day and we remember that day as Easter Sunday.

For me today is a special day. I have been saved since I was 9 years old. I have lived over the years to know Jesus more and more. Over the last several years I have begun to understand that being saved is not about religion. (Saying the sinner’s prayer, confessing to others my sins, and living a life to please others) This is how I have viewed my Christian walk for many years.

Being saved and living as Christ intended us to live is more than that.

He died so that we could live. He has clothed us with righteousness. He has taken the punishment that we so deserve. He didn’t deserve to be beaten, bruised, striped, and humiliated. He didn’t deserve to die in my place. He loved us though. He loved me. He wanted to see my relationship with the Father restored. After He willingly laid down His life so that I could live He arose on the 3rd day.

Now I have a choice in my own life to die to self, so I can live for Christ. To me now is the time. Today is my Day. I know who my savior and friend is. I know that Jesus is now my big brother, God is my Daddy, and the Holy Spirit is my teacher, friend, and comforter. I get to know them intimately like I never knew was even possible, because Jesus laid His life down.

Today on my 33rd birthday. I choose to lay my life down. I choose to die to self. I choose to be raised in Christ. I choose to have a relationship like no other with my Heavenly Father and Big Brother. I choose to sell out to a life that is no longer mine. I am a child of God.

Fear will not rule in my life. Sin is now defeated. The enemy can’t stop what I have been created and called to be. For He, knew me even before I was knit in my mother’s womb. I have been destined for great things for Him.

I see that my birthday falling on Easter Sunday is special, I now surrender everything I am as a person, mother, wife, daughter, and sister to Christ. I surrender my personal goals, dreams, ideas, and self-thoughts to now seek and live solely as Christ leads me to.

Total Surrender! Happy Birthday to Me! He is Risen!


He isn't here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen. Come, see where his body was lying.Matthew 28-6 (2)

A Blessed Day

Today we went to my wife’s favorite restaurant to have dinner for her birthday, it was us, the kids and my wife’s parents; she gets an awesome birthday this year: it actually isn’t until tomorrow, on Easter Sunday. She will be the same age our Lord and Savior was when He was crucified and raised from the dead.

Tonight we will be heading to a carnival with a friend of ours, it will be a great family event this weekend. Not only that, but will be a great opportunity to listen to the guidance of Holy Spirit to show the love of Jesus to others.

He keeps taking me Back

Over the last few weeks the Holy Spirit keeps taking me back to different parts of Psalm 42. A week or two ago we had one of our Pastors preach on a part of it in church.

How when we get close to a water fall that every other sound around starts to be drowned out, where we only become able to hear the water fall. God is like that He wants us to be so close to Him that when He speaks everything else is drowned out and we hear nothing else. This is seen in psalms 42:7

The deep calls unto the deep at the noise of Your waterfalls.

God has one purpose for us. He wants us to tone everything else around us out and hear only His voice. We have to get into the deep with Him. The Deep Calls unto the deep.

This is the first time He took me to Psalm 42; the second was the other night when we were at church. As I worshiped Him part of the scripture Psalm 42:1 came to my mind.

As a deer pants for water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God.

My soul longs for Him, even when I don’t think that it is, it really is. I truly desire to get to such an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit that I can’t live without it.

The deer longs for the waters to satisfy their thirst. We also long for water that spiritually satisfies our thirst for something more than just ordinary life. We were created to have more than just something to satisfy our hunger and thirst a short while. We never seem to get satisfied with what the world has to offer. We have to turn to the one that calls us to the deep with Him. He wants to give us that water that we so desperately desire.

We have to start with the Living Word and then allow the Holy Spirit to teach us all things.

He wants us to Come Away with Him to the Deeps of the Deep. We are to Long for Him as the deer pants, (for life giving water). We are too long to be satisfied with the living water that He can only give us.

As the next week comes up I am going to continue to study this chapter of Psalms. I want to long and desire such an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit that nothing else will distract me away from Him.

Just Keep Going

There are days that we all struggle in life.  We struggle even when we are doing everything right. As a mother and wife who is just 2 weeks into being at home again it is just as much a struggle.  I enjoy not having a schedule but at times feel the motivation to do anything is not there.

We struggle with personal issues that we don’t share outside our family.

Yesterday was one of those days for me.  I didnt share it with anyone but God at first with the fear of it disappointing my husband once again. With our day being busy it was easier to hide the fact that I was dealing with something.  He did ask me several times if everything was alright and I just told him yes. When we got ready to go to bed last night he read our devotional.  It spoke about how we are to go to God with our issues but also how we are to get wise counsel with others. It then went on to explain that wise council is with our spouse after God. This began to stir up the issue more inside of me.

Today I slept most of it. After lunch I told my husband that I was not okay.  That I had been dealing with something and needed him to comfort me even if it was with words. 

He did and encouraged me in ways he will never know. I am truely blessed with the Man of God that God has given me.

Just know there are times that we will struggle. We don’t have to go at it alone. God is there then our spouses. If we confide in both then we realize we are not alone.

We have to remember that God is in control and will always be there to pull us up when we are down. I thank God he gave me Dan to encourage me and share my burdens with as well.

Have a Blessed Wednesday.

Proud Momma

I just have to tell of a phone call I received today. Chloe’s school called me around 3:25pm. Since she usually stays at the school for the boys and girls club, I immediately answered the call.

The lady on the other end of the phone informed me that she was Chloe’s teacher. I at this time was concerned about what has she done for her teacher to call me?

She then goes on to tell me what a pleasure it is to have Chloe in her class. That she is a very hard worker and that she is a leader to others.

I was shocked and proud at that moment her teacher took the time to call me and brag on my daughter. 

She said that the week before Spring break most kids have a hard time but that Chloe worked super hard and was a pleasure to have as a student.

Very thankful that my child is a good kid and has been a help and pleasure to her teacher.

The Fear of the LORD

At the last night of the power and love school held at CFNI, people were asked to come down to the front if they wanted the fear of the LORD and Holy Spirit fire. Quickly, the front filled with people until there was no more room—so many knelt right in the aisle, others knelt in front of their seats. When Todd White prayed, a fire came upon us (Liz and I), and ever since that night, the world has never been viewed in the same light.

What do I mean by everything is different? The whole atmosphere in general has changed, and not just that, but, people as well. Wherever we go, we see and feel everything in a new way. Several places in Scripture state that the fear of the LORD ‘is the beginning of wisdom’ (Ps. 111:10; Pr. 9:10; 15:33).

God doesn’t give this wisdom so we can abuse it (by judging others), but so we can have compassion towards them: seeing them as He sees them; and to show His love in their lives. My wife and I are no longer hurt by people, we hurt for them; in the way Daddy hurts for them: to not be any longer in bondage, but free in His Son, Jesus.

Now, when we go places, we listen for Holy Spirit to speak to us, to guide us in ways to express His love in the lives of all who need it.

Very Disappointed

We took our girls out this evening to see a children’s movie. We thought that it would be appropriate since it was a cartoon. As we sat watching the movie soon into it my family along with many other families of all ages was exposed to a scene that was very disappointing to me as a mother.

The scene started out where they entered an building where this Yak was meditating either with Hinduism or Buddhism. This character was the owner of a naturist club Mystic Springs Oasis. Where for the next 3 minutes every character is supposedly naked and in very suggestive poses.

This would not mean much to a small child but those older children/teens would totally get the meaning behind it.

When did we as parents start to allow this filth into our children’s minds? We can’t even enjoy a nice outing to the movies without some corrupt scene playing before our children’s eyes.

I am really saddened how Disney has been more and more putting Eastern religions and other things that are not appropriate into the movies they make. I will not be spending 30+ dollars for my children to watch any more of their movies like this again.

The last 3 children’s movies we have watched have been very disappointing for reasons such as this.

Please view, any movie before showing them or allowing your children to see them, first. We as parents are responsible for what is being put into our children. The sad thing is Dan and I were talking about the inappropriate scene on the way out the door and my 8 year old said what they scene where they were all naked.

Broke my heart, my baby 8 years old,  even caught it.


He Is Willing

My original blog post idea had nothing to do with this whatsoever. Unaware of how the events of this day would unfold: I did my normal routine before leaving the house this morning to go to work, with the exception of listening to my Bible app read the Scriptures to me (from the book of Hebrews) on my way out the door until I got to work.

Once there, I still carried on my normal morning the way I always do: I turned off the reading part and ended up reading several more chapters, finishing with my devotional I have through the app.

After clocking in, I headed to the back of the building to my department. It was another busy day as far as I was concerned. A few of us prepped the truck trailers to get them ready for the day’s orders that would soon be filling their space. We picked up where we had left off the day before by loading the remaining showers that we had left sitting on the dock. A new co-worker and I had went into the trailer to lift a shower and stack it on top of three others (a normal procedure, that we do every day). In the process of lifting it up, my co-worker struggled with it a little—the edge of the shower on my side slipped off and it began to tilt the entire shower back his direction. I hurried and pushed down on it trying to keep it from falling on my co-worker, I thought it had been enough but it again tried going over on top of him—so I pushed even harder on it. Only, when I did it the second time, the shower ended up moving to much, the bottom swung up and hit me in my ribs. We got the shower up finally, but I was in a great amount of pain during and afterwards.

I stopped working and just stood there for awhile hoping the discomfort and the pain would pass, but it didn’t, it just kept getting worse. It got to the point that I was having a hard time breathing and moving. I got put on light duty for most of the morning before it got so bad that I had to be sent to the doctor.

Once at my appointment, I was talking to my wife via text messaging. She asked me which doctor’s office I was at, I gave her the address and she showed up shortly after. She sat with me the entire time that I was there (which was nice, I really loved having her company). I got called back to see the doctor (after waiting a long time past my appointment time), and she went with me. They x-rayed my ribs but found no damage, no broken bones, nothing. The doctor said that I had a chest wall contusion and that my ribs would be in pain for several weeks. He advised me to take some IB’s and work through it. Once he left the room, my wife got up and put her hands on my ribs and began praying. She did this about four or five times, each time her hands were hot (they were not when she first put them on me), and each time the pain decreased more and more. By the time I got back to work I had no pain whatsoever in my side!   Daddy used my wife as a vessel to heal me of my hurt!

Not only did this touch my heart deeply that my wife did this for me, but, it also reminded me of the Scripture in the Bible where the leper said to Jesus, “Master, if You are willing, You can make me clean. Yeshua stretched out His hand and touched him, saying, “I am willing. Be cleansed!”‘ (Luke 5:12, Tree of Life Bible). He is willing to heal us, to make us whole, to meet our need right where we are.